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The Winter Storm… Storms Two Top 100s

top100_winterstormOur first three-author collaboration, The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle, has made both the Paranormal Erotica and BDSM Erotica Amazon Top 100s.  Congratulations to Renee Rose, Casey McKay, and Katherine Deane!

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Come see what readers are already saying about this book!

★★★★★  (Corinne) “Fresh Take On Our Favorite Fairy Tales”
I enjoyed the unique way the authors wove each tale together to create a compelling story. This was a definite page turner. I was titillated by each new development. There was never a boring moment in this adventurous tale. I really hope that the story line goes on! There are some side characters that I would LOVE to see get their own stories!!

I will be editing to provide a detailed review after I pull my thoughts together. I was just so excited I wanted to get something up right away.

★★★★★  (Emily Tilton) “A Single Book Shouldn’t Be Able To Contain This Much Fun
(This is an abbreviated version of a review that will appear on

The Winter Storm is absolutely unique, I think, even in the wonderful little sub-genre of fairytale spanking stories. The book’s triple authorship accomplishes that on its own, but the hilarious, touching story that seems to have resulted from the heck of a good time the authors had writing the book also sets it well apart from anything else in spanking fiction.

I find it nearly impossible to describe the plot and characters of the book without giving away large parts of the fun of discovering the many little allusions to classic fairytales that all three authors have scattered through the book. I think I must let it suffice to say that the story constantly reminded me of two of my very favorite writers of non-spanking fantasy, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. That’s because the world created by Deane, McKay, and Rose bears a superficial resemblance both to a standard fairytale setting (wolves, fairies) and to our regular old modern world (cellphones, spas). The tropes of other kinds of fantasy–werewolves and slayers, for example–also enter in, to create their own contrasts. Like Gaiman and Pratchett, the authors then use the interference between the two to create lovely, and often hilarious, incongruities like a hirsute Mr. B. B. Wolfe running the Spa N K, where he can provide both tender, healing spankings, and ferocious, lupine carnal action.

★★★★★  (_SH) “Fairy Tales Will Never Be The Same
Fairy tales will never be the same but I mean that in the best way possible 🙂 Fairy tales for grown ups, who knew?! I had a fantastic time reading this book written by three accomplished writers and you will too! There is something for everyone here! I loved the adventure and the abundance of characters who were woven together skillfully. I can not wait for the next book, seriously, there is gonna be another right?!

★★★★★  (noangel) “Caution One Hot Story and I Mean H O T
This is one awesome story It has a plot that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat The story blends together very nice instead of feeling like there are 3 separate stories with in one book everything and everyone flow together making it a Great story . There is some really hot stuff, Then some sweet stuff. There is Romance and action through out this book Oh and there are a few Alpha males that know just when to take their women in their arms for…. or OTK If You want a romance, action filled HOT Fairy tale Then This is a MUST read!!!!
YOU Three Did a awesome Job writing this story way to go Oh and I can not wait for book Two

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