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Warrior’s Captive: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Alyce Guertin

First he took me captive. Then he took me as his mate.

Though I have dreamed of him at night, I never imagined this fearsome alien warrior carrying me off, spanking me into shameful submission, and ravaging my virgin body as I screamed with every brutal climax. But then my father tried to have him killed, and he broke free of his chains.

When he took me captive, I thought I would be merely a bargaining chip to secure his escape.

But I was wrong.

He has claimed me as his mate.



Publisher’s Note: Warrior’s Captive is the first book in the Valcan Mates series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Alyce Guertin

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 58,600 words


The crack of leather on leather rang above my head, loud and dry. Then I understood. That movement, those sounds.

Rager intended to do more than spank me. He intended to belt me.

For a surreal moment, I was utterly still as the sound of the leather whipping through the air reached my ears. Then pain came, blinding, biting, like nothing I had ever felt. I screeched and thrashed as more blows landed on my bare bottom in a fast, merciless succession. The burn on my skin spread, covering my entire backside and the top of my thighs, but still, there was more pain to bear. More shame to feel. Rager wasn’t finished with me.

I wasn’t even aware of the moment I started to cry.

The sound of flesh being punished, over and over again, filled the air between my sobs. Finally, just as I thought I could not stand more, Rager stopped.

“Do you accept my dominion over you?” His voice was severe, no trace of shame or regret over what he had done to me. No mercy to be expected there.

My skin burned, from my ass cheeks to my upper thighs, the pain seeping into my flesh. But pain wasn’t the only sensation I felt. A fire had been lit, somewhere deep and hidden inside of me, resilient and delicious. That fire was heating in my lower belly, wet and needy, female. Yearning for more punishment even as my eyes were filling with tears. For more of this delicious surrender that had me pulsing and ready for more dominance, more male power.

“Yes.” My voice was shaking and full of sobs, defeated. “Now let me go.”

“Not yet.”

This time, there was another kind of heaviness in Rager’s voice, something male and indefinitely more dangerous. Once more, I became aware of the hardness pushing against my stomach. Arousal washed over me, coating my pussy, dripping down further between my lower lips to the soft inside of my thighs. The smell of my pussy coated the air, strong and heady. Undeniable.

Shame filtered through my mind as more tears slid down my cheeks, covered my face as the heat spread from the skin of my punished flesh to the inside of my legs, melting pain into an intolerable arousal. I tried to swallow, but my throat was closed off and all I could do was push a painful knot down my esophagus as Rager’s hand closed on my burning skin again.

Only this time, it wasn’t to hurt and punish. No, this touch was lingering with a male intention, sliding over my burning flesh to the inside of my thighs. My hips rose in an involuntary response, exposing more of my ass and pussy to his view.

At my back, Rager became very still.

“So beautiful.” Rager spoke in a dreamy tone as his hand massaged the burning skin. The pain the light touch brought left a trail of arousal, as if the severe spanking had heightened my sensitivity to pleasure with the agony. “I wish you could see yourself this way. Red, swollen. All that round ass, bared just for me.”

My breathing accelerated and more fluids leaked between my pussy’s lips. Rager’s fingers kept sliding over my skin, the pain of his touch over my burning skin mixing with another sensation, a sensation I was all too unwilling to admit. But unable to ignore.

“What are you doing?” My voice trembled and shame burned up my face as Rager’s finger slid between my thighs and into the soft, wet folds of my sex. I knew what he’d found there.

Wetness. Need. Pulsating hunger, screaming for more touch.

Shame burned hot on my cheeks, spread to my forehead, my entire face as Rager growled, the sound low and animal, clear in his intent and pleasure.

“I’m giving you exactly what you want. No more than what you need.”