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When Bad Girls Need More by Emily Tilton

When a girl at Jeannie’s school has been naughty, she is punished. If a girl has been very bad, she is sent to another facility to be corrected and trained for sale to a man who can handle her.

But Jeannie is in much more trouble than that.

When she puts her defiance on open display, the beautiful, sassy eighteen-year-old is stripped bare and thoroughly paddled like any other naughty girl, but when she is led before a judge still naked, blushing, and sore she is not sent off to a gentle daddy to be taught to be a good girl.

She is given to very, very rough daddy to be taught how bad girls like her are meant to used.



Publisher’s Note: When Bad Girls Need More is the fifth entry in the series The Institute: Bad Girls. The books of this series are stand-alone novels which share the same near-future setting as The Institute Series. When Bad Girls Need More includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 36,000 words


“Open your mouth, twenty-three,” the man looming over her, stroking his long, hard shaft, said in a lower voice.

Jeannie frowned. Twenty-three. I’m number twenty-three, now. What is this place? Her hips moved, riding the enormous hand between her legs that seemed to take away any ability to answer such a question—unless the answer were simply, The place where bad girls go.

The thought that she had arrived at that place, and the sight of Daddy Jake’s erect cock so close to her face, together made the pleasure in her pussy blossom as her whipped bottom pressed helplessly up and back into his hand. She heard a whining sound escape her lips, and she knew she would come soon; Daddy Jake’s two middle fingers had invaded her vagina, where the judge’s dildo had left a soreness that seemed now to add to Jeannie’s rising, whimpering cries.

Hannah made similar sounds on the other bench. Jeannie watched Daddy Jake stroke the length of his manhood. To her dismay, her mouth watered at the sight. Her climax came so near. She closed her eyes. She moved against the restraints, feeling how they somehow reinforced her badness… bad girls need to be strapped down for… for…

Just at the instant her orgasm would have become inevitable, about to go over that cliff of pleasure, Jeannie felt her new daddy’s hand leave her backside. She cried out in frustration and opened her eyes, raising them from his cock to his face, where she saw narrowed eyes and an arrogant smile.

She felt her face go bright red as her backside kept moving, her pussy still desperately riding a shameful saddle that no longer existed. Next to her, she heard Hannah cry out in a forlorn way that told Jeannie that Daddy Kevin had taken his skillful hand away from her pussy, too.

“You know what to do, girls,” Daddy Jake said.

Hannah whimpered. Jeannie suddenly sensed with complete certainty that Hannah wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t open her mouth, unless Jeannie did it first. Her new friend—Jeannie didn’t know when she had started to think of Hannah that way… maybe sometime when they were both getting whipped by the judge, or fucked by her honor’s huge black fake cock. Her new friend was a different kind of bad girl, maybe, but Hannah clearly had the same basic need to rebel—plus, Jeannie understood now, a need to show herself as possessing a spirit as rebellious as the next bad girl’s.

“Daddy Jake,” said Daddy Kevin, “I think we need to spank these little asses.”

Hannah gave a sharp cry of alarm. Jeannie turned her head wildly as Daddy Jake shifted to her left side, stroking his hardness in his hand as he took up a position next to her raised backside. She twisted her face to the other side and saw that Daddy Kevin had done the same, to stand by Hannah’s round little bottom. The muscles of his thighs and his buttocks, seen from behind, made Jeannie’s head feel light, and the movements of his left arm as he pumped his cock took her breath away: the idea that these enormous men liked to pleasure themselves while spanking bad girls seemed to Jeannie the ultimate confirmation that the law had conquered her, whether she knew it or not.

Then, without any further warning, Jeannie felt the air move behind her, and at the same time she saw Daddy Kevin’s body turn a bit, though she couldn’t see what he did with his right arm. The green-painted cinderblock walls of the cell rang with two sharp slaps, almost at the same time.

Hannah cried out, but Jeannie, whose bottom had already received so much terrible discipline that day, started to scream, writhing against the straps that held her down. She couldn’t bear it; that thought just kept going through her mind as Daddy Jake’s huge hand kept spanking her. For a moment she managed not to say any word of surrender, but the second time he brought his hand down on her bottom, right in the middle where Jeannie knew she must have three welts from the prison strap, she yelled, “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

She opened her mouth and put out her tongue, turning her face again toward Daddy Jake to show him she would take his rigid penis into her mouth willingly. He returned her gaze with a narrow, satisfied smile, but he kept spanking her.

“No…” Jeannie sobbed. “Please… it hurts so much.” She had felt certain that as soon as she consented to open her mouth the punishment would stop, but Daddy Jake had other ideas. Still pumping his hard penis in his left hand, he kept spanking Jeannie even as Hannah began to scream under the identical consequences administered by Daddy Kevin a few feet away.

“Please,” Jeannie tried, as she bucked over the bench. “Please… please let me suck… please…”

Hannah wailed, “Daddy…Daddy, please… I want to suck it. Please let me suck my daddy’s cock.”

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