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Theirs to Punish by Ivy Barrett

For Anna Corvina, preparing human females for breeding was just a job.

Until today…

Today she became the property of three Kobar warriors.

It shouldn’t have been possible. She wasn’t even supposed to be entered in the lottery, but her sharp tongue got her in trouble with her stern, infuriatingly sexy alien boss and he apparently decided that a painful, humiliating public spanking was not a sufficient reminder of her place.

Anna knows what comes next, and that only makes it more shameful.

Soon she will be bare and on display for her new masters, and then there will be no hiding the arousal glistening on her thighs as she is punished, trained, and used in any way they please.

Soon there will be no denying that her body aches to be bred.

Publisher’s Note: Theirs to Punish is a stand-alone novel which is the first book in the Kobar Mates series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 53,000 words


“Pay attention,” he warned then carefully worked another finger into her reluctant hole. “If this lesson isn’t intense enough, I’ll go ahead and fuck this sweet little ass.”

“No. I’m sorry.”

He pushed his cock all the way in and stopped moving. “Focus on my fingers.” He drew back slowly, then thrust in fast.

She gasped then shivered as unexpected sensations radiated through her abdomen. Her clit twitched in concert with the anal nanites.

“Surrender. Let it happen. You have no choice.”

He growled the last phrase with a strange sort of menace that should have frightened her. Instead it flipped a switch in her psyche and she came. Both passages tightened rhythmically and tingling sensation pulsed through her entire body, leaving her dizzy and spent.

He withdrew his fingers and quickly thrust into her pussy a few times. A loud groan escaped him as hot jets of cum spurted deep inside her. He shuddered against her back, his hands running up and down her sides.

Stunned and emotional, she lay limply against the bed as Endar separated their bodies. Should she thank him again or rail against the brutality of this treatment? Yes, she’d been a selfish bitch, but did she deserve all of this? Self-pity washed over her, quickly rebuilding the emotional defenses their treatment had just dismantled. She wasn’t any worse than anyone else at the DCS. They had no right to—to what? Treat her like every other lottery girl? Why should she be spared when so many suffered this fate?

Suffered? her inner voice mocked. You call that suffering? Her body was still tingling from the orgasms Endar had given her. It would be hard to convince anyone that this was suffering.

“Don’t move,” he ordered and walked away.

Her head was turned in the opposite direction from the secret panel, but she recognized the subtle swish of the compartment opening. What now? Her ass and legs still ached, and now her pussy did too. How much more punishment did they expect her to take in one night. One night? Her sentence was for one entire year. A fresh rush of tears filled her eyes and a sob built deep in her chest.

She heard footsteps but wasn’t sure which male moved. She didn’t dare look. Endar had told her to stay put. Her bottom cheeks were pulled apart and fingers dipped into her well-used pussy long enough to gather Endar’s cum. Then her tormentor used the warm fluid to lubricate her bottom hole. She sobbed into the bed, thinking she was about to lose her last virginity. Instead of a cock, something smooth and cylindrical was pushed into her tight back passage. She’d seen butt plugs on the internet. This felt different, not nearly as tapered, just long and hard.

“This is an anal trainer. It will prepare your ass so you can take a Kobar cock,” Endar told her as he slid the trainer in and out. “It is our right to fuck all three of your holes, but it is not our intention to harm you.”

It felt so strange, similar to his fingers but so much… worse or better? She refused to answer. They’d twisted her thinking enough for one night. Her bottom cheeks were still being held open, so Tekel must be assisting Endar. They were both back there watching something slide in and out of her bottom hole. A shiver dropped down her spine and she struggled not to squirm. Her traitorous clit twitched needfully and it had nothing to do with the nanites.

Gradually the stretch increased and her reluctant opening began to burn. “Is it getting bigger?”

Endar chuckled. “That’s the point of the trainer. Relax and accept it. We’ve almost reached the first setting.”

“The first?” she cried. “How many are there?”

“As many as I determine you need.”

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