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The Wolf’s Demand Hunts Down Four Top 100 Spots

Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel‘s recent release, The Wolf’s Demand, has made the Top 100 lists for Amazon’s Gothic Romance, Action and Adventure Romance, Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance, and Fantasy Romance categories! Congratulations, Maggie and Shanna!

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★★★★★ Dee @ “Wonderful story to save a family and marriage” on March 31, 2018
This story is about family values (it’s not what you think) and strong marriages (once again, probably not what you think). Deo and Cassie’s marriage is lacking a little “something.” Deo believes he’s found it: domestic discipline. Cassie’s threat to leave Deo starts a fantastic journey for the couple as well as the extended family that is involved in a race to save mankind.

I loved the charisma that Deo, and in fact all of the Ambrosia family males, exhibit. They come across as sexy with that definitely alpha (and beta, down to omega) strength to them. The women in the book are no weaklings, either. They are able to do whatever their hearts want with one hand tied behind their back and do it just as well as any guy. There are no weaklings in this bunch of characters, although Andrew does look that way, doesn’t he? I suppose that you just need to keep searching to find your true calling.

The author did a wonderful job, here. I’m definitely going to check out the upcoming release of book 2 that will follow a certain menage on further adventures. There is a HEA for now and certainly, this book could be read as a standalone. If you’re like me, though, you won’t be able to stop.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

★★★★★ Jessica N @ ” Will Cassandra accept her new way of life and fight to save everyone she loves?” on March 31, 2018
The Wolf’s Demand is the first book in the Shifter’s Call Series and it was thrilling, full of mystery, magic, curses, and love. In a fit of rage, Cassandra said two words that would forever alter the course of her life, but perhaps it is for the best. Deo, her husband, has been hiding certain aspects of his life from Cassandra, but with those two words, everything is slowly revealed to Cassandra and her love and obedience will be tested again and again. Will Cassandra join the fight of her life to keep everyone she loves safe?

Can I just say that I love absolutely everything about this book?! I loved Deo and Cassandra’s dynamic, in their marriage (especially as it shifts), professionally, how they act and respond to each other in the castle, they were so perfect for each other. Cassandra was such an amazing person, so strong, full of life and curiosity, but truly gave the gift of her submissiveness to her husband. Deo was all alpha, and I love that he was supportive, protective, and dominant! The supporting characters were absolutely amazing and I loved how important to this story and fight they each were! I can’t wait for the next book, to see everyone again, and to read about what may come next! I highly recommend this book!

★★★★★ Tami @ “Sexy Shifters” on March 31, 2018
The Wolf’s Demand is a well written collaboration of Maggie Ryan and Haley Adams. From one moment to the other, Cassandra’s world is upside down. Owning a beautiful house and being a successful lawyer is what she is used to, and now she is living in a castle with a very strict husband and several men who make sure that she is safe. When she learns the reason why her life changed so much, it is something she would never had expected – not even in her wildest dreams.

What an interesting read! There is suspense, magic, demons, shifters and so much more. The men are all dominant, and Deo is such a hot specimen that he literally made me weak in the knees whenever he disciplined or made love to Cassandra. The secondary characters also were very interesting – I adored aunt Margaret! – and I hope that some of them might get their own stories. What I also enjoyed so much is that Cassandra is a very strong woman and knew her own mind. All in all I loved this book, it captivated me right from the beginning and held my interested until the end.

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