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Cruel Prince: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The bastard acted like he owned me already. He was rugged and dominating as hell and that pissed me off.

He was also more unnerving than any man I’d met.




But all three had to take a backseat to the horrible arrangement that had been made without my consent. I couldn’t dare allow myself to become attracted by Matteo. That would only lead to…


While I’d always given off an aura of being tough, even mouthy, I was still a girl who’d remained unsure she was doing the right thing by practicing law. My gut had told me that would have eventually placed a rift in my family.

I guess I didn’t need to worry about that now.

My breath caught as I pushed the thoughts aside.

I felt as if I was standing outside my body watching a terrible B-rated sex movie. My legs refused to cooperate even for a second as he dragged me across the room, planting his muscular ass on my couch. When he started to drag me over his lap, only then did I do my best to get away from him once again.

It would seem all the strength and venom I’d had from before had been yanked out of me. I was tossed like a ragdoll onto his knees, my face immediately smashed into the soft cushion and the breath knocked out of me. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, when I felt the hard and very long bulge pressing into my stomach, I was mortified. He was just as aroused as I was.

“Let go of me,” I said meekly.

“That’s not going to happen. When you do bad things you deserve to be spanked.” He ripped down my thin shorts, taking my panties along for the ride. My naked bottom was elevated, right there for the horrible man to see. I’d never been spanked in my entire life and I wasn’t about to allow him to take advantage.

I wiggled and struggled, throwing back my arm as I kicked out. He growled, the sound so husky that vibrations danced through me. My God, the man was so strong, easily pinning my arm behind my back then swinging one of his massive legs over both of mine. I was going nowhere.

I was able to tell he was ripping my shorts all the way off. I’d never felt so exposed in my life. When he brought his hand down in rapid succession, one hard smack coming after the other, I almost begged him to stop from the very beginning. But I held my tongue, refusing to allow him to see that his actions bothered me in the least. However, I was already plotting a way to kill him, and I would make good on my threat one day.

With every firm strike of his hand, I was unable to stop the moans from erupting from my throat. Within seconds, the pain shot through me like a rocket flare, pulsing down the backs of my legs. Even the sound as his palm slapped against my naked skin added to the level of humiliation. How did he think he was going to be able to get away with this? My father would certainly put a stop to the deal he made. Wouldn’t he?

I knew the answer somewhere in the back of my mind. While it was difficult to face, I’d known my father was a greedy bastard who’d sell his soul to the devil for more power. I’d just never expected to be caught up in the darkness.

Matteo continued the spanking, one brutal smack coming down after the other. I’d lost count long before, my mind one big blur. I clamped my hand around the cushion, biting my lower lip to keep any additional sound from slipping past my lips.

When he caressed my heated and aching skin, I jerked as hard as I could, almost managing to tumble off his legs. Even if it would have meant slamming into the table, I didn’t care at this point. I had to find a way to get the hell out of his clutches. He jerked me back into position, making a tsking sound.

“While I love a woman with spirit, I’m losing my patience with you. Stay in position or I will start again.”

I opened my mouth to scream but thought better of it. How would I be able to explain his presence? Did I really think that anyone from the police department was going to haul the man in and arrest him? And if my father found out, I could only imagine what he’d do. I was stuck taking my punishment from a man I didn’t know and didn’t want to know like a good little girl.

When I stopped struggling, he eased his leg away, taking his time to brush the tips of several fingers from one side of my bottom to the other. But when he pulled my legs further apart, I tensed, burying my face in the upholstery. How could this be happening to me? I’d never done anything wretched in my life. I’d followed the rules, abiding by every law. And now I was repaid by being fondled by a beast of a man?

He rubbed the insides of my thighs. I could hear the change in his breathing, the sounds now becoming ragged. When he darted his finger across my pussy lips, I could feel my legs starting to tremble visibly.

“You’re wet for me. I can tell you’re enjoying this,” he whispered.

“No. Not a chance.”

“Don’t lie to yourself, Catherine. I could tell the moment I walked into your apartment that you were already aroused.”

“You’re a narcissist.”

“Deny it if you must to make yourself feel better, but I know a woman’s body. I can tell by those gorgeous lavender eyes of yours that you have a hunger deep inside of you that has never been satisfied. It’s written all over your face how much you’ve needed a strong man in your life. And your body has already betrayed you.”

