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The Wolf: A Dark Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

I was his before he ever caught my scent.

I used to believe werewolves were no more than scary stories to be told around a campfire. Then one of them ripped off my clothes, marked me with his teeth, and claimed me like a wild beast.

I didn’t just come for him. I came until I blacked out, screaming my surrender into the dark Las Vegas night, and when I woke up sore and spent I knew for certain what I’d only feared before.

Kane Lockhart is a monster. And I’m his mate.





Publisher’s Note: The Wolf includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 69,000 words


Without warning, his fingers curled around the hem of my panties, and he tore them right off, the delicate fabric catching the folds of my pussy. A quick flash of pain lanced through my sensitive flesh, and I cried out, much louder this time. My thighs tensed, pressing together as if that would alleviate the pain, but it did nothing. Slowly, I let out a soft, whimpering breath as the stinging ache faded, and I slumped forward the tiniest bit.

His devious smirk grew even larger as he leaned in towards me, his breath hot on my thigh. Pain and desire warred within me, and I no longer knew which one was going to win out.

“You can scream as loud as you want, little one. No one is going to come and save you,” he warned.

He was right. There was no one coming to save me from him, especially not here, and the reality of that knowledge ignited a fierce conflict within me. Desire and fear waged a relentless war, each vying for dominance over my mind. I had bitten off more than I could chew, yet even as trepidation gnawed at my resolve, an insatiable curiosity compelled me to continue down this perilous path, no matter where it led.

“Do your worst,” I challenged him, and his savage grin grew that much wider.

I drew upon a hidden well of inner strength, determined to face whatever he might throw my way, whether he brought pleasure or pain. In that moment, I depended on a reservoir of courage I hadn’t even known existed.

I couldn’t have prepared for what came next. He’d even warned me, and still I wasn’t ready.

He tilted his head up and kissed the top of my mound with exceeding gentleness, right before he took the lips of my pussy in between his lips and bit them.

I screamed, the pain lancing through me with fiercely savage abandon. I tried to push his head away, but that only made him latch on that much tighter and bite me harder. The fiery agony radiated through my pussy, making my inner walls flutter at the same time that I struggled before him.

My screams reverberated off the brick wall surrounding me, and he did nothing to stop me. He simply let me scream. Just like he’d said, there was no one that came. In this area of town, people ran away from danger, not toward it.

My pussy clenched down hard as his hands wound around my waist, pinning me against the wall so I couldn’t escape. Burning agony seared across the folds of my pussy, and when he finally let go, my body pitched forward as a secondary wave of pain followed. The agony crested and ebbed away, leaving my sensitive folds feeling more than a little achy.

He stood up and reached for my top, tearing through it in a matter of seconds like it was nothing more than a sheet of paper. His body caged me against the wall as he ripped it to shreds. I yelped when the fabric gave way, feeling the breeze of night against every inch of my exposed skin.

He pressed a single finger beneath the front clasp of my bra, and I shivered, waiting for the inevitable. With a casual smirk, he flicked his finger upward and unsnapped my bra with ease. The cups popped open, and my breasts jostled, no longer supported. They felt extremely heavy with desire, the hard points of my nipples giving everything away.

I chewed my lower lip and met his heated gaze. He stared into my eyes for a long moment before he looked down.

“You’re so much prettier up close like this, afraid and aroused, little one.”