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Claimed as Revenge: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The man was either insane or far too self-centered.

Or both.

I’d been right before; this whole abduction thing was a scheme to be wed into my family? Maybe the money was more important, or the clout? I thought about the reasons and knew his decision had more to do with further ostracizing my father as well as thwarting his power. Did I really care? Hell, I wasn’t certain about anything any longer.

However, if he thought for even a minute that I was going to marry him, he would have a rude awakening. I could barely think straight, had difficulty accepting what he’d said, but the expression on his face screamed that he was determined keep his promise. “You’re out of your mind. I would never marry you.” I managed to get out of his grasp, taking several steps backward.

“It’s the only way I can attempt to keep you safe,” Miguel said after a few seconds.

“From my father or from your enemies?”

I could tell he was debating his answer. “I wasn’t lying to you. Your father is a ruthless man, Valencia. I have no doubt he plans on some level of retaliation against me and my family. As you can well imagine, I’m not going to allow that to happen.”

“And I’m your pawn at keeping him quiet. You’re going to force me to suffer for whatever sins you believe my father has committed.” I studied the scratches I’d inflicted, the slight trickle of blood and almost felt guilty.


He opened his mouth, his brow furrowing then he looked away. “I’m not going to have you suffer in any regard. All I’ve asked is that you follow my rules. There are reasons for them, including security. I will do everything I can to make your life as happy as possible, all your desires fulfilled.”

“I desire to do what I want.”

The thunderous velvet tone of his voice was far too powerful, especially tonight. I’d dreamt of the man; his hard body and dark eyes, the way his full lips moved when issuing a command, and the feel of his cock buried deep inside. I shook off the continuing sensations, reminding myself that I was nothing but a possession, a tool to use against my father. Miguel would never love me. He’d never treat me as an equal. I could never tolerate that kind of a relationship. I almost laughed at the thought. He had no idea how to handle a true relationship of any kind.

“Sure. Whatever you say.” I wanted to lash out at him, to take vengeance for what I’d suspected in my heart for years. The words he’d said about my father were horrible, yet somewhere deep inside I knew the man was capable of anything. I’d heard enough, seen enough, witnessed enough to know that my father was cruel in almost every manner. For some reason, the weight of carrying such a burden crushed in on me, tears slipping past my lashes. I’d never have a normal life. That was gone, stripped away.

I placed the blame for shattering my protected glass world squarely on the shoulders of one sexy man. God, my stomach ached, the ugly tantrum I’d thrown reminiscent of my behavior around my father when I was a child. Only when I was misbehaving did I get any real attention.

Why in the hell I was resorting to such ridiculous behavior was beyond me. Maybe I was doing nothing more than pushing Miguel to the breaking point. I needed to see the real man, the one hidden behind that damn mask he always worse. Or maybe I needed to see if he was as violent and angry as my father. Either way, this wasn’t any kind of life to live.

Although I doubted I could make wishes come true. I’d never be free of the monstrous life I’d been born into, no matter the circumstances. And I’d never be able to play my beloved cello again.

“Valencia. I don’t want to argue.”

“Then leave me alone. How about that?” I attempted to skirt around him, determined to hide under the covers.

He snapped his hand around my wrist, yanking me against the heat of his body. “Don’t you ever walk away from me again. Ever.” He was shaking from the very anger I’d feared, but almost as soon as his reaction snapped, it shifted once again, his features and demeanor softening. “I can never leave you alone, Valencia. Don’t you know that? Don’t you understand that you’ve done something to me? Your innocence and purity placed a stain on my skin that I never want to remove.”

“I’m not innocent,” I managed, fighting the various urges furrowing to the surface. Everything about him was so demanding, a man whose thirst would never be quenched, whose hunger could never be abated.

He was my kryptonite, my guilty pleasure, and I was sickened in my mind at the thought even as my body yearned desperately for him.

Miguel gathered me into his arms and I had no strength left to fight him. I was broken inside, uncertain of anything any longer. “Don’t, Miguel. Please.”

“Please what, Valencia? Please don’t care about you? Please pretend that you don’t matter to me?” He pressed his lips against my forehead, his hand holding my head in a cradled position. “I can’t and won’t do that.”

The heat of his body was extreme, the burn deep inside searing every nerve ending. I gathered his shirt into my hands, crunching my fist as I drank in his essence. Even his musky cologne was enough to pull my nipples into aching hardened buds, my pussy quivering as if his fingers had slipped into my wetness. I wanted this man. I craved this man.