“Stop. Just stop.”

“I can’t do that, Catherine. You already know the reason why. The minute your father agreed to the penance I offered, you belonged to me. I will do anything and everything I want when I want.”

Everything about the man was brutal, but his words were said with the kind of passion I’d always longed to hear. I repeated my mantra of ‘no’ over and over again in my mind in the hopes that I could block him out. When he slipped a single finger past my swollen folds, thrusting in hard jabs, I was tossed into an insane moment of bliss.

Then he resumed the spanking, taking his time to move from one side to the other, covering every inch of my bottom. The heat continued to build, my eyes unable to focus and even when I closed them, I was riddled with images of his handsome face. I had no way of knowing how long it continued, but instead of feeling the agony that I should be experiencing, I was floating on air. I didn’t understand any of this, nor did I want to continue surrendering, but my body fought my urge to continue fighting him.

I was so ashamed, my heart hammering against my chest with enough force a lump had formed in my throat. Everything about this was unbelievable. It had to be some kind of catastrophic mistake. Or maybe a dream. Hopefully I would wake up soon, never being forced to see the bastard again.

The second he rolled his finger down the crack of my ass, I slammed my fisted hands against the couch. “Please just leave.”

“I’m not ready to leave just yet, la mia principessa.”

Princess. I’d know that word in any language. Another lurch of revulsion settled into my system. I found it difficult to swallow. As he eased me off his lap, forcing me to stand in front of him, I could feel my body swaying.

Matteo gripped my arms, holding me in place as he swept his gaze from my face all the way down. I was being inspected like goods in a store or a car on display. He was making certain he liked what he was seeing. I expected him to rip off my shirt, forcing me to perform some other humiliating act.

But he seemed to soften his rogue mannerisms, sliding his hand under the thin material. The touch of his fingers against my stomach was powerful, tingling every portion of my body. I was shocked at how amazing the gentle touch felt, but I reminded myself that it had been a very long time since anyone had touched me in an intimate manner.

When he lifted the edge, pressing his lips against my skin, I closed my eyes, placing my free hand on his head. He rubbed his lips from one side to the other, dragging the tip of his tongue around my bellybutton. I tangled my fingers in his hair, stunned at my actions. Everything about this was surreal, illogical.

Sinful and filthy.

He slowly stood in front of me, our bodies crowded together by the proximity of the coffee table. The look in his eyes was practically inhuman. As he reached his hand in my direction, I flinched. Then he cocked his head, waiting until I gave him a nod. He brushed his knuckles across my cheek, rubbing far too gently for what I’d just been through.

“So beautiful,” he said with a husky growl. He eased his hand behind my head, tugging out the ponytail holder. Then using both hands, he fluffed my hair. “But much prettier with your hair framing your face.” He took the time to slide his fingers through several strands of my hair, only adding to the heated sensations flowing through me.

When he removed his jacket, tossing it over the back of the couch, another whimper gave me away.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to ravage you.”

“I don’t want sex,” I insisted, trying everything to keep some level of control in my voice.

I was failing rapidly.

His upper lip curled. “This isn’t about just sex, Catherine. Sex is nothing more than a man getting pleasure then refusing to provide his partner with anything they need. Fucking is primal and almost desperate, so heated that every cell in your body explodes from shared passion. Fucking disregards time or space, the desire to satisfy the other taking over every thought. And fucking is wet and messy, two bodies becoming one. So what I’m going to do to you has nothing to do with sex. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

The words continued to reek of passion as well as utter domination. I was stuck in some time warp, finding it difficult to move my feet. Finally, I was able to inch away, folding my hands in front of my pussy as another round of heat swept across my cheeks.

“Don’t be embarrassed around me, Catherine. I’m going to learn every inch of your body, discovering everything that gives you the most pleasure.” He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes piercing mine.

Claws were gripping my throat, another set gnawing at my insides. I couldn’t do this. Not with him. Not ever. I continued to back away, darting glances from left to right. I could tell my discomfort amused him. While that fueled another round of anger, it was obvious there was little I could do other than stare at him as he tugged his shirt out of his trousers, removing it in such a way to suggest he had all the time in the world. As soon as he tossed the thin material, I bit back a cry.

