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Breaking in Bella by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

From the isolated kitchen window, Bella watched the first weekend guests arrive promptly at two p.m. The middle-aged couple had rented an elegant cabin and selected only the formal breakfast at the main house. Enough groceries and wine filled their car to seclude themselves in a luxurious weekend focused on hot tubs and snowmobiles. Tami showed them to their cabin while Bella stayed in her exiled state with the self-reflection consistent with a leper.

She had changed into the resort uniform using the khaki pants and white sports shirt found in her suitcases, but was given few chores besides gopher work in the kitchen. After she spent two hours focused on mountains of dishes and an unrealistic dedication to a clean tile floor, Marcus returned and rolled up his sleeves with an ominous scowl. “Let’s finish that conversation about honesty, little wolf.”

In a panic, she held out her hands. “Just let me run to the living room and make sure there are still tea things… for the guests, you know.” She was out the door before she finished the sentence.

As Bella entered the main house, Tami led a new couple out of the chilly wind. “It’s right in here, folks. The door on the left is the library, and Linc can get you settled in no time.”

Thick accents placed their home far away from Wyoming. “Thank you, ma’am. We were beginning to think we’d never find this place. Musta taken two or three wrong turns since we left Jackson Hole.”

“I told you we should have bought a BPS,” said his wife shyly. “They say that you can’t get lost with one of them.”

The couple was dressed in matching flannels and jeans, but he clearly had not paid enough attention to his personal appearance and his fly was not in its proper location. With no sign of underwear, Bella gained a clear view of what should have been his private appendage, and she laughed out loud.

The confused man looked at Bella, and everyone followed her gaze. His wife cried out, “Paulie, zip up your pants! Everyone can see your wienie.” While she spoke, she made a desperate attempt to protect his errant organ with her hand.

With practiced grace, Tami moved the unfortunate couple to the library and closed the doors before both girls collapsed into gales of laughter. Bella couldn’t go on, but Tami whispered conspiratorially, “But if they had just bought their ‘BPS’… maybe that’s what you need to find his teeny weeny wienie too.”

The taunting returned Bella’s power, and Tami’s support provided her additional ammunition. She added, “They were like classic trailer trash. Is that the kind of clientele they get around here?”

Tami’s laughter stopped suddenly, and a smile froze to her gentle face. “I live in a trailer park, Bella. It’s actually a really nice place. I’d like to live in a fancier house, but it’s all Kyle and I can afford right now.” Tami didn’t wait for a response and walked away under a cloud of deafening silence.

Bella froze in confusion. When the door to the library opened, an unreadable Linc entered the hallway with the still mortified couple.

Linc made an attempt to defuse the tense situation. “Relax, Mr. Martin. It happens to the best of us.”

Mrs. Martin wasn’t as easily pacified. She pointed to Bella and scowled. “She shouldn’t have laughed. That was just rude.”

All three of them turned with the full expectation her apology would be offered, but the guilt over hurting Tami’s feelings needed to be defeated with a return to her comfort zone. She rolled her eyes and snapped, “It’s not my fault he can’t keep it in his pants, literally. Buy some underwear, for God’s sake, and it’s a GPS, not a BPS.”

An even deeper shade of maroon filled poor Mr. Martin’s cheeks, and his wife was on the verge of tears when Linc turned his omnipresent glare on Bella’s tiny body, and his tone chilled her very soul. “Bella, go to your room. Now.”

Assuming reasonable safety in front of guests, Bella’s illogical response was poorly timed. “Oh, come on. You would have laughed too, Linc. It’s like a walking redneck joke.”

Linc took a step toward her with his palm twitching, and her brain finally registered the tight muscles in his neck and the fire in his eyes. She fled the space and left him to deal with the unhappy couple.

Remorse over upsetting Tami attacked her serenity while Linc’s dangerous image fueled a fearful twitching across her bottom. With an equally important effort to avoid Marcus’ interrogation, she followed the main stairs to the second floor sitting room, and plopped herself in front of the television in a sulk.

When Meg demanded her presence over the intercom, she simply turned it down and went back to her vampire movie deep in concentrated planning on potential escape routes from Wyoming’s version of hell.

It was almost eight o’clock before Jack and Linc arrived upstairs, and Bella began her excuses before they opened their mouths. “It wasn’t my fault, guys,” she whined. “You would have laughed too.” It was a much easier comment to make with her gaze far away from the icy glares of her guardians, and she kept her focus on the floor.