I needed the beautiful yet damning bastard in a way that didn’t make any sense. He was like my life’s blood, the urge to open myself up more than I could take. My breathing ragged, I closed my eyes as he brushed his lips across my nose to my cheek, the touch feather light. I was lost in a moment of raw need, trying to rationalize how I could feel this way. Drawn to him.

Longing for him.

Everything was a blur as he shifted his lips to my jaw before dragging his tongue across the seam of my mouth. When he slid the pads of his fingers down the back of my neck, tickling the skin on my back, a moan pushed up from the very depths of my being.

“Tell me what you want, Valencia.”

“I don’t… know.”

“I think you do,” he whispered, the tone full of lust and innuendo. “I know you do. Tell me everything your body requires.”

I swallowed, allowing the words to filter in my mind, trying desperately to turn off the intense yearning. But I couldn’t. Every part of me had betrayed the woman inside, peeling away at the mask I’d worn for so long. I was reeling, unable to think clearly as he continued trailing his fingers down my spine, shifting them under the hem of the beautiful nightgown. I’d never felt so sexy or desired, my mouth suddenly dry.

When he kissed me again, his lips exploring mine, the touch so gentle, I rose onto my tiptoes. The slight hint of his tongue in my mouth was enough to send a vibrant shower of electricity into every cell and muscle, further fueling a combustible fire.

“I will make your wildest fantasies come true. I will give you everything you need in your life,” he whispered before biting down on the base of my ear. “And I will make you beg for what you want.”

As he fisted my hair, yanking back my head, I fell into a sublime state. The feel of his teeth skating along my pulse of life gave me a series of shudders, my legs trembling. I was suddenly free, flying high as he growled like the true savage he was. I could no longer fight him, my body refusing to push the brutal beast away.

The feel of his massive hand caressing my bottom was more intimate than any act of sex. When he rolled the tip of a single finger up and down the crack of my ass, I leaned into him, grinding my hips. The way his cock throbbed, pushing against my belly drove me wild, a reminder that he was all male.

“You’re very disobedient.”

“Um…” What could I say?

“You know you need harsh discipline.”

“I’m a good girl.”

He laughed softly as he slipped the same finger into the cleft of my ass, the tip finding my darkened hole. “Tell me what you need.”

The thrill of his touch, the realization that I craved everything this man could give me was insane. “I need…” My words died off as he slid his finger inside. I gasped, holding my breath as he pumped his finger in and out. The pain was brief, the deliciousness of something so sinful sending the wave of current into hyper-drive. I was so alive. I was free.

I was his.

His woman.

His possession.


Wife. The thought was terrifying, the expectations almost too much to bear. When he removed his finger, I whimpered like a child, clinging to him in a way that suggested I wanted more. The first hard smack was arousing, and I arched my back, taking swallow breaths.

“Tell me what you need, Valencia.”

“You.” I knew what he wanted to hear, what he expected. I was so ashamed how crazed I felt, my blood coursing in near violent waves through my veins. “Okay? I want you. I have no idea why. I want nothing more than to simply hate you. I just can’t.” I swallowed hard, trying to break the connection.

“Not good enough,” he whispered in my ear, smacking my bottom twice more, the slight pain only further fueling the intensity of the darkness exploding from deep within.

My entire body became electrified, as if his utter domination was a powerful aphrodisiac. A swell of desire burst from the very depth of my being, allowing the words to explode. “Fuck me. Use me. Whip me.”

He nipped my earlobe two additional times, his deep guttural sounds more like a beast than a man. God, I wanted his thick cock buried in my pussy, driving me to new heights of pleasure. I craved having his shaft thrusting into my asshole brutally, filling me. I wanted his hand smacking my bottom, reminding me that I was nothing more than a disobedient little girl.

I wanted his control.

I longed for his domination.

While the thought was riveting, my entire world was caving in.

After issuing several additional hard spanks, he ran the tip of his index finger across my forehead then down the bridge of my nose, encircling my lips. I remained still as he continued his exploration, dancing the tips of all five fingers over my breasts then down my stomach. I was shocked at his level of vehemence as he jerked off the lovely nightgown, exposing every inch of my naked body.

“So damn beautiful,” he muttered, tossing the unwanted material onto the coffee table.

The look on his face was carnivorous as he lifted me off my feet, taking long strides until he was able to ease down onto the couch. I straddled his legs as he slid his hand along my spine before gripping the back of my neck, a man capturing his possession.

I shuddered as I shifted up and down, rocking his body. The feel of his throbbing cloth-covered cock against my slickened pussy was absolutely sinful. Delicious. I placed my forearms over his shoulders, intertwining my fingers together as I undulated my hips. The scent of our combined desire was breath stealing, the musky aroma even more penetrating than before.