He was even more magnificent without a portion of his clothing. With broad shoulders and a carved chest, a thin waist and muscular arms, he appeared as a gorgeous godlike creature and not the horrible gangster I knew him to be. My nipples immediately hardened once again, scraping against the stupid tee shirt until I was forced to bite back a cry.

I took another step away then another, struggling to find something to defend myself with. When I noticed the statue that my mother had presented as my last birthday gift, I figured the ugly piece could finally be used for something. While a part of me knew what I was doing was nuts, I grabbed it anyway, holding the thick piece of stone in both hands then lunging toward him.

All I did was amuse and irritate him. Within seconds, he was able to yank the statue out of my hand, carefully placing it on the coffee table as he held both my wrists together. How the hell had he managed to do that?

“That wasn’t very nice of you, Catherine. I thought we had an understanding.”

“You’re nuts.” The two words were all I could manage. “And don’t you dare use my name. You have no right.”

“As I told you before, I take what I want.”

He chuckled, his hot breath cascading across my chin and neck. Saying nothing else, he merely tossed me over his shoulder then turned and left the room. Oh, my God. He was heading for my bedroom.

I couldn’t react at first and even when I did, punching him in the back, it didn’t faze him in the least. He stormed into my room as if he owned the place, taking his time to turn on a single light before dumping me onto the bed.

“Asshole!” I yelled.

I refused to give into him, scrambling to jump off. Once again, he was far too quick for me, wrestling with him as I moaned like a stupid child.

He straddled me with ease, yanking my arms over my head and slamming my hands into the pillow.

“Don’t fight me, princess,” he said oh-so softly. Who the hell did the motherfucker think he was?

“I will never stop fighting you.”

“You know you want this. I could see by the look in your eyes the moment I walked into the room how excited you were.”

I opened my mouth to object, but what the hell was I supposed to say? I’d never been very good at hiding my thoughts or emotions, my facial expressions always getting me into trouble. Even as I continued to struggle, his expression remained carnal, his hunger increasing.

He deftly unfastened his belt and I watched in horror at his actions. Was he going to discipline me again? Over my dead body. I was stunned, blinking several times as he pulled the thick leather from his belt loops. By the time he was finished, I was whimpering like the bad little girl he’d accused me of being.

“Don’t. I’ll be good. I promise.” Where the hell had that come from?

“Yes, I have no doubt you’ll learn to be good and don’t worry, sweet bride of mine, I’ll use my belt across your bottom more than once, but not tonight.” When he leaned forward, wrapping the strap around my wrists then managing to secure it to the posts on my bed, I couldn’t react in any way. Did he really think the damn contraption was going to hold me?

I found out very quickly that it could and did. Oh, no. I was secured to my bed, a stranger who really believed I was going to marry him ready to… fuck me. I could barely consider the thought.

When he was satisfied, he eased off the bed and finished undressing. He was obviously in no hurry, folding his clothes carefully and placing them on the dresser. I watched in horror as he picked up my bra, fingering the material.

“No wife of mine will ever wear something inferior. You will have the finest silks and lace.” Matteo issued the statement in such a matter-of-fact manner. Did he really think that was going to entice me to agree to the arrangement? Not a chance.

When he turned around, I was unable to stop a moan from giving away my continued arousal. Every part of him was stunning, carved in all the right places. And his cock was a thing of beauty, so long and hard that I was terrified it wouldn’t fit. I forced myself to close my eyes, repulsed by my own thoughts.

“Look at me, Catherine.”

His voice was even raspier than before, the commanding tone curdling my blood. I did as he demanded, unable to stop trembling. He advanced like a predator, his nostrils flaring when he took a deep breath, holding it in for several seconds.

I was terrified of what he was going to do to me, but a small yet growing portion was excited, the deep longing turning into an absolute need.

He straddled me again, sliding his hands under my shirt, cupping and squeezing both breasts. I shuddered from his touch, the warmth shooting through me like a tidal wave. When he fingered my nipples, flicking his index fingers back and forth, another wafting scent of my desire floated between us.

Laughing softly, Matteo pinched both hardened buds, sending me soaring into another plane, the pain almost blinding.

“Oh, God. Don’t. I mean…”

“Don’t? Is that what you really want to say to me, Catherine? Or don’t you really want to let go, enjoying the moment of pleasure?”

“I…” I was suddenly confused at my body’s reaction, the hunger that embroiled every one of my senses.