“Let’s start simple,” said Jack. “Linc sent you to your room. This…” he said, pointing to the couch and television, “…is the sitting room, and that is your bedroom. Do not make that mistake again, Bella.”

With a tone that matched his tight jaw and twitching hand, Linc added, “And we actually have a little more restraint than to participate in full-blown taunting of a paying customer. Besides, we really can’t start there today, can we?”

A desperate need to take control gave her speech. “All I did was comment on a guy whose penis was literally exposed to the entrance hall. I’ll go to bed like a bad little girl, and we can all move on with our pathetic lives.”

A subtle shift occurred in the room as the two men moved slightly. Jack’s huge frame rested easily between her and the staircase to the kitchen while Linc blocked her way to the bedrooms. Each man crossed their arms and their frightfully identical stares could not be erased from her subconscious. The impact they had on her thought process was more than a little discomforting as her ass demanded its dissension from her mouth.

She rethought her words. “Okay, I’m sorry, sirs. I shouldn’t have laughed at him. I won’t do it again.”

Jack spoke with a frightening softness to his voice. “And… what else happened today, Bella? It appears there were more problems than just your lack of respect with a customer.”

She didn’t have to think hard. “I missed breakfast. It wasn’t my fault. It was my first day, and it won’t happen again.”

Linc pointed toward her bedroom. “And why does Marcus say you claim a clean bedroom and bath?”

The list was growing dangerously long, and she returned her gaze to the floor. “They were slapping everybody’s asses down there. I told him my room was fine to stay off the radar. Besides, I told Meg I needed her to do some laundry, and she never came to get it.”

Linc’s evil chuckle was far from amused. “You did? And how did that conversation go?”

“She said she’d take care of it, and I believed her.” Bella stuck her chin out just a little and made plans to talk to Meg first thing in the morning.

“Meg doesn’t do our personal laundry,” sighed Jack, “and she sure as hell never agreed to do yours. Do you want to try again?”

The future of the conversation looked bleak, but backtracking became impossible when Linc continued, “And what exactly happened between you and Tami?”

Guilt hit Bella hard. “I… I felt bad about that. I made a comment, and I insulted her. Did she tell on me?”

“No, Meg found her crying in the kitchen. You really upset her, but she begged us to let it go.”

Bella’s quivering lip betrayed a tiny break in her armor. Jack said, “You’ve lied twice today, and you were late to work. You insulted a customer. You upset a friend, and you gave Linc a lot of backtalk when he sent you to your room, which you didn’t report to. I believe you also ignored Meg’s request to help with the dinner dishes. Did I miss anything?”

She shook her head slowly before Jack said sternly, “That’s not an answer, young lady.”

His tone of voice scared her as much as the all-frightening Linc ever did, but when the nerves inexplicably tickled her pussy’s wet walls, she had no idea how to stop the clear train wreck in front of her.

Reaching for cute, she said, “No, sir. You didn’t miss anything.” She crossed her legs carefully as if the action would help the burgeoning ache surrounding her clit. Both men smirked at her movement, and she feared she didn’t fool either of them.

“You’re getting a spanking tonight, Bella. There are no excuses. And before you come for breakfast tomorrow, your room is going to be clean, you’ll leave the bathroom the way you found it, and you’ll start a load of laundry.”

Premature tears trickled down her cheek. “I don’t even know how to do stupid laundry. I had a housekeeper.”

The brothers exchanged an unreadable look, and Linc continued with his expectations. “Well, I guess you’d better make up with Tami tomorrow because she knows how. You’ll feel better after you apologize, Bella. You’ll also apologize to Marcus and Meg for lying to them.”

Bella listened to their demands and re-crossed her legs to relieve the tension that grew from the image of their strapping arms and extra-large hands. Shooting for sincere politeness, she said, “Will that get me out of a spanking?”

Jack’s stoic body didn’t move a muscle. “There are consequences for poor decisions, and you made a lot of them today. The apologies and the chores are meant to fix the messes you made. The whipping is to make sure you don’t make them again. Take your spanking, and it will be over and done with. We will all move on.

“Show us you can accept your consequences, and you can face my hand. But fight me on this, and your backside is going to meet my belt. Trust me when I tell you there’s a big difference.”

