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Training Planet by Emily Tilton

Britana Geran had been blissfully unaware of the consequences of her planet’s defeat by the Magisterians, but that all changed when she was summoned to a training center to be prepared for her new role as a pleasure girl under the authority of the captain of a Magisterian warship.

Within moments of entering the facility, Britana finds herself naked and fully on display for a thorough, humiliating medical exam, and she soon learns that disobedience will be sternly punished. But as humbling as the sting of the strap across her quivering bare bottom may be, it is her helpless arousal as her virgin body is deflowered in every way that truly puts her in her place.




Publisher’s Note: Training Planet is the second book of the Galactic Discipline series. The books of the Galactic Discipline series can be read in any order. Training Planet includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 44,000 words


“I’ll make this easier for you,” he said, looking into her eyes with any trace of a smile gone. The words seemed so unexpected that Britana frowned. Did the captain mean he would let her go? For an instant, Britana felt a strange, confusing, terribly dismaying emotion: disappointment.

Then she felt his grip tighten on her naked body, and shift, and she understood. He moved his right hand to her upper arm and took firm hold there, turning her toward the sitting area of the suite. She saw there not only the armchair to which he had referred, and a couch, but also a different kind of chair, wooden and high-backed with no armrest.

Britana cried out and tried to pull away, but just as Captain Edwards had marched her to the whipping bench in the schoolroom, he marched her toward the chair. She had no need for anyone to tell her the purpose of this apparently out-of-place piece of furniture in the hospitality suite of the Girls’ Training Center. A sob rose from her chest as the words formed in her mind: The chair for spanking naughty girls—that’s where I’m going.

It took only three steps. The disappointment Britana had felt a moment before had fled away entirely. Had she gone crazy, in that instant? To feel let down because she had supposed the captain might let her go entirely, or even let her do something else for him, other than what he had commanded?

She couldn’t have really felt it. Certainly, as she struggled desperately now, babbling protests, it seemed impossible that she had somehow, even for an instant, wanted him to… to do something like this.

“Please… Captain… Stop, please… I’ll… I’ll…” She swallowed hard, her brow creasing deeply. “I’ll suck it!”

Captain Edwards didn’t reply with words. He positioned her to the right of the chair, and then sat down, pulling Britana effortlessly over his lap and clamping down with his left arm to keep her in place. The softness of the cotton fabric of his pants made her sob at the contrast with the massive muscles she could feel in his thighs.

“You certainly will,” the captain agreed, then. To Britana’s surprise, his voice didn’t sound angry. “But first, as I said, I’m going to make it easier for you. I’m going to teach you why from now on, tonight and in the future, you will do exactly as I tell you, even when I require the most shameful service you can imagine.”

Britana cried out, because Captain Edwards had accompanied his final clause with a movement of his right hand. His strong fingers found their way between her little bottom-cheeks, and touched her in the place Sister Portia had made her clean with the enema bulb.

She struggled over his lap, kicking out with her feet, but to her dismay the captain very clearly knew exactly how to keep a girl in place. He held her tightly with his left hand across her back, and he shifted his weight with such precision that every time Britana thought she might get free from his grip by twisting her body or flailing with her arms or legs she found herself restrained even more tightly.

His right hand through it all, to her hot-faced embarrassment, stayed in that very same, mortifying place, his middle finger pressing firmly against her bottom-hole. With a sob Britana had to stop struggling, because Captain Edwards had pressed the finger inside her anus, impaling her and making her feel pinned atop his strong right thigh.

“There,” he said, the satisfaction in his voice sending a wave of shame through Britana’s whole body. “Are you ready to kneel now, sweetheart?”

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