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Their Captive Pet: A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Rose St. Andrews

Carrie Overbrook traveled to this planet expecting to perform for a king, but when she is taken captive and stripped bare for an intimate, deeply humiliating medical examination just moments after her arrival it quickly becomes clear that he has something quite different in mind for her.

The king is in need of a pet, and Carrie soon finds herself blushing crimson as she is fitted with a collar and tail and put on shameful public display. In spite of her situation, his bold dominance arouses Carrie more intensely than she would have thought possible, and it isn’t long before she is screaming in desperate, helpless pleasure as her naked, quivering body is thoroughly claimed.

She will not belong only to the king, however. His brothers will share her, each taking their turn to use and enjoy her in any way they please as they master their captive pet completely. But when a rival challenges her owner for the throne, will Carrie’s new world be torn apart by war?

Publisher’s Note: Their Captive Pet includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 51,300 words


“Come up here, my pet, and I will remove your tail. It is time I replaced it.”

She shuddered and recoiled from him. “What, anal? No, I hate that, I don’t want it!”

He frowned, a dark cloud settling across his face. “You dare refuse me? So be it, I shall take my other type of pleasure from you!”

Every muscle in her body tightened and she swallowed hard as terror gripped her. What was he going to do to her?

Up and over his lap she went; she cringed, knowing what was coming, and yet resigned herself to it. She’d displeased her new master and so she had to be punished. She didn’t even resist or beg for mercy. His strong right hand squeezed her supple cheeks; her gauze-like unitard gave scant protection. Smack, he struck; she suppressed a soft squeak of pain, and then let out a gentle moan as his hand paused to caress her tingling flesh. Swat smack, her cheeks got matching spanks, a brief pause, and then half a dozen as his hand danced back and forth, right to left. She squeaked, her toes curled as his fingers swirled across her ass and dipped between her legs to tickle her. Her legs spread, her back arched, and again the spanking hand descended over and over. She squealed and yelped, and then gasped as his left hand grabbed her tail and twisted it. Her right cheek got a solid smack, a squeeze and caress, her left got the same, and then he again did the little alternating dance for another dozen.

“Ouch! Oh, Omar, please, I’m sorry. Come on; let’s just make love like we did before. I’ll make it very special.”

“Silence! If I can’t have your ass one way, I’ll have it another. Ah, such delightful warmth, and the pitch of your cries brings joy to my heart.”

Her brow wrinkled as she thought about his words, even as the smacks resumed and her wails grew louder. Then she understood, Omar enjoyed spanking her; it wasn’t merely about punishing her, he got off on it. The heat in her bottom increased with each swat to her poor cheeks; she bounced on his lap, and the sting and ache went with it. Soon her ass was ablaze with cold fire and she howled at each smack.

“Sorry, Omar, sorry, Master, I was… I was bad, I was a naughty… pet. I… punish me, you have to-ouch-punish me!”

“Oh, I shall, and you shall know yet another special torment,” he said with a chuckle.

Her brow wrinkled as she had no idea what he was talking about, and then she almost heaved off his lap as the tips of his fingers slid up and down her delicate lips. The teasing of his fingers, the rubbing of the cloth against her enflamed clit, and the kneading of her hot cheeks by his left hand all blended together to send her pussy into overdrive. She shook and shuddered, stars dancing before her eyes as her passion rose like a thermometer in August.

“Oh! M-m-master, I-I-I… you-ohhh,” she wailed, thrusting her crotch back into his hand.

“Yes, my pet, what is that you’re saying? What is it you want?”

“Ah-ah-ah… more, must have… more!”

His fingers thrust deep, stretching the fabric, rubbing it across her wet and engorged clit, going deep inside her.

“Come along, pet, you have to tell me, say it. What is it you need, you desire?”

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