“Tell me you want my cock buried deep inside of you.”

“No. That’s not… possible.” My inner voice was nagging at me, pushing me to tell him what he wanted to hear.

And what I longed to break free and spout off.

“Tell me.”

He twisted my nipples brutally, the pain shifting into anguish. I jerked up from the bed, fighting with my bindings. The slight creaking sound of the leather only added to the enticing moment. No man had ever touched me this way.

I was overcome by the vibrations dancing through me, the scent of his sex mixing with my own. “Yes. Fuck me. Just fuck me.”

He let out a husky roar then ripped the front of my shirt with enough force I whimpered. When my breasts were exposed, he leaned down, engulfing one into his mouth. The combination of his wet, hot mouth and tongue laving my aching nipple almost shoved me into an instant orgasm. My pussy clenched and released several times, the dazzling sensations sending stars shooting across my periphery of vision.

“Oh, my. Oh…” I no longer recognized my voice, the throaty sound ultra-sexy and inviting. An invitation. My body’s betrayal was offering him a direct invitation to take me in any way he wanted.

How could this be happening to me?

Every sound he made animalistic in nature, he brushed his lips to my other nipple, taking his time to lick and nip the tip. I was lulled into a wicked round of haze where lust had overtaken all rational thoughts. I tried to watch him, my vision foggy and my mind a blur. He never seemed to take his eyes off me as he enjoyed tormenting my body, making me hot and wet all over.

I shifted on the bed, tossing my head back and forth. His mouth seemed to scald my skin, pushing me closer and closer to nirvana. “Mmm… Oh…” My sounds were just as savage as his, every cell on fire.

He licked the curve of first one then the other breast before dragging his tongue down to my stomach. I jerked up again, panting like some wild dog. As he continued his exploration, I lolled my head to the side, unable to fend off the man or the burning need that refused to let go of me. He’d managed to awaken some dark part of my mind that I hadn’t known existed. Every touch he made was followed by his tongue.

As he whispered words in Italian that I couldn’t understand, I could even feel myself smiling. The sound was like music playing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

“So beautiful, Catherine. And to think that you are all mine. No man will ever touch you again.”

His words were a dose of reality, a reminder that the arrangement my father had entered into meant I was nothing but a prisoner. That would never change. A wash of hate rolled through me but as he crawled further down, lifting and bending one of my legs, I looked away on purpose.

“I told you to look at me. Do not make me punish you again,” he instructed, the shift in his tone so automatic and drastic that I jerked my head back in position. The fire in his eyes was entirely different. He was a complex man with more than one side, but I could easily tell that I didn’t want to cross him.

Exhaling, he lifted my leg even further, rubbing the pads of his fingers along my inner thigh before pressing a series of kisses against my skin. Within seconds, I was back to feeling nothing but extreme pleasure, every sound I made a soft rumbling purr.

He seemed pleased at my reaction, pushing my knee to the side before lifting my other leg and repeating the same actions. By the time he pushed my knee to the comforter, I was lost in utter euphoria. Growling, he eased between my legs, blowing across my aching pussy before lowering his head.

“What are you… doing?” The question was ridiculous but flew out of my mouth.

“I’m feasting on your pretty pink pussy. I am a very thirsty man.”

I fisted my hand as he dropped his head closer and closer, teasing me all over again. The first swipe of his tongue was almost magical, sending me straight into the stratosphere. “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“You’re glistening, my little bride.”

His words made me feel dirty and sinful, but I found myself opening my legs even wider, allowing him full access. I no longer cared what I was doing. For a few minutes, I wanted to feel his touch and his tongue. I wanted to experience the kind of passion that he’d talked about.

As he buried his face into my pussy, licking fervently as any animal would, I fell into a quiet moment of euphoria. I was tingling all over, my mind one big, beautiful blur and I no longer cared as another wave of embarrassment pushed into my system.

I’d been licked before, but not in this way. He took his time flicking his tongue across my clit until it had just the perfect amount of sensitivity, sucking and nipping as if enjoying a juicy piece of nectarine. The sounds he made as he feasted indicated his increasing pleasure, which only added to the passionate moment. When he finally rolled his tongue down the length of my pussy, darting the tip just past my swollen folds, a scream was ready to explode from my throat.

