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Theirs to Command by Ivy Barrett

Yesterday Marissa Scott thought she would never be selected for breeding.

Today she stands naked before her new masters with her tear-stained cheeks blushing crimson, her bottom burning from a stern reminder of her place, and her helpless arousal on full display.

But it isn’t just the thought of three Kobar warriors ravaging her without mercy that terrifies her.

It is what these brutes will do once they’ve claimed her.

She knows they will share her.

She knows they will use her in ways more shameful than she can imagine.

But worst of all, she knows they will make her beg for all of it.

Publisher’s Note: Theirs to Command is a stand-alone novel which is the second book in the Kobar Mates series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 60,000 words


Tension gathered in her abdomen, and her clit tingled. No. She would not come for this beast. He clearly wanted some sort of reaction, and any kind of loss of control would do. Well, her will was just as strong as his. Her body, on the other hand, was weak and traitorous. Her inner muscles fluttered, and the tension coiled tighter with each thrust of his hand. She moaned, filling her mind with every unsexy thing she could imagine.

Suddenly, Shaedon pulled his fingers free and chuckled. “Pleasure must be earned, lottery girl. If you ever come without permission, you will be disciplined severely. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” she growled, unable to soften her tone. She had been fighting like hell not to come, yet he still threatened to punish her.

“Have you ever been ass-fucked?” Shaedon pulled her bottom cheeks apart, exposing her other opening.

“No,” she cried. “All of my lovers were very gentle with me.”

Shaedon chuckled as he gathered slickness from her pussy and spread it over the puckered flesh. “No one will accuse us of that. Will they, Varren?”

“Certainly not.”

They both sounded proud of the fact that they were violent beasts. Shaedon pushed against her bottom hole, forcing the reluctant opening to admit his probing finger. Marissa squeezed her eyes shut, horrified by what he was doing, and by the fact that it felt strangely… stimulating.

“Oh, yeah, this little hole has never taken a cock, much less a Kobar cock.” He slid in and out like he’d done with her pussy, but his taunting grew more graphic. “Varren will have to break you in for Darvik and me. Varren’s cock is long but not as thick. He’ll stretch you out so we can take you without damaging this tiny hole.” He twisted his wrist and worked a second finger in beside the first.

“That hurts,” she whined, shaking from degradation more than discomfort. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Why didn’t he just fuck her and get it over with? That’s what she wanted. Obviously, it was not what he wanted, and her opinion no longer mattered.

“Get used to it, lottery girl.” A cold edge crept into Shaedon’s tone that hadn’t been there before. He grasped the back of her neck with one hand and finger-fucked her harder. “You will take my cock even when it hurts. You will swallow my cum and spread those legs whenever my balls need emptying.”

“Stop it,” she snapped. His explicit words were just as disturbing as his shuttling fingers. And despite his hateful attitude, the steady slide of those unwanted fingers was making her pussy ache. She wasn’t just wet now. Her juices were starting to drip out of her pussy. What in God’s name had they done at the processing center? If he didn’t stop, all the unsexy images in the world wouldn’t defuse her orgasm. “Please, I can’t take any more.”

“You’ll take more,” Shaedon sneered. “You’ll take so much more.” He thrust his long fingers so deep into her ass that his hand slapped against her cheeks. “I’ll fuck you fast and hard, then leave you dripping with cum and begging for more. And when I’ve finished with you, Darvik will—”

“That’s enough,” Varren said in Kobar, warning clear in his tone.

With a muttered curse, Shaedon withdrew his fingers and stepped back. Marissa didn’t move. Bent over like this, she didn’t have to look at them or think about what Shaedon described. He clearly resented humans as much as she hated the Kobar. And he intended to take it out on her. She kept her eyes closed and emptied her mind, pretending she was anywhere but here.

“Shaedon got carried away, but his points are valid.” Varren pulled her up and turned her to face him. “Your body no longer belongs to you. We paid a fortune for the privilege of using it, and we intend to enjoy it to the fullest. Sex might have been part of your life in the past, but for the next year it will be your life. You are here for one reason and one reason only, to satisfy our needs.”

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