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Tyrant: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone

He’s a ruthless tyrant who thinks he owns me… and he’s right.

When I accepted a lucrative marketing position at his vineyard, Montgomery Wolfe made the terms of my employment clear right from the start. Follow his rules or face the consequences.

That’s why I’m bent over his desk, doing my best to hate him as his belt lashes my bare bottom.

I shouldn’t give in to this tyrant. I shouldn’t yield to his shameful demands.

Yet I can’t resist the passion he sets ablaze with every word, every touch, and every brutally possessive kiss, and I know before long my body will surrender to even his darkest needs…


Publisher’s Note: Tyrant includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 75,000 words


“Please, you can’t.” I pushed up from the table only to be smacked on the bottom several times. The pressure and force he used were just enough to cause me to yelp.

Montgomery wound his hand around my hair, holding me in place. “You don’t seem to understand that whether in business or in pleasure, you will never be in charge. I guess we’re going to need to work on that further.”

I felt the pressure as he pushed the tip of his cock to my dark hole. “I’ve never done this. I don’t think I can…” The words trailed off. I was horrified at admitting something so personal, especially to a man who was determined to have all of me. Then there was the humiliating fact that tears were threatening to give me away, pushing me out of control. I could tell I was ready to lash out, unable to control my actions.

But when he pressed a series of kisses down my spine, he threw me once again. The dichotomy of his actions as well as his words was so damn confusing.

“Relax, sweet Aspen. The only pain you’re going to receive is from the lash of my belt, the flat of my hand.”

His words were comforting, allowing me to take a series of deep breaths. He peppered another series of kisses on my skin before pushing his cock in another inch.

The instant slice of pain was biting, forcing me to jerk up, fighting his hold all over again. “Oh, God. I just…” I was blubbering like some child. God, I hated myself. He replaced his lips with his fingers, sliding them down my spine sensually. I squeezed my eyes closed, concentrating on his actions. By the time he’d reached the base of my spine, I was no longer as tense. That’s when I realized he’d slid several additional inches inside.

My muscles strained to accept his girth, the pain becoming nothing more than discomfort. When he thrust the remainder inside, I let out a ragged moan.

As he began to drive into me, every move slow and easy, the last remnants of any level of anguish disappeared, the sensations now pleasant.

“Tight everywhere. Just the way I like it.” His tone was dark and just as demanding as before, the silky vibes drilling through me. He gripped my hip as he began plunging in and out, taking the final step at fulfilling his promise.

Making me his.

I kept my eyes closed, sliding my arms over my head as I thought about the ramifications of our actions. I’d defied my own principles for one night of raw bliss, surrendering in every way.

I’d become his toy.

His sinful treat.

His possession.

Whatever would happen after this, I knew couldn’t be good for either one of us. In fact, I had a gut feeling that my world would be destroyed.

Not by my work ethic.

But by his unbridled desire.

He was brutal in his actions, thrusting harder and faster. I clung to the edges of the table, the force he used jarring, but as I fully relaxed, I realized how much I was enjoying the moment. Panting, I tried to hold on as he continued, butterflies swarming my stomach. Within seconds, I knew he was finally ready to release, filling me with his seed.

And once again, I disobeyed him, squeezing my muscles.

As he exploded deep inside, he issued another ragged roar.

Only this time, it was one of conquest.