Bella felt the moisture leave the innocuous safety inside her pussy to drip between her thighs, but the feeling was countered by the abject terror in her stomach. The heavy leather belt around Jack’s waist spoke volumes on its own, and she froze while his hand slowly undid the buckle. He slipped the well-used leather out of his jeans and folded it over to rest in his right hand. “Make up your mind, Bella. Are you going to cooperate?”

With obvious foresight, the brothers still blocked the exits from the room. She looked to her anger for protection, but the double lethal stare down was just too much for her overwhelmed brain. She thought quickly, and her voice offered her no familiarity. “Okay, but I have to pee first.”

The request was deemed reasonable, and Bella went to the bathroom without meeting their glance. She slammed the door shut and threw the lock as quickly as she could.

Linc’s voice betrayed his exasperation. “Tell me you didn’t lock that door, Isabella.” When there was no response, he said, “And I was just beginning to think she was going to make this whole guardianship thing easy.”

There was a moment of quiet as they spoke in softer tones, so Bella got on her hands and knees to peek under the door for additional espionage.

Linc turned to Jack. “How do you want to handle it?”

Jack sighed while he processed the options. “I don’t want to send the message that it takes two of us to make her mind. Go to bed. I’ve got this.”

“I trust you, little brother. Call me if you need backup.” He gave a quick thumbs up and left the room.

Jack returned to his problem, and Bella had to move away from the door just to escape his glare. “Open the door, Isabella. Now.”

Faced with her silence, Jack said, “I don’t ask twice. You have three seconds before I break this door down, and you’re in so much trouble that your blistered ass is going to keep you out of a chair for a week.”

The thin wooden door suddenly presented as a very poor fortification, and Bella panicked. With no place to hide, she retreated to the bathtub and armed herself with the shower nozzle as Jack put his full shoulder into the door. It took four solid tries before he broke the frame to a splintered pile of wood.

With no obvious alternatives, Bella screamed, “Get the fuck out of here. I’m not coming with you!”

When he took a step forward, she let out another ear-piercing scream and focused her impromptu weapon. Her only thoughts were to save herself from his punishment and a gush of water sprayed across his shirt and face, but he didn’t blink.

Neither her voice nor her armament stopped his determination. With no effort on his part, her tiny body was flung over his shoulder, and her weapon was abandoned before she could take a breath. Dropped unceremoniously onto his bed, her quick attempt to wiggle away failed to bring a second escape but did earn her a hard, preemptive smack on her bottom.

With a quick tug, the button on her cheap jeans popped off in betrayal, and from there, all he had to do was hold them by the cuffs to slide her out of her pants while her head hung dangerously near his shoes, and her arms were forced toward the floor for balance.

Once exposed, she was plopped back to the bed, but he slipped his hand down her panties and held on while she practically crawled out of them in another failed attempt to escape.

She raised the stakes with her unthinking mouth. “You can’t fucking do this.”

Jack chuckled softly, but let her vent while she was moved to a soft chair and artistically arranged over his knee with her very naked bottom exposed to his powerful need to swat. Her feet didn’t touch the floor, and she was offered a clear view of his worn leather boots. The cool air tickled her inner core, but she fought the feeling with an equally powerful goal to regain some semblance of control.

With few options, she twisted her body in futile attempts to escape his ironclad grasp. “No… you can’t fucking do this… leave me the fu…”

An attempt to lay herself as flat as a board brought a simple readjustment so his target remained within easy reach and a scissors grip with his legs kept her from getting any other ideas. Caught in his web, she was forced to rethink her plans, and snapped her teeth with a solid click in a failed attempt to connect to his wrist.

He continued to display a terrifying calmness. “Easy, little wolf. We don’t want another conversation about biting, do we?”

Out of alternatives, Bella continued her shrieks until Jack said, “I’m sure the whole staff is enjoying your audible entertainment in the kitchen. But don’t forget, you have to face them all tomorrow.”

She added a frown, but lowered her voice to a quieter protest. “Stop, Jack. This isn’t fair…”

Without warning, his powerful hand connected to her delicate globes in the most personal fashion imaginable and clearly left his imprint on her soft white skin. She moved her hands to cover her bottom only to give him the opportunity to pin them to the small of her back. Effectively restrained by his powerful body, her only avenue of dissension was to return to the language already deemed inappropriate. “Fuck this… you need to fucking stop…”

With nothing in his way, Jack peppered her bottom with relentless attention. The only movement she could manage was to raise her bottom closer to his stinging smacks, and she quickly realized the idiocy of the move.