He dug his fingers into my skin for a few seconds, keeping his head in the same position, licking up and down in a slow and easy fashion. I was pushed close to an orgasm several times, but he expertly pulled back, forcing me to wait. The bastard knew exactly what he was doing, driving me to the point of nirvana until I was left a heated mess. I could feel my juice trickling down my inner thighs, no doubt staining my beautiful plum comforter.

As he laughed in a commanding manner, he tickled my folds with a single finger. The second he thrust it inside, my muscles clamped around the invasion, my mouth open wide even though not a single sound could be heard. He added at least two more fingers, plunging hard and fast. When he flexed them open, curling the tips and hitting my G-spot, I almost lost it. He continued for a few seconds then stopped completely.

“What? Oh…” My eyes were now wide open, although my attempt at focusing was no better than before.

“Very bad girl,” he mused then smacked two fingers across my pussy lips.

The pain was an odd combination of uncomfortable yet exciting. Breathing became difficult, my mind spinning. When I started to move my knees closer together, all he had to do was issue a primal growl.

He slapped my pussy several more times, then released another series of savage roars before burying his face once again.

The strange dichotomy of anguish and ecstasy was almost more powerful than what he was doing. Tears formed in my eyes but out of frustration and not the pain. I wanted to come. I needed to climax. He knew it. He was forcing me to wait.

Like a good little girl.

I tossed my head back and forth, doing everything I could but I was ready to explode. “Please let me come. Please.”

“Not yet. You haven’t earned it.”

Earned. Was he kidding me? I did what I could, but my body was shaking violently, the leather bindings squeaking above me. I was no longer in my body, the bliss becoming breathtaking.

He drove four fingers deep inside of me, pushing me to the very limit of my sanity.

“Oh. Oh. Please… Please let me come.” I bucked and twisted, my heart racing.

After a few seconds, he finally lifted his head, blowing across my pussy. “Come for me, little pet. Come.”

With those words, I released, the orgasm booming into my system. I was shocked at the amazing sensations, jerking and pulling to no avail. As I was driven into ecstasy, the single climax refused to back down, morphing into a beautiful wave cascading over every inch of my body. Nothing had ever felt so good in my life.

Matteo refused to let me go, grunting the entire time he licked and sucked, taking in every drop of my juice.

As the last seconds of the intense moment began to wind down, sheer exhaustion replaced the moments of bliss. I fell back against the bed, panting as I blinked furiously.

He pressed his lips against one leg then the other, lifting his head. I could still manage to see the feral look in his eyes as he continued to use his fingers to tease me. When he rolled his fingers down the crack of my ass, I tensed, fisting my hands all over again.

“You are beautiful when you come. I will always provide you with pleasure as long as you remain obedient.”

There was the asshole who’d stormed into my apartment. He would take what he wanted yet only allow me to feel this kind of pleasure if I followed his rules. I clenched my jaw, glaring at him as I’d done before.

He cocked his head, shoving his thumb between my ass cheeks. When he pushed it inside my darkened hole, I refused to scream. No one had ever taken me there. No one had ever dared to try. While there was initial pain, the craziest thing happened. The experience became pleasurable.

This was dirty and disgusting, but more exciting than his minutes of feasting. I was thrown by the surge of electricity, curling my toes as he pumped in several times.

“As I said, every hole now belongs to me. That’s something you need to keep in mind.” He rose onto his knees, moving to lean over me. “And if you allow another man to touch you, I will be forced to kill him. Do you understand?”

His words were chilling, just another reminder of how dangerous he was. “Yes.” When he cocked his head as if waiting for something else, I wanted nothing more than to be able to scratch his face and gouge out his eyes. “Yes. Sir.”

He smirked before moving beside me. Within seconds, he flipped me over, pushing me onto my knees. The asshole was going to make good on his promise. I’d seen his cock, his big, fat cock. There was no way I would be able to take something so large.


I fought to see what he was doing, trying my best not to whimper. When he positioned himself behind me, I tried to buck against him. He responded by smacking my bottom several times, the slaps brutal and fast.

“Now I’m going to fuck you in the ass. While I long to fuck you in that delicious pussy of yours, I won’t take you there until after we’ve been married. Your pussy is sacred to me and will remain off limits. Then nothing will prevent me from owning you.”


The word reverberated in my mind even more than what I knew he was going to do. I was now nothing more than his possession.

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