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Naughty Little Girls Get Three Top 100 Spots

Megan Michaels’ first book, What Naughty Little Girls Get, has made the Amazon Top 100 lists for BDSM Erotica and Romantic Erotica, as well as the overall Erotica Top 100 list.  Congratulations to Megan!

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★★★★★ NWhat Naughty Little Girls Get by Megan Michaels Makes Top 100atasha Knight @ “Title Says It All”

Loved this book from start to finish. All I can say is this is one hot hot hot spanking story and if you like the daddy/little girl dynamic, you will love this. It’s a very sexy read, and the title really just says it all. Nicely written scenes – one after another of naughty fun. An awesome debut by Megan Michaels.

★★★★★ Patty Devlin, Author @ “Daddy Love!”

I’m a sucker for a Daddy, and this book gives you two for the price of one. Megan Michaels and I must be soul mates. Molly and Meggie are always getting into to trouble, but their daddies know just how to keep them in line. More than just another spanking book, it’s what naughty little girls get. The title couldn’t be more perfect. It’s hard to believe this is the author’s first book. I hope there is more about these two couples, surely there is more!

★★★★★ Lolly @ “A Winner For Megan Michaels!”

Megan Michaels has a winner with her debut novel about two couples who practice a Daddy/little relationship with their wives on the weekends. It was a fun read with lots of antics from naughty girls and spankings from loving daddies. I look forward to reading more from this author!

★★★★★ SH @ “Perfect Title”

This was a fun, quick read with two married couples that live a Daddy/little girl lifestyle. The love portrayed between both couples is a joy to read and some of the antics are just priceless. I especially love the incident with the purple crayon and Molly’s description of the events just had me laughing out loud, it was priceless. This book is wonderful and I would love to read some more about these couples!

★★★★★ Meggie “Peg” @ “This Book Was Awesome”

This book was worth waiting for. From the first page it had my attention and I loved the chemistry between both couples – they were very much in love.

The girls were best friends and played together whenever they could get together with their daddies. The daddies were very strict but loving daddies and make sure their little girls were happy and taken care of
I loved when they girls tried to stand up to their daddy – but you could see how much they were loved even when their daddies had to spank them.

They were taken care of in every way and the daddies punished them but then they were forgiven and the girls knew without a doubt that they were loved.

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