Her tense muscles tried to anticipate his next connection, but he circled her ass so carefully that she quickly realized nothing was left pristine. To further his point, he moved to the sensitive spot where her ass met the tops of her thighs before he added a second layer of red remorse to her already punished target.

“Your naughty little bottom is going to feel this one for a long time,” he said softly.

When escape and control were ultimately defeated, Bella’s muscles simply adapted to the sting, and she focused on limiting her verbal response to socially acceptable terminology as the redness slowly turned to molten fire. “Stop, please… stop…”

“Such a nice pink color,” he said with frustrating calmness that countered her rising emotions.

About the time she needed to give into his unspoken demands for cooperation, he finally slowed his hand, and Bella breathed a tearful sigh of relief. Without the anger that dictated her past, embarrassment tickled with a burgeoning twist of need as the sting on her bottom further ignited her crazy hormonal response. Her stomach rested against his granite thighs, and her freed hands wiped her eyes and nose with a sad sigh as she considered her next move.

He wasn’t done. Bella had forgotten about the heavy leather belt that waited on the side of the bed. Jack wrapped its length around his hand, and pinned her wrists a second time before the stinging bite filled the room with her simultaneous shriek. Unfortunately for her, she chose to scream, “What the fuck are you doing?”

His efforts reignited the fire that threatened her inside and out while thousands of bees, jellyfish, and Texas fire ants burned their way into her memory. Jack reviewed her long list of misbehaviors and with each transgression, she received another smack from his belt. “You will mind what we say. You will watch your language, and you will not lie to or bite anybody.”

The physical ache between her legs connected to her swollen bottom to fight for the most powerful emotion, but confusion was quickly defeated by her need to offer sincere apologies with as much contrite respectfulness as she could manage. “I… I’m sorry… I… won’t do it again… I… Please stop… sir…” Each painful correction burned into her memory along with the top layer of skin on her ass.

When he finished, her body shuddered gratefully and her breath started its slow climb to normalcy while she sniffled her tears. Afraid to explore the heat, she kept her hands over her eyes in a vain attempt to hide from the whole experience.

As she whimpered in her self-imposed darkness, his tender touch ran over her punished ass. The satisfaction he generated couldn’t be defined, and she took the moment to pull herself together before she had to face him. In her mind, he had delivered his message in a most personal and humiliating action, and she just wanted to disappear into the woodwork to nurse the fire on her virgin backside and the strange need between her legs.

“Get up, little girl. Come on, it’s time.” Despite his previous message, his voice was soft and gentle.

She continued her sniffling but did as she was told. Her temper was long lost, but she still feared his. Her sore, naked bottom settled on his lap, and she looked to the floor in mortification.

At his command, Bella looked into Jack’s face and struggled to reconcile his kind eyes with her flaming bottom. “Are you still mad at me?” she said hesitantly.

“I was never mad at you. I wouldn’t have spanked you if I was mad. I was, however, very disappointed. You made a lot of mistakes today.”

Disappointment was almost as bad as anger. Tears began again, and they weren’t totally related to the roaring fire. She wiggled a little and felt his rough jeans tickle her bottom before he pulled her close with a second comforting touch.

She whimpered, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. It all just happened.”

“It’s always easier to lie in the short run, but how has that been working for you? Is it easier to admit that you were wrong, cover up reality with a lie, or even avoid the problem altogether? Take Tami, for example. Would lying really fix that?”

Tami’s name generated additional tears. “I felt terrible. I didn’t know she lived in a trailer park. It was just a joke.”

Bella buried her head into his shoulder to steal additional comfort from his warm embrace. His damp shirt reminded her of another naughty decision. She spoke quietly. “I’m sorry I sprayed you with the shower, too.”

He rubbed her back gently and spoke in calm, quiet tones. “That’s okay. At least you didn’t use icy cold water. And is a trailer park really a funny thing? It’s filled with people who work hard and are doing the best they can. None of them have a trust fund or fancy sports cars. Tami doesn’t have designer clothes or expensive handbags, but do you think she’s happy?”

“She is probably the happiest person I have ever met,” sniffled Bella. A few more minutes went by before she experienced a small epiphany. “I don’t have any of those things either. Trust funds or sports cars. I lost all of it, didn’t I?”

