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What Bad Girls Fear by Emily Tilton

Claudia Danforth thought she had found a backdoor into one of Selecta Corporation’s most critical computer systems, but what she actually stumbled upon was a trap set for bad girls.

Bad girls like her.

Despite the eighteen-year-old hacker’s best efforts to remain stoic as she is taken into custody and stripped bare, Claudia is soon sobbing as she is soundly spanked and blushing crimson as her helpless arousal is put on shameful display during a thorough, intimate medical examination.

But a burning bottom is just the beginning of Selecta’s plans for Claudia. She has been assigned to the care of three firm-handed military officers, each of whom she will be made to call daddy, and her beautiful virgin body will be theirs to punish, use, and enjoy in any way they see fit.

They’re everything she’s always feared… and exactly what she’s always needed.

Publisher’s Note: What Bad Girls Fear is the sixth entry in the series The Institute: Bad Girls. The books of this series are stand-alone novels which share the same near-future setting as The Institute Series. What Bad Girls Fear includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 58,000 words


“What?” I demanded, turning my attention to the uniformed man, who had pulled the speculum out of my pussy and now lowered it a little to threaten my narrowest orifice.

Daddy John answered me. “You heard the doctor, sweetheart. He’s going to take a quick look in your bottom now. I know you’ve seen some porn, so I think you can guess why.”

Oh, my God. This time I managed not to say it, but only to think it. He couldn’t fucking know what I had watched.

Yes, he could. Can.


I pushed it away; pushed away the realization the shameful memories of watching those few videos had caused. Asshole Daddy John had so obviously known precisely how that dawning understanding and the overcoming of my denial would affect me, just as the beak of the horrid speculum touched my bottom-hole and began to push inside me there.

“Now you really have to relax, Claudia,” the doctor admonished me. “Or this is going to hurt quite a bit—both now and when your daddies have anal intercourse with you.”

I bit my lip hard, but I refused to close my eyes. Instead I moved them to the ceiling, trying to defy Daddy John by not looking at him. The speculum started to open inside my most private place, and I cried out, tensing even further, making it hurt even more.

“Try to remember how it felt to relax these muscles a few moments ago,” said Doctor Bradley. “Try to be a good girl for your daddy here.”

To my intense humiliation I let out a sob, and I did let those muscles go. I remembered the dirty, dirty videos I had watched, that one time, and how the girls had looked. How their bottoms had looked, when the guy did that terrible thing to show how open he had rendered the tiny flower.

How it had made my whole body go cold, and then hot. How it had made me come.

“There we go,” Daddy John said. “Good girl.”

The doctor’s voice came from a mile away.

“Nice. Yes, she’ll be very tight of course, but I know you’ll train her properly. Once you break her in, be sure to penetrate her anally every couple of days, and keep a plug in her an hour or so a day for at least two weeks. Claudia, that will help you get used to serving your daddies that way. Pretty soon you’ll wonder what you made such a fuss about.”

I kept my eyes open. It felt somehow like a gesture of defiance, though I had no illusion that Daddy John would see it that way. I felt my cheeks burn as I looked at the acoustic tiles, while the doctor pulled the speculum out of me and wiped me again with the washcloth, and I couldn’t look at either of them. But I kept my eyes open.

I felt them start to unfasten the webbing straps, and then I did muster the willpower to look at Daddy John. The blond man’s own attention was on the task of freeing me from my restraints, and for a moment I had the chance to look at his chiseled features and his broad shoulders, trying with all my mental might to burn down the part of me that kept thinking, He’s so fucking handsome.

He glanced up at me, and only in that instant did I realize that I could move again—could try again to run away, if I wanted to show how very hard I meant to resist this fucking ‘program.’

His blue eyes told me that Daddy John understood perfectly well exactly what I was thinking, and also—infuriatingly—exactly what he had already done to me. I knew he would punish me again, and I didn’t think I could bear either the pain or my reaction to it afterward.

“Go ahead and get down from the chair,” Daddy John said. “It’s time for us to go.”

“Where?” I asked, trying to make it seem like I didn’t care in the slightest.

“A long way,” Daddy John replied. “But once we get there, your new life will begin.”

“Are you going to give me something to wear?” I demanded.

The real smile lifted the side of his mouth again. “No, Claudia. From now on, you’ll be wearing clothes only when you need them to keep you warm. Most of the time, that won’t be the case.”

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