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Wild Wisteria Tames Two #1 Spots

Maddie Taylor‘s latest release, Wild Wisteria, raced to the #1 spot in Amazon’s Erotic Westerns category within days after its release, and it briefly reached #1 in Historical Erotica as well! Congratulations, Maddie!
★★★★★ SH @ “Outstanding!!” on November 20, 2015
I absolutely adore this series! I have been anxiously waiting for Luke Jackson to get his story and oh man, was it worth waiting for! Maddie Taylor has hit a grand slam with this book. I love a book that is well written, has some length and has a story that is worth reading and this checked all the boxes for me. Westerns are one of my favorite reads and this book is true to it’s time period and offers adventure, danger, romance, and some delightful steam. It was wonderful to visit with the Jackson family once again and I sincerely hope we haven’t seen the last of them. This is book three and stands alone nicely however, if you haven’t read the first two you should! I, for one, believe I will go back and read book one and two again! Yes, they are that good! No need to take my word for it, read it for yourself and enjoy!
★★★★★ Alexis A. @ “Historical romance with a sassy heroine and a sexy leading man” on November 21, 2015
Fun, sexy historical read! I enjoyed the sassy heroine and her sexy, spanky, dominant-but-in-a-good-way man. Wisteria knows how to take care of herself…mostly. Her decisions are wise…sometimes. Her intention are absolutely the best, but her quick judgements are always best? No way! Luke, on the other hand, has steadiness, kindness and a firm touch which appeals to the inner vixen that Wisteria finds, once she has her very first (amazing) night with him. After some chaos and trouble and, the two are separated…but find their way back to each other and work through misunderstandings and misconceptions to forge a strong bond, each of them complementing the strengths of the other.
★★★★★ Amazon Customer @ “Love, Love, Loved It” on November 22, 2015
Love, love, loved it. Luke Jackson just might be my favorite of all three brothers, and I loved Aaron and Heath too. He’s as sexy and stern, but with a gentleness (I won’t give it away) that simply made me melt. Lots of action and I adored Wisteria. Trying to be so independent but in hot water up to her… ears. Turning to Luke and the Jackson clan for help is the smartest thing she does, but she doesn’t lose her sass or her spirit. Wonderful secondary characters, including Henry who is one of my favorites with all of his funny phrases, Charlotte the endearing Red Eye madam, and all the villains that you’ll love to hate. The only bad thing I can say about this book is that it signals the end of the series because there were only three brothers. What a shame!

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