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Warriors: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I rubbed my mouth on her thigh, still drinking in her incredible scent. I wanted my body covered in the same way mine and Krishan’s stained her skin. The slight protection would make the lesser dragon soldiers think twice about taking her. There was still fear amongst their ranks, many of their people terrified of what the Dorchadas could do. That gave me hope we could complete our mission. Hope. Perhaps I was a fool.

A moment of rage rushed into me even as I gazed down at her lovely body, her porcelain face. She was by far the most beautiful human I’d laid my eyes on, and the taste of her was exquisite, leaving my cock aching to fill her with my seed.

The way her body responded, her lovely mouth twisting from desire and her pussy glistening with juice, was more enticing than I could have imagined. I was crazed with hunger, unable to quench my thirst. I moved away from her, quickly yanking off my clothes even as Krishan secured his sword in the cabinet, preparing to take her.

Devour her.


Even her name rolled off my tongue, my shaft throbbing to the point of near agony. When I’d removed the tight confines of clothing, I gathered her into my arms, savoring the heat of her body. I hadn’t been with a female in a long time, but I knew my roughness had terrified her. She had to learn to obey, to keep herself safe. The fight would be brutal and bloody, and I was determined to keep her as my mate.

She didn’t struggle as I walked her toward the bed, although I could feel the rapid beating of her heart against mine. She had every reason to be afraid although she was a strong female, much more so than the majority of humans we’d come into contact with. I admired her spirit, a woman who refused to back down to anyone. Sadly, she would need to be broken in order to protect her.

As Krishan ripped off his clothes, every sound he made savage in nature, she scrambled into the center of the bed, grabbing one of the blankets in an effort to cover herself. I was a hard man, dominating in every manner. Even some of my own people called me brutal and sadistic. On this day, I had no intention of hurting her, unless she disobeyed me again.

However, I would take her in every way I craved.

There was no way to describe my extreme hunger or the burning desire that tightened my balls, keeping my cock at full attention. She was vulnerable yet determined, rebellious in ways that I found far too attractive. Her defiance brought out the dominating side within me, the need to control her with methods that I hadn’t practiced in years.

As I advanced, her lower lip quivered, although there was no sense of fear in her any longer, merely a powerful hunger she had no way of understanding. Our connection was fervent yet unexplainable. None of my kind had attempted to mate with a human.

I crawled onto the bed, yanking the blanket from her hands. No mate of mine would ever cover herself. I pulled her into my arms, fisting her flaming red hair as I held her close, drinking in the rich scent of her. I flexed my hand open, crushing it against her face as I dragged her onto her knees.

There was no latent whimper, no sign of weakness in the female as she gritted her teeth, smashing her palm against my chest. I tilted my head from side to side, savoring the closeness, the strange series of sensations I’d experienced before rocketing through me.

Her eyes remained wide open, glaring at me with a combination of fury and interest, even allowing her fingers to knead my skin. When she noticed Krishan’s approach, a slight whimper escaped her clenched teeth although she darted her eyes in his direction, admiration fueling her body’s betrayal. The color of her nipples excited the fuck out of me, the warm blush like the ripest fruit ready to be plucked.

I forced her head into a hard tilt, exposing her long neck, the pulse of her jugular thrumming rapidly. The moment I captured her mouth, the sweet taste of her nectar thrust my heart into my throat. She continued to push against me, clawing my skin as the kiss turned into a manic wave. I plunged my tongue past her lips, refusing to allow her to usurp my domination.

Moans slipped past our locked lips as she fought me even as I pulled her closer until our legs intertwined. She was a true hellion through and through, refusing to give in.

As the kiss became more barbaric, reeking of intense passion, she finally stopped struggling. The feel of her lithe fingers as she crawled them down my chest, daring to pulse a single finger back and forth across my sensitive slit, further fueled the fire. My legs ached, shaking from the rush of adrenaline, my cock throbbing.

A strangled whimper left her mouth as she toyed with my cockhead, swirling the tip of her finger in circle after circle. I jutted my hips forward, longing to impale her, to slide my cock into her womb. As our tongues entwined, she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, twisting her fingers back and forth. The friction was another flash of ravaging heat, bringing out the beast in me.

