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Watch Me, Daddy: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

She wasn’t mine to take. I took her anyway.

When I threw Irina Morozov over my shoulder and carried her off, it was to rescue her from a brutal bastard who didn’t deserve her… but I could smell her arousal as she kicked and fought.

She would have been wet and ready for me that night, but I didn’t take her. I made her wait.

I made her beg.

When I pin her to the bed, rip her panties off, and claim her virgin body the way it was always meant to be claimed, she won’t just be screaming my name with every desperate climax.

She’ll be calling me daddy.


Publisher’s Note: Watch Me, Daddy is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth book of the Boston Kings series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 73,000 words


“You need more than a bright red bottom though, don’t you, princess?”

“Please, Daddy.”

“Daddy can’t wait to feel how tight this needy little pussy gets around his cock when you come for him,” he growled.

His words set my soul on fire. “Please,” I begged.

With dizzying ease, he lifted me off his thigh and set me back down on the ground. I stood on shaky legs while he unbuttoned his slacks and freed his cock. Even though I’d seen it once before, the sight of it was a terrifyingly addictive one.

He’d fucked me once, but it wasn’t enough. I needed him again, and I needed him badly.

My thighs rubbed against one another as he sat down on the bench, his darkened eyes finding mine.

“Climb up onto Daddy, babygirl,” he coaxed.

His cock jutted up into the air, rock hard, thick, and as monstrously long as I remembered. Veins throbbed on either side, and I bit my lip, nervous to take all of him once again. I was still a little sore from his cock last night. Tentatively, I pressed my hands to his shoulders and carefully climbed up onto his lap.

“You’re going to lower yourself onto my cock, princess,” he said darkly, and I gasped, a surge of heat racing through me to center right on my throbbing clit.

His hands wound around my waist, hoisting me up just enough so that the tip of his cock brushed against my entrance. I whimpered, his size humbling now that it was moments away from sinking into me. I wrapped my arms around him as I slowly sank down the tiniest bit. The thick head slid easily through my wetness, and I bit my lip, trying to keep quiet as the burning stretch began to split me open.

Inch by painstakingly slow inch, I took him. He didn’t rush me, nor did he try to force any more of himself inside me before I was ready to take it. Instead, he watched with rapt attention, mesmerized by every gasp, breath, and wince as I lowered myself down onto him. When I had finally taken all of him, I sighed in abject relief even though my pussy felt like it was going to rip in two.

“Now, princess, you’re going to ride my cock like you don’t need that needy little pussy belted as bright red as that gorgeous, welted ass,” he warned.

My heart pounded with a sudden surge of fear.

The belt had stung across my naked ass. I had no doubt a full strike between my legs would sting far more.

I rocked my hips once, testing how it felt to ride him. I bit back a moan as his hand slipped between us so that the roughness of his knuckles brushed against my clit. I rolled my hips a second time, slowly gaining confidence, and he growled in warning.

His other hand drifted backwards, following the cleft of my ass, and descending downwards until he paused right above my bottom hole. I stiffened and froze as the tip of his finger pressed against it, and his eyes sparkled with dark mischief.

“You can’t mean to… Not there…” I whispered.

“One day, I’m going to take this tight little hole, princess. It might be on our wedding night, or it may be when you’ve been an especially bad girl, but either way, it’s going to take every last inch of my cock,” he rasped.

“But… Daddy…” I whined.

Without a single word of warning, he pushed his finger firmly inside my asshole, using only my own wetness as lubricant. The burning pain caught me off guard, and my mouth opened wide with a shocked gasp. Searing agony radiated around my darkest hole. I’d never been penetrated there before in my life, not even by myself.

He forced his finger inside all the way to the second knuckle, and I cried out, trying to clench hard and make him get out, but that only made the pain burn that much hotter. A knot formed in the trenches of my core, threatening to unravel as the agony began to lessen, only for raw desire to take its place.

“Now, babygirl, ride me like you don’t want a second finger in this tight little bottom.”