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Where Bad Girls Go: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance by Emily Tilton

When Lucy Baskin was first brought to a home for wayward girls on Oak Street, she thought nothing could be more embarrassing than having her bare bottom spanked by her government-assigned daddy. But then she tried to escape and got herself sent to the place where bad girls go.

At this special facility, she will be punished and trained by not one strict daddy, but three, all of whom will use and enjoy her beautiful body in any way they please. Though she is already blushing as she is led naked through the doors of the building and then restrained for a painful, humiliating paddling, the truly shocking nature of what awaits Lucy becomes even more clear as she is cleansed, bathed, and informed she will need to earn the privilege of wearing clothing.

Despite her situation, being made to submit to the firm-handed dominance of three handsome daddies leaves Lucy shamefully aroused, and it isn’t long before she is quivering with helpless, desperate need as she begs to be taken hard and thoroughly. But when her training is complete and the time comes for her to be claimed by the stern, sexy billionaire who has purchased her, will Lucy finally be ready to put aside her defiance and surrender to her body’s demands?

Publisher’s Note: Where Bad Girls Go is a stand-alone novel which shares the same near-future setting as the books of The Institute Series and The Institute: Naughty Little Girls series. Where Bad Girls Go includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 61,100 words


“Do you know what you have to ask for, slut?”

Daddy Joe had spoken, and Lucy’s tummy filled with butterflies when she heard his growly voice and turned to look up at him, because he had an expression on his face that she could only have called hungry. Her daddy—her scary daddy—was hungry for her.

Not just for… me. For…

For Lucy’s little bottom. Daddy Joe meant to fuck Lucy’s little bottom, and if Lucy wanted to get out of the straitjacket…

I’m a bad girl. That’s why I’m here. I’m a bad girl who set a fire and needs to learn a very special kind of lesson.

Lucy thought of Joanna, and of Linda: of their ways of being bad girls. She listened one last time for the scolding voice of her inner resistance, and to her surprise she heard it—but saying something completely unexpected: Be the right kind of bad girl.

She put a hard, uncaring look on her face as she looked up at Daddy Joe. Warmth blossomed between her thighs even as she felt a tremble go through her body at the thought of what she meant to do now.

“No,” she said in a scornful voice. “What do I have to ask for, Daddy Joe?”

The left side of Daddy Joe’s mouth turned up in a cruel smile. “You just got yourself more of it, slut,” he said.

“What?” Lucy said, her heart pounding but her voice still sounding steady and heedless in her ears. It was an act—but an act she, real Lucy, wanted to put on, to make herself the right kind of bad girl, the kind who did what she wanted, but didn’t do things like setting fires. Because she didn’t need to do that stuff to prove she had her own life. Because she chose to enjoy herself the way that made her feel good, even if it meant three daddies’ huge penises in her bottom after a spanking.

Daddy Joe looked at Daddy Jake, who nodded with narrowed eyes, and then looked at Lucy.

“We’re going to take your plug out, sweetheart, and then Daddy Joe is going to give you your morning spanking. After that, you’re going to have anal sex for the first time. We’ll take turns in your bottom, and if you’re a good girl for us you’ll be allowed to come.”

Lucy didn’t resist when they reached for her, a moment later. She merely tossed her head as they turned her on her tummy over the end of the narrow bed and unbuckled the strap between her legs.

“Look how wet she got the jacket,” Daddy Kevin said approvingly. “Our bad girl is learning.”

That made her face go red, but she turned it to the mattress so her daddies wouldn’t see. With each passing second, as Lucy got used to the resistant part of her working with her for the first time in her life—at least when it came to the neediness down where Daddy Kevin gave her a gentle rub that made her cry out—it seemed to Lucy that she knew more about how to be a bad girl.

She cried out when Daddy Joe tugged at the butt plug, but she grunted instead of moaning when they made her push it out, because that felt like a bad girl noise. When Daddy Joe sat on the bed and pulled her over his knee, it seemed like his rough hands responded to that grunt in the way they held her in place so that he could get his right leg over both of hers—and then a moment later she regretted the grunt because Daddy Joe had started to spank her harder than Lucy had ever been spanked before.

“No… please, Daddy… please, Daddy… please… it hurts,” Lucy sobbed, remembering the way she had whispered those words to the darkness.

“Of course it hurts,” growled Daddy Joe. “Bad girls only get fucked with very sore bottoms.”

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