His upper lip curled, the growl pushing past his taut lips primal. I could tell what my teasing was doing to him.

“Be careful, little girl,” he warned, his voice almost inaudible.

“Or what?”

“Or you won’t be able to sit for a week.”

“Hmmm,” I huffed and eased my fingers down his chest, marveling in the way his muscles rippled even under the material. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, able to lean down and blow hot air across his skin.

Miguel threw his head back, moaning several times. “Damn, woman.”

I eased back until I was able to slide my hands down to his belt, slowly unfastening the buckle. He finally tilted his head, watching every move I made as I struggled to unfasten his pants, tugging at the zipper. His laugh was sensuous, his dancing eyes illuminated by the slender moon. For some reason, his irises were shimmering, drawing me through a crack in his armor and into his very soul.

His darkened and haunted soul.

He trusted no one, including me, his world full of utter organization, a complete requirement. If anything within his regime was altered, he became unraveled, as if the control was the only thing he could count on.

I’d tossed a wrench into his pristine setting, forcing him to unravel if only for a few precious seconds. And now, his method of regaining power was my absolute obedience.

And devotion.

Another growl permeated the room the second I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft, twisting my fingers until the friction created additional sparks between us.

“Jesus,” he snarled, taking several scattered deep breaths before cupping my breast and rolling my nipples between his fingers. He chuckled darkly as he pinched and twisted both, kneading the roundness with his hands.

“Mmm…” I lolled my head as the rocket fuel increased, sending a shower of vibrant and stunning colors splashing in front of my eyes. The rainbow effect pulsed, matching the rapid beating of my heart. I stroked up and down his cock, squeezing the tip then repeating the move over and over again. Only when the drops of pre-cum slipped from his sensitive slit did I stop, dragging the tip of my finger through his delicious seed.

My eyes were hazy as I slipped my finger into my mouth, making exaggerated sucking noises. That was all he could stand, his fingers digging into my hips, lifting them, pushing the tip of his cock past my engorged folds and into my dark wetness.

I rolled my fingertip around his lips, pushing it just inside his hot, wet mouth the second before he yanked me down. The sound of skin slapping against skin permeated the air, mixing with the wild moan that escaped my mouth.

He was so thick, so damn hard that my muscles constricted immediately, my pussy clamping down like a tight vise. Damn, the man was huge, filling me completely.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh…” I clung to him, my entire body quivering as he forced me to ride him like a wild stallion, my breasts jiggling from the raw intensity.

“So tight, little girl. So wet.” His hoarse whisper was sweet and passionate music floating above the clouds. I could listen to the man talk for days.

I snapped my knees against his thighs, wiggling and clenching my pussy then relaxing until he issued a series of guttural sounds.

The man was truly barbaric as he pumped me up and down, using the strength of his thigh muscles to power into me. He tangled his fingers in my long strands then jerked, pitching me into a deep arc. And his words were thrilling, another reminder of his utter dominance. “Don’t you dare come, little girl. Not until I tell you.”

I bit down on my inner cheek to keep from crying as he continued his savage actions, pumping harder and faster. Letting go with him was far too easy. Controlling an orgasm was something entirely different, yet I knew better than to disappoint him or I would endure another round of harsh punishment.

I took several deep breaths, savoring the amazing sensations, doing everything possible to obey him. When I was certain I could stand no more, he yanked me back into a sitting position, his hand once against gripping my neck as he tilted his head until our lips were almost touching.

“While you may believe yourself to be in some level of control, I assure you that you are wrong.” The wry smile on his lips was far too provocative, his words burning into the back of my mind. While they were said with a heightened level of sensuality, I knew better than to cross him.

He was far too dangerous and unforgiving.

Miguel rubbed his lips across mine, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. His perfectly manicured nails dug into my skin, the hold tightening.

I knew somewhere in my mind I should be afraid of him, but for all his bravado and damning behavior, he was a man in search of completion.

Did I want to be the one to fill his heart, heal the obvious wounds?


Did I think it possible?

Without question—no.

His demons had broken him into little pieces.

Yet the burning desire would continue to fuel a passion that singed our very skin, seared the nerve endings that had been deadened long before. Maybe I should be grateful. Maybe I should surrender to his every wish. There were far too many maybes, including whether or not the assassin would strike again. If he did, I knew he would succeed.

