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Under Viking Dominion by Ashe Barker

The last time Brenna saw Audun, the brute didn’t just spank her until she was sore and sobbing. He bared her, bound her, and set her helpless, quivering bottom on fire with his belt before bringing her to one desperately intense climax after another in spite of her blushing protests.

Audun is a man from another age, a Viking warrior for whom punishing and dominating a woman is as natural as breathing. Thinking of him should infuriate Brenna, not leave her panties drenched. But try as she might to deny it, she knows it won’t be long until she once again finds herself writhing and begging as her beautiful body is thoroughly and shamefully mastered.

After a chance meeting rekindles their romance, the discovery of a strange artifact sends Audun and Brenna on a quest to uncover the truth about a previously unknown Viking voyage to America led by Audun’s closest friend. But will the couple be content with merely learning the fate of the expedition, or will they decide to take the course of history into their own hands?

Publisher’s Note: Under Viking Dominion is a stand-alone sequel to Held in Custody. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ashe Barker

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 129,500 words


“Two,” Eawynn cried out, moments after the second blow landed on the lower part of her bottom. The pretty, plump cheeks quivered, and she clenched hard.

Soon, I shall teach her the joys of enduring a whipping with a finger of ginger inserted into her arse…

Thus encouraged, he raised his arm again.



“Five…” She was sobbing now.

“Six. Oh, please, please, I am sorry…”



“Eawynn, you will say the number. How many is that?”

“I… I am not sure. Seven?”

“It was eight. You are fortunate that I am also keeping count. Now, concentrate.”

He laid the ninth stripe across her upper thighs, and waited while she danced on the spot, hissing, sobbing, pleading with him to stop.

“Eawynn, count.”

“N-nine, sir.”

“Last one. Lift up your bottom, I mean to land it just here…” He drew the tip of the switch along the seam where her bottom met her thighs, the most tender spot, he knew.

And so did she. Eawynn moaned, but she did as he commanded, elevating her buttocks to allow him a clear swipe at her most vulnerable flesh. Her position also afforded him an excellent view of her cunny lips, pink and swollen, glistening with desire.

Such a treasure; Audun was indeed generous with his gift.

He took careful aim and landed the cane exactly where he wanted it.

“Aaagh! Oh, God, dear sweet Jesu, that hurts. Please… please…”

“Are you still counting?” he enquired mildly as she writhed against the table top.

“Ten, ten, sir. It was ten,” she babbled.

“Yes. We are done.” He tossed the frayed switch into the fire pit to be consumed by the flames. “Well, almost. You will stay there.”

He bent to retrieve the dish of butter, then moved to stand behind her. He placed the butter on the table, then laid his palm gently on her swollen, striped bottom.

Eawynn moaned and flinched but did not move as he slowly palmed her buttocks, first one, then the other.

“Spread your legs for me, Saxon.”

She did as he asked, affording him an excellent display of her aroused, glistening flesh. Thorsten drove one finger deep into her channel and slowly drew it out again. Her juices coated his digit. He thrust in again, two fingers this time, then three. Eawynn moaned and swayed her hips, circling her pelvis and squeezing her cunny around him, hard.

“Do not be greedy, Saxon, or impatient.” He dragged his fingers from her body and dropped a light tap on her already punished bottom.

Eawynn hissed, whether in protest at the loss of his fingers or at the slap he did not know. She gasped when he parted her buttocks with the fingers of one hand, and placed his middle finger, slick with her juices, at the entrance to her rear hole.

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