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Theirs to Control by Ivy Barrett

To Bailey Mitchell, the Kobar were just test subjects… until she was taken for breeding.

Studying a huge, intimidatingly sexy alien in the safety of her science lab was one thing. Being carried off over his shoulder with her bottom already burning was something else entirely.

Now her specimen has made himself her master, and he won’t be keeping her for his use alone.

She will be punished, claimed, and shamefully ravaged by not one but three Kobar warriors.

Together they will teach her what it means to belong to them.

Then they will breed her.


Publisher’s Note: Theirs to Control is a stand-alone novel which is the fifth book in the Kobar Mates series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 63,000 words


Another firm push drove his cock deeper and she moaned. She was his to take, to fuck and enjoy. He drew back then thrust hard, giving her his entire length for the first time. She whimpered, feeling stuffed and overwhelmed, yet emotionally raw. She was guilty of the crime so it was only right that she accept the penalty. She’d tried to rob him of life. As a consequence, she must now offer him the pleasure of her body.

Her inner voice laughed, mocking her. Justify it however you like to them, but don’t lie to yourself. You want this, all of it. You want him to use you, to force his will on you. You want to be controlled and humiliated. You need to be fucked hard by his massive Kobar cock!

With a helpless moan, she canted her hips and took him even deeper. Her abused clit twitched and tingled, sending sparks of pleasure through her lower body. She relaxed into each ruthless thrust, welcoming him with her passivity. He slid in and out easily now, his entire length bathed in her arousal.

Energy flowed into her mind with his next thrust. She gasped and her senses spun. Was it just the shift in her mood or was he actually in her mind? As if to answer her question, specific emotions separated themselves from the tingling rush. Possessive hunger materialized first, echoing the demanding movements of his body. Then less obvious emotions became clear to her. Loneliness and longing, even tenderness, the emotions were so different from his outward persona. How could they be real?

“What are you—how are you doing this?”

He ignored her question and slapped her tender ass as he pulled nearly out. “Come on my cock. I want to feel that cunt tighten around me.”

His hands returned to her hips and his cock slammed into her over and over. She had no idea if it was his harsh command or the brutality of his penetration, but a violent orgasm ripped through her, blinding in its intensity. She threw back her head and screamed as her inner muscles rippled around his surging length.

“Good girl,” he muttered then pulled out.

He pushed his fingers into her sopping wet core, gathering moisture as he drew them out. She tensed, easily guessing what he intended. “Please, Master, don’t. I’ve never…”

His wet fingers breached her other hole, sliding deep into her back passage. “There are three warriors in my cadre and you will pleasure us all.” He slid his fingers in and out, stretching her reluctant body with the motion of his hand. “You will take one of us in your ass, one in your mouth, and the other in that tight wet pussy.”

As if to further prove his point, he drove his cock back into her core. His movements synchronized, filling both her passages at the same time. She cried out softly, overwhelmed by the sensations as well as the carnal promise in his words.

“Soon,” he concluded. “Very soon.”

He moved both hands to her hips and resumed his brutal domination of her pussy. Deep and hard, each thrust rocked her forward until her forearms rested on the seat cushions. The impact ricocheted through her body, steadily building her arousal. Shame rippled through her excitement, making the pleasure bittersweet. Macar was her enemy. She should not surrender so easily.

“Come, Bailey. Come hard on your master’s cock.”

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