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Unchained Beast: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

Some needs can be controlled. This one cannot.

As the firstborn of the Dupree family, I have spent my life building the wealth and power of our mafia empire while keeping our dark secret hidden and my savage hunger at bay. But the beast within me cannot be chained forever, and I must claim a mate before I lose control completely…

That is why Coraline LeBlanc is mine.

When I mount and ravage her, it won’t be because I want her. It will be because I need her.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy stripping her bare and spanking her until she surrenders, then making her beg and scream with every desperate climax as I take what belongs to me.

The beast will claim her, but I will keep her.

Publisher’s Note: Unchained Beast is a stand-alone novel which is the first entry in the Alpha Dynasty series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 75,000 words


I shoved her against her desk, sliding my hands under the hem of her skirt, forcing the dense material around her waist.

“What are you doing?” she managed, every sound breathless.

“Fucking you.” The second I bunched her panties in my hand, she flinched, tossing her head back and forth. But there was no denying the heated moment or the need that threatened to consume us. She wanted me as much as I craved her.

I ripped the thin lace away with a single snap of my wrist, pushing her legs wide open before unfastening my trousers.

Panting, she wrapped her fingers around my shirt, yanking until she was able to slide her hand underneath, fingering my stomach.

I threw my head back and roared, my entire body shaking from the explosive adrenaline rush. There was something even more powerful about fucking her now than the night before, the vibrations dancing through my body creating sensations that erupted like firecrackers. She kept her hand against my heated skin until I’d freed my cock. Then she leaned back, planting both her hands on the surface of the desk as she wrapped her legs around my thighs.

My heart thudding against my chest, I yanked her naked bottom to the edge of the desk, wasting no time before plunging the entire length of my cock into her swollen folds.

“Oh. Oh!” She closed her eyes, moving into a deep arch as she gasped over and over again.

I dug my fingers into her thighs, pumping into her like a wild animal. A series of bright lights flashed in front of my eyes, the strings of colors fucking with my mind as I did everything I could to keep from shifting. As her pussy muscles wrapped around my shaft, drawing me in even deeper, I fisted her hair and lowered my head until I was able to lock eyes with hers.

Her sly smile was provocative as hell, only fueling my actions. I pumped hard and fast, my actions becoming more brutal. She smashed one hand on her desk as she clung to my arm with the other, dragging her tongue across her lips. We were nothing but wild animals, unable to keep our hunger at bay.

Every sound she made added to my need to ravage her for hours, but that would have to wait. This was nothing more than intensifying our need for each other, staining her with my scent to keep other predators away. Any member of the Brousseau family would know she belonged to me. That would protect her only to a point.

They would come after her again, only this time in force. I couldn’t allow that to happen. If they dared to try, they would face my wrath.

“Yes. Yes…” Her moans increased as she tossed her head from side to side. Within seconds, I could tell she was close to a massive orgasm.

I drove harder and faster, beads of sweat forming along my hairline. I couldn’t seem to get enough of her. There was no light or sound, only what was happening between us. I was able to hear her heartbeat, the thumping sound echoing in my ears. When her pussy muscles clenched and released several times, I rolled onto the balls of my feet, powering into her brutally.

“Oh, God. I… I…” She threw her head back, a scream erupting from her throat. Her entire body was shaking as the climax ripped through her system. She was so damn beautiful, her skin shimmering as the pleasure drove her into ecstasy.

I refused to stop, every thrust savage, my balls swelling to the point I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer.

As I tangled my fingers in her hair, keeping her in a deep arch, she kept her eyes open, never blinking. I could swear the woman had managed to claw her way through the man, finding the wolf hidden inside.

After she was thrown into another tidal wave, one orgasm after the other, I pulled all the way out, brutally turning then tossing her over the edge of the desk.

“What are you doing?” she managed, still taking gasping breaths.

“Fucking you in the ass. Every hole belongs to me.”

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