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Under His Jurisdiction by Missy McKay

When Harper Lawson crashes into strikingly handsome district attorney Lucas Devens during a game of frisbee at the beach, she is surprised by his warning that she deserves to be taught a lesson for her carelessness. Despite her shock at his boldness, however, she soon finds herself blushing crimson with her helpless arousal on display as her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

This chance encounter is followed by a quivering, shamefully intense climax during the ride home from their first date, then a stern punishment for refusing to wait for his permission. As Lucas sets about showing Harper how pleasurable it can be to surrender completely to a dominant man’s mastery of her body, her need for him grows stronger with every passing day.

But Lucas is in the midst of the most high-profile case of his career, one that is making him powerful enemies who would not hesitate to hurt anyone close to him. When Harper’s life is put in danger, will he be forced to put their relationship on hold in order to keep her safe?

Publisher’s Note: Under His Jurisdiction includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Missy McKay

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 45,700 words


“This…” his voice pauses and I feel a snap against my pussy lips, “is called…” my right nipple then my left gain his attention, “a crop.” He continues to connect with my skin in various places. “It can be…” He rubs it against my nipple then down my belly toward where I very much so wish he would touch me and he does. He pushes the crop in between my pussy lips and moves it around slightly. “Pleasurable or…” he dances over my thighs then I feel it crashing down, “painful. My choice.”

“Please,” I cry out. I just need him to touch me again.

“Please, what?” he asks as he puts the crop back in between my lips. “You want this?”

I moan into the darkness, agreeing with the friction. I feel it leave a trail of my own wetness as he makes his way back up my body. He’s driving me insane with want. “Please, Lucas. Please.” My legs start to close together as the need for more continues to build.

“No, Harper. Keep them open. You’ll only get what I give… nothing more.” The crop makes contact over my pussy lips again, making me yelp out. It’s harder than he’s hit anywhere before.

“Please.” The warmth spreads throughout my body. My pussy is dripping in need. I want to touch him, to pull him down onto me. I want him to touch me.

“I’m torn between hearing you beg and gagging that beautiful mouth of yours.” My cheeks heat and I clamp my lips closed quickly, not daring to make another sound. I don’t think I’d care for being gagged. He lets out a laugh.

“I can see that might not be something you’d like right now.” I worry about doing anything other than shaking my head no. “I’ll keep that in mind for the future. I’d love nothing more than to see you bound and gagged in front of me while I do anything and everything I want to your gorgeous body.” The crop has completely left my body and I hear Lucas stepping away from the bed. Panic rises as I’m not sure if he’s gone to get something to gag me or if he is getting something even more evil than that crop.

After several long moments I feel him climb on the bed next to me. I clench my jaw closed in case he is looking to gag me, but instead I feel his hand gently brush across my cheek and over my jaw. “You can release your stronghold on your jaw.” He taps his fingers beneath my chin. I still don’t release, but then he bends down close to my face. He takes my bottom lip in his teeth and sucks it into his mouth. His tongue forces its way inside my mouth and I instantly soften against his kiss. He gives me a peck on my lips before he pulls away. His hand massages against my left tit as his other hand lightly dances toward my core. He stops though and pinches my nipple, bringing my awareness back around right before he slides a finger inside me. He pinches my clit then adds another finger.

I’m dancing against him, wanting to reach my release. I feel my muscles clench and I’m really close to coming. I moan against his mouth, which is inches above mine. Right when I feel like I’m about to have the orgasm of my life, he pulls his hand away. “Please.” I can’t help but to beg regardless as to whether he chooses to gag me or not.

“Please, what?” he asks with his cock resting at my entrance.

“Please, Sir.” He doesn’t move so I lift my hips toward him. He smacks my lips. “Please, Sir. I need you.”

“Say it, Harper.”

“Please, Sir—please fuck me senseless.”

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