I fought to keep control, allowing her to play, pumping up and down in an enthusiastic fashion. I was shocked at the rapid fire of sensations coursing through me, my hunger turning even more insatiable.

Krishan eased behind her, sandwiching her body between ours, shifting his hips back and forth as he ran his fingers up and down her thighs.

Every muscle was tight, red-hot heat searing nerve endings and tendons. I shifted my hand down to her chest, fondling her breast, tweaking her aroused nipple.

As she used her fingers to knead my skin, her body began to rock. I broke the kiss, growling as I mouthed her chin, sliding my lips to her jaw.

“One naughty human,” he whispered in a husky tone, lowering his head and dragged his tongue back and forth across her neck. “I think keeping her in the cage is in order.”

“No,” Ciara moaned, her mouth twisting.

“We shall see.” My voice boomed in the space, reverberating as Krishan gave me a look of admonishment.

She gripped my shoulder as I yanked her into more of an arc, crawling my fingers down her stomach.

Krishan leaned his head over hers, sliding the tip of his tongue across the seam of her mouth. “I need to be inside of her.” He pressed his lips against hers, the kiss gentle in nature.

Her body trembling, she eased one arm over her shoulder, snagging her fingers in his hair.

“Patience, my friend,” I said, chuckling darkly as I gripped her hips, breaking their connection and dragging her on top of me as I fell against the bed. I held her aloft, my lungs filling with air as she gasped several times. “She belongs to me first.”

She shuddered, blinking furiously as she gazed at my cock. “You’re… huge,” she managed.

I wasted no additional time, bringing her down slowly, my shaft sliding past her slickened folds. The instant I was just seated inside, her pussy muscles clamped around the invasion, squeezing tight. I continued to ease her down, allowing her muscles to relax, spreading open like a luscious flower as they accepted every inch. I held her in the same position, watching her every move, enjoying the sounds of her soft murmurs and ragged breathing.

Her eyes cinched closed as she dragged her tongue around her lips, her fingers clawing at my chest.

“Now, I fuck you.” I pulled her all the way down, the force of my actions pushing a slight scream past her lips.

She shook violently, shoving her hands against me as she closed her eyes. Even her lovely mouth twitched as she shifted her head back and forth, panting, “Oh. Oh… God!”

“So tight. So wet,” I snarled, once again lifting her until just the tip was inside. I yanked her down vehemently, the hard slam jarring for both of us even though a slight smile curled across her mouth. I repeated the action once again, keeping our bodies together. The feel of her was unlike anything else, leaving my heart racing and my blood cells expanding.

She threw her head back as she undulated her hips, rocking me in a spine-tingling manner. I allowed her to feel control, her knees digging into my sides as she picked up speed.

I even placed my arms behind my head, basking in the glory of her wet pussy grinding into me. However, Krishan’s patience had waned, his subtle growls turning into something even more savage.

He lifted her hips, dragging her away as he turned her to face him. The look on his face was one of a carnivorous beast as he threw one of her legs around his waist then the other.

“Now, I take you, sweet human. Do you think you can handle both?” His laugh was husky as he rubbed her wet pussy against his fully engorged cock, her whimpers only fueling him further.

I eased onto my elbows, drinking in her beauty, my mouth continuing to water.

Ciara shifted her weight, pressing one hand against his chest as she eased the other between her legs, rolling her fingers up and down the length of his shaft.

Krishan lifted a single eyebrow, his chest rising and falling as she toyed with him, teasing him relentlessly. I knew his mannerisms as well as his savagery. He wouldn’t wait for long.

True to form, he lifted and thrust her all the way down, the force rocking them both. His eyes flashed in various shades as he raked one hand down her back. “That’s it, little human. Take your fill. Just remember that you belong to us.”

He fucked her relentlessly, pumping his hips in a crazed manner, all the while releasing keening roars. I was surprised as his voraciousness, a man feasting for the first time in far too long. With every savage plunge, her entire body shook.

The fire that dwelled within rushed to the surface, compelling me to move closer, to take what already belonged to me. As I approached, Krishan dragged Ciara closer to the heat of his body as he fell against the bed.

