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Wild Beast: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

I tried to claim his world. He claimed me instead.

I was only supposed to be stuck on this planet long enough for my partners to get the necessary paperwork done to make it officially ours. I didn’t know it already belonged to something else…

Now that wild beast plans to punish and ravage my virgin body as a lesson to all who would violate his world, but when he’s done he’s not going to send me on my way well-used and sore.

He’s going to keep me… and he’s going to breed me.





Publisher’s Note: Wild Beast includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 44,000 words


He’s cupping and squeezing my pussy with that possessive, rough animal grip of his. I am obeying because he has this magnetism that draws me now. When he speaks of breeding me, I feel myself get impossibly wet. He is rubbing that wetness around and in between my legs now, massaging and caressing me with my own juices.

“You make a good whipping girl,” he says, pinching my clit lightly before slapping my pussy. If he spanks me first, I’m going to be sore when he pushes his cock inside me. That, it seems, is his plan. He keeps me in that downward facing position, totally exposed, one hand on my ass, the other between my legs, both alternating swift and stinging slaps.

Volt has a talent for knowing how to take me to the edge in every way. His command of my body is absolute. One slap burns my cheeks, and the other makes my pussy sting, my nether lips swelling with his punishment until I feel them parting and giving way, allowing him to contact the even more sensitive parts of my pussy with his leathery paw.

“Ouch,” I complain a little, earning myself an even harder slap to my cheeks. He is not in a good temper, and he is absolutely using me as a vessel for his frustrations. Today’s breeding will be rough, and perhaps even painful. I should fear that, but I don’t. I know when he is done with me, I will be satisfied and full in every way I need to be.

“Bad girl,” he growls, pushing a finger inside me. “Getting wet because you know your master is going to fuck his whelp into you. I’m surprised you stayed a virgin so long, didn’t present your holes for the first virile male to claim.”

He knows why I didn’t. Because I was made for him. He has done this to me, turned me into a desperate, wet, wanton thing.

“Ask me for my cock,” he says, pulling his finger free.

“Uhm… ow!”

He has slapped my pussy enough to make it sting terribly.

“Ask me for my cock.”

“Please, Captain Volt, sir, could I have your cock?”

Another slap lands, this one right over my clit.

“Again,” he growls. “More explicit. Tell me exactly what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

It’s not enough. I knew when I said it that it wouldn’t be enough. Volt grips my pussy in one big paw and uses it to hold me still as he spanks my ass with a flurry of very hard slaps, each one harsh enough to make me cry out. I can feel my pussy soaking his hand as I rub and squirm myself against him.

“I want you to fuck me and breed me!”

“Better,” he says, releasing his grip a little. “Now ask nicely.”

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