Miguel shifted me on his lap until I was facing away from him. I closed my eyes as his fingers trailed down my arms, the goosebumps making me lightheaded. I shifted back and forth, my pussy juice no doubt staining his expensive linen trousers. The thought made me smile even as he raked his nails down my back. The touch was exhilarating.

He lifted my hips once again, pushing my feet tight against the floor. As he pressed his cockhead up and down the length of my pussy, I bit back a moan. When he plunged his cock back inside, I couldn’t hold back my exclamations, releasing a scream that filtered into the air above us.

“You like it rough, don’t you?” he asked in his usual demanding manner.

“Yes.” There was no reason to lie.

“You crave my thick cock buried in every hole.”

Fuck, yes. “Yes. God, yes.” I wiggled back and forth, enjoying another wave of friction.

“Then every hole is what you deserve.” Miguel eased his hand under my bottom, shifting his shaft and pushing me forward. “I love your tight little asshole.”

I held my breath as he positioned the tip against my dark hole, biting back several screams the moment he slipped just inside, holding me aloft as if waiting to give me time to adjust. I clenched my eyes shut, planting my hands on his legs, my fingers just as tense as the rest of my body.

There was nothing gentle about the way he took my ass, plummeting his cock all the way inside.

“Oh… God…” My words were breathless as dazzling sensations of pain mixed with sheer euphoria, driving me to extreme nirvana. Lights shifted in front of my eyes, my vision cloudy and my mind unable to process anything but the beautiful ecstasy that rolled through my body like wildfire.

He pumped me up and down only twice, slamming me back against his legs then shifting his hand around my thigh, stroking my clit. As he swirled his fingertip around in an aimless fashion, I realized I’d dug my nails into his skin.

I could no longer breathe, was unable to process anything around me but the sheer pleasure. I shifted up onto my toes, riding him once again, the action far more powerful and wicked than before.

His dark chuckle was like a purring wildcat, the sound soothing in its complexity. I became a crazed woman, using my legs to lift my body, humping his cock as he rolled his finger around my swollen tissue. I couldn’t get enough of him, working my torso, going up and down over and over again.

He added a second and third finger, now using his thumb to drive my clit into an even more sensitive state as he pumped his long digits inside my aching pussy. I could hear his heavy breathing, knew that it was only a matter of time until he exploded into me. The very second he slid his other hand to cup my breast, I thought I would lose it. I tried desperately to hold back my raging orgasm, wanting this to last.

“Fuck, so damn tight. Hot.” His whispers were ragged, husky from lust and he peppered kisses along the back of my neck. Even as he dragged his raspy tongue up and down my prickled skin, I did everything I could to hold on.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” I heard the sounds pushing up from my tight throat, could barely think about anything but the hard fucking. The man had unchained me, opening up Pandora’s Box with his demanding needs, his dark desires. I no longer cared whether this was a sin of God or a match made in heaven. I simply needed more.

Craved more.

Hungered for everything the man could give me.

I worked him, moving up and down in a frantic pace and all the while his fingers worked magic, driving me close to an incredible climax then pulling back. The way he pinched my clit with one hand, twisting my nipple with the other was mind blowing. I could tell he was close to coming, knew that he couldn’t hold back much longer.

And so I squeezed my muscles.

His roar gave me a series of scintillating thoughts, all so naughty, filthy in every manner. I struggled to breathe as his fingers drove me to madness, slapping at his legs as he pushed me closer and closer.

“Please let me come. Please,” I mumbled, uncertain if I could even stop the orgasm that hovered right around the brink.

“Will you be a good little girl?” he asked.

My response was to squeeze once again. His ravaged howl was my sweet reward.

“Tell me!” he demanded.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

As he buried his face into my neck, I lost all control.

“Then come,” he commanded.

There was no holding back, no sense of anything but my desire for the utmost pleasure. I exploded, my entire body shaking in a violent manner as one orgasm became two, then the most incredible wave. I was lost in the moment of ecstasy, barely hearing his anguished expression as he jerked me up and down on his cock.

But I felt his release, his seed filling my dark hole, keeping me tangled in a loop of sheer heaven.

When he was finished, he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close until our breathing calmed. The way his fingers delicately stroked my skin was the icing on the very rich cake, pulling me closer to him, to a man who refused to allow anyone to say no.

He’d gotten what he wanted.

He’d taken what he needed.

And what he didn’t know is that he had already stolen a portion of my heart.

Miguel pressed kisses against the back of my neck before easing me to the couch, forcing me to lie on my stomach as he rose to his feet. “You’re going to stay right here. Do you understand?”


“Yes?” He smacked my bottom four times in rapid succession.

“Yes. Sir.”

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