She tossed her head over her shoulder, trying desperately to see what I was doing, her face shimmering even in the dim lighting. “Oh… Yes. Yes!”

My cock was fully engorged with blood and as I crawled closer, I stroked the base, finally rubbing the tip from one side of her bruised bottom to the other.

“What… What are you doing?” she asked, her voice little more than a whisper.

“What am I doing?” I chuckled. “I’m going to fuck that tight ass of yours.”

She tensed as I slipped two fingers beside Krishan’s cock, pumping several times until they were slickened with her juice. Wiggling, she moaned several times until Krishan wrapped his fingers around her hair, pulling her down until her lips was only a few inches from his.

I made several guttural sounds as I slipped my fingers into the crack of her ass, twisting both as I slid them just inside.

“Oh, God. Oh…” she whimpered, trembling all over. As Krishan gripped both sides of her face, forcing her mouth over his, I could still hear the subtle moans.

I pumped my fingers inside, flexing them open as I stretched her tight muscles, forcing them to accept. I couldn’t believe how hot she was, sizzling my long digits. I closed my eyes, thrusting more aggressively until she began to relax.

The moment I pressed the tip of my cock to her tight hole, she stiffened once again.

“Breathe, little human,” Krishan directed after breaking the kiss. “We own every hole and will take them any time we please. You need to remember that.”

Every synapse in my body was ignited, my skin on fire, the scales on my back unfurling. Even my eyesight was hindered by the blinding desire sweeping through me. My grip on her hips was firm and as I pushed my shaft past her tight ring of muscle, the whimper escaping her mouth was nothing but another source of lust.

“Yes!” The sound of my own voice echoed in my ears as I became fully seated, her muscles pulsing in erratic vibrations.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Her scattered sounds filtered into the air around us mixing with Krishan’s savage growls. She slapped her hands on either side of him, her body shaking as she arched her back.

Hungering for more.

Begging for more.

I was shocked at the level of sensations, increasing heat scalding portions of my body as my cock swelled within her. I shifted my hips back and forth, creating another round of excessive tingles, the action stealing my ragged breath. She was so damn tight, her muscles clamping down in a way that could force me to come. And I wanted this to last, to drive her to the very brink of ecstasy.

Even though she was our prisoner, our mate, I would provide her with pleasure.

As Krishan and I began to move in a perfect orchestration, pumping in a slow and easy manner, she fell into a blissful state, her head lolling to the side. The way her breathing shifted into an even sound indicated her building hunger.

I shifted my body over hers, intertwining our fingers as the hard fucking continued. The way her warm bottom shifted back and forth across my skin yanked me into a sublime state, my barbaric needs craving to be fulfilled. Together, we moved as one, her body yielding to us as our actions became even more savage, taking what we wanted.

What rightfully belonged to us.

We were by all rights true barbarians, hunters who refused to take no for an answer, males who were insatiable with their needs. We’d been called primitives, monsters. Even murderers. But in my mind we were creatures longing to fulfill our duties, breeding in order to keep our species strong. We’d been stripped of that ability, our women unable to produce children and all from the effects of an unplanned war against nature itself.

Our enemy was strong, vital in ways we hadn’t anticipated, but as prince, I refused to allow our kind to be pushed into extinction. We would survive. We would thrive. We would mate.

And we would kill.

As I felt her muscles tightening, could hear the rapid change in her breathing, I knew she was close to coming. While I wanted to care for the beautiful human who’d succumbed to our demands, she was nothing but an offering from the very gods above.

If they truly existed.

She would be one of many surrendering to our powerful leaders, allowing us the ability to begin again. Would I protect her with my life? Yes. Would I kill to make certain our children were allowed to gather a scent of our world? Without a doubt.

Would I fall to my longing for family, even what humans called love? No.

As her body quivered uncontrollably, her ragged purring turning into cries of pleasure, I braced for a release. My cock expanded, stretching her muscle walls even more as Krishan’s already had. Together as we rocked her, my mind reeled from the realization that Lord Gandon would indeed stop at nothing to destroy her just to keep her from me.

The moment cum erupted from my opening, filling her darkened hole, I threw my head back and roared.

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