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His Human Claim by Stella Rising – Extended Preview

Today’s lessons aren’t finished.”

“That’s not fair, sir. I’ve earned a reward.”

He takes my chin in his hand and looks me dead on. “I decide when you’ve earned a reward, and when you receive it. Is that understood, pet?”

“Yes, sir,” I grunt. Despite my ire, my pussy throbs even harder, soaking my inner thighs. Denial, I’m discovering, is almost a worse torment than getting spanked. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait to have my need fulfilled, or what I’ll do to get it. At least when a spanking’s done, it’s done.

Amasu turns his attention to the door leading back to the rest of the ship; I look where he is in time to see two curved, shiny pieces of metal floating through the air toward us. My telerings activate, spreading my legs and pulling my arms behind my back.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

The devices heading toward me act like more telerings, but they’re not just flying—they’re growing and changing shape. I watch them, transfixed, until the first locks around my waist. A perpendicular panel emerges from the device, slipping down my front, between my legs, and rising out the back. The new section connects to the rear of the ring, then tightens until it’s flush against my skin.

“Hey, what is this?”

With the first device secure, the second wraps around my chest, covering my breasts and expanding over each into two large cups. Securing itself around my back like a bra, it locks in place, fitted to the contours of my body.

My telerings deactivate, allowing me to run my hands over the strange devices. Like impenetrable shields, I can’t feel anything through them. I try slipping my fingