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Vendetta: A Dark Mafia Bully Romance by Sara Fields

She doesn’t know what kind of man I am. She will soon.

Blaire Conrad was living on the streets when I found her, took pity on her, and used my connections to set her whole family up for life. Then she decided she was too good for me…

Now she thinks she can make my life hell and get away with it. But I don’t play by her rules.

I make the rules.

She’ll scream and beg as I strip her, spank her, and force one brutal climax after another from her beautiful little body, but before I’m done with her she’ll beg me shamefully for so much more.

It’s time she learned her place.


Publisher’s Note: Vendetta includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 64,100 words


He pinched my nipples again, harder this time and I wailed in agony. When he released them, my breasts pulsed with pain and unquenched desire.

Then he reached down between my legs, his fingers just glanced against my clit and I whimpered with need. Carefully, he took my clit between his thumb and forefinger. Then he pinched it, just as hard as he’d pinched my nipples.

I screamed.

I didn’t beg him to stop. I knew he wouldn’t even if I did. He was going to do what he wanted with me when he wanted and my body was going to tell him what I needed when I needed it.

When he finally released my throbbing clit, I panted as pain radiated through my body, twisting into an intense pleasure that only amplified my already heightened arousal.

“Do you want to come, little girl?” he asked, taking his fingers and very lightly caressing my clit.

“Yes,” I begged.

“Yes, sir,” he corrected.

I could have sworn my heart stopped beating then.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed, my voice no louder than a sigh.

“You will wait to come until I’ve given you permission, little girl. Disobey me, and I’ll have to punish you,” he warned, and the air rushed out of my lungs. My thighs quivered and tried to remember how to draw in air.

“Please, sir,” I begged. I didn’t know what came over me, but the words felt right. Not only did they feel perfect but saying them made my pussy clench in the most shameful way and I wanted to say them again. So I did. I begged for him again.

“For the rest of the night, this little pussy is mine. Your orgasms are mine. By the time the sun rises in the morning, your throat is going to be sore. Your little pussy is going to be sore. Your little bottom hole is going to be sore too. None of your beautiful little holes will be innocent by the time I’m finally through with you,” he continued.

I shook with arousal. Every nerve was electrified with it. My entire focus was on his fingers between my thighs as they lightly stroked my clit. I cried as he teased and taunted me at the very edge of orgasm for what felt like forever. I wanted to come so badly that I was almost in tears. I wondered if he wanted me to cry for him again.

“Please, let me come, sir,” I pleaded, the sound of my voice pitifully desperate but I no longer cared. I’d given myself over to him the moment he’d slammed me against the wall.

“Not yet, sweet girl. I want to see you suffer for a little while longer,” he answered and I shivered, moaning with need. My pussy was convulsing with desire, aching to be filled. My skin was feverish with want and I wondered just how much more I could take. How much more he’d make me take and how, for the moment, wasn’t up to me. It was up to him.

My nipples pebbled into hard little peaks and his mouth dipped down. His lips surrounded my hard bud and then his teeth took a hold of it. I squeaked in surprise as he bit down, pain radiating across my chest as he tortured me. When he finally released my nipple, I moaned with relief until he turned his attention to my other breast. When he bit the other, I was more prepared than I was the first time, but it still hurt, and I still struggled to take it.

I was lost in sensation. Pain. Pleasure. Confusion. Arousal. Nothing made sense anymore and I stopped trying to make it. I simply lost myself in the experience of it all. I gave myself over to him and that simple realization made me feel like I was soaring.

I was so turned on. I bit my lip and my breath hitched. A single tear escaped out of the corner of my eye and he reached for my cheek with his other hand, using his thumb to gently wipe it away. And then he slipped his fingers back into my pussy as he continued to gently massage my needy little clit with this thumb.

I would beg again, but I didn’t think that it would help me. He was going to decide when I would come and if I did at all. I whined and shivered before him. He leaned in and pressed his lips against my neck, his heated breath only making me hotter than before.

“Come for me,” he said softly, and my world shattered into a million little shards of glass. I moaned. I screamed. I lost control for him.

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