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Warriors: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Piper Stone

They’ve taken me as theirs, and they’re not going to be gentle with me.

I knew this was a primitive planet when I landed, but nothing could have prepared me for the rough beasts who inhabit it. The sting of their prince’s firm hand on my bare bottom taught me my place in his world, but it was what came after that truly demonstrated his mastery over me.

This alien brute has granted me his protection and his help with my mission, but the price was my total submission to both his shameful demands and those of his second in command as well.

But it isn’t the savage way they make use of my quivering body that terrifies me the most. What leaves me trembling is the thought that I may never leave this place… because I won’t want to.


Publisher’s Note: Warriors includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 72,700 words


“What… What are you doing?” she asked, her voice little more than a whisper.

“What am I doing?” I chuckled. “I’m going to fuck you in that tight ass of yours.”

She tensed as I slipped two fingers beside Krishan’s cock, pumping several times until they were slickened with her juice. Wiggling, she moaned several times until Krishan wrapped his fingers around her hair, pulling her down until her lips was only a few inches from his.

I made several guttural sounds as I slipped my fingers into the crack of her ass, twisting both as I slid them just inside.

“Oh, God. Oh…” she whimpered, trembling all over. As Krishan gripped both sides of her face, forcing her mouth over his, I could still hear the subtle moans.

I pumped my fingers inside, flexing them open as I stretched her tight muscles, forcing them to accept. I couldn’t believe how hot she was, sizzling my long digits. I closed my eyes, thrusting more aggressively until she began to relax.

The moment I pressed the tip of my cock to her tight hole, she stiffened once again.

“Breathe, little human,” Krishan directed after breaking the kiss. “We own every hole and will take them any time we please. You need to remember that.”

Every synapse in my body was ignited, my skin on fire, the scales on my back unfurling. Even my eyesight was hindered by the blinding desire sweeping through me. My grip on her hips was firm and as I pushed my shaft past her tight ring of muscle, the whimper escaping her mouth was nothing but another source of lust.

“Yes!” The sound of my own voice echoed in my ears as I became fully seated, her muscles pulsing in erratic vibrations.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Her scattered sounds filtered into the air around us mixing with Krishan’s savage growls. She slapped her hands on either side of him, her body shaking as she arched her back.

Hungering for more.

Begging for more.

I was shocked at the level of sensations, increasing heat scalding portions of my body as my cock swelled within her. I shifted my hips back and forth, creating another round of excessive tingles, the action stealing my ragged breath. She was so damn tight, her muscles clamping down in a way that could force me to come. And I wanted this to last, to drive her to the very brink of ecstasy.

Even though she was our prisoner, our mate, I would provide her with pleasure.

As Krishan and I began to move in a perfect orchestration, pumping in a slow and easy manner, she fell into a blissful state, her head lolling to the side. The way her breathing shifted into an even sound indicated her building hunger.

I shifted my body over hers, intertwining our fingers as the hard fucking continued. The way her warm bottom shifted back and forth across my skin yanked me into a sublime state, my barbaric needs craving to be fulfilled. Together, we moved as one, her body yielding to us as our actions became even more savage, taking what we wanted.

What rightfully belonged to us.

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