“Well, you certainly don’t have them right now. Do you feel any different without them?” said Jack quietly.

“No, not really. Just more confused, I guess.” She hesitated before a hint of the dark anger crept back into her thoughts. “It really sucks though. None of this is fair.” Her scowl was almost comforting surrounded by so much change.

“Tomorrow is a new day. You can make up with Tami, apologize to the people you’ve wronged, clean up your room, and begin again. You’ve had your consequence, and we start over.”

He pointed to the bathroom door. “You can help Marcus do the work, but you’re going to have to pay to get that repaired. Linc will take it out of your salary. How many hours did you work today?”

Bella thought it through. “I dunno. Maybe three? How much does the door cost?”

“Maybe two hundred bucks,” he shrugged.

The math was frustrating. The ranch was paying her minimum wage and still took taxes out of her salary. “That means I…”

She couldn’t go on, but Jack finished for her. “Yep, your first day at work, and you’re deep in debt. Tomorrow is a new day, little wolf, and you’d better get to bed early if you’re going to have all those chores done before you report to Meg at seven.”

Bella slept poorly. Once the charring on her bottom wore down, her brain returned to the burgeoning tickle between her legs. She dreamt of Jack’s hard hand on her ass, but her mind failed to move his touch around the rest of her willing body. Her nipples throbbed into hard peaks as the ache buried in her clit threatened her serenity, but she lay frozen in that last stage of half-awake sleep. Unable to bring relief, she finally awoke with her arousal demanding release.

In the shower, she used her soapy hands to generate some friction and paid special attention to the soft folds between her labia. It wasn’t a real answer, but enough attention to get the day started. She wondered if there was any way to get the money for a new bunny vibrator without actually telling her guardians what she wanted to buy.

With the realization she was dreaming of electronic sex, a whole year without the real thing suddenly seemed like the worst punishment of all.

Eager to follow Jack’s instructions, a laundry basket was put to use, and she gathered her dirty clothes. On impulse, she took the sheets off her bed and the towels from the bathroom to add to her pile of dirty clothes. She still didn’t think it was enough, so she took one of her tee shirts and wiped down the bathroom sinks and counters. Satisfied with the results, she began her day of apologies.

Meg was first. The woman remained formidable, but the pelting smacks on her bottom still lingered, and she wanted to do this right. She apologized sincerely and made every effort to look Meg in the eye. “I was being a brat, Meg. I’m sorry. Can I make it up to you now?”

“Thank you, Bella. You can take the food out to the buffet. Do you know how to work the warming equipment?” When Bella shook her head, Meg said, “Here comes Tami. She can help you.”

Bella’s stomach clenched, and she dropped her eyes while Tami returned the embarrassed look. The girls each took full trays to the dining room in silence. The food was quickly put in place, and Tami showed her how to light the burners that would keep the meal warm.

Tami didn’t meet her gaze while she spoke. “We offer a breakfast buffet from seven to nine on resort days. People come and go as they wake up.”

Bella nodded quietly as she organized the impressive display of eggs, French toast, and sausage surrounded by fresh fruit and pastries. When her task was complete, she still struggled to find the words that would fix the rift.

She took a deep breath. “I’m really sorry. What I said was insensitive and rude. I’m just not very good at being a friend. Will you give me another chance?” The tiny tears formed, and she didn’t bother to wipe them away.

Tami threw her arms around Bella. “I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to tell on you. Meg found me crying in the kitchen, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She can be really forceful. I didn’t tell her exactly what you said, but I know you got paddled for it. I’m sorry.”

The hug was easier when Bella realized Tami needed the comfort too. “It’s okay. I told Jack what I said. It wasn’t so bad.”

Tami sniffled her own tears away. “Bullshit. I’ve been paddled by Jack when we were in a scene. It hurts like fuck.”

“You’ve played here?” Bella said incredulously. “I thought you were married?”

“I am. Kyle and I get free tickets for the big events because I work here. We couldn’t afford to come without that little perk.”

Bella’s pussy tingled again at the image of Jack’s hand on an ass that wasn’t hers. She wondered if Tami was naked at the time, and her mind explored the image alongside visions of Tami’s powerful-looking husband.

“Do you forgive me?” said Tami.

Bella shook her head to erase the erotic cobwebs. “There’s nothing to forgive. It was all my fault, and I deserved what I got. Now, can you please show me how to run a fucking washing machine before I have to apologize to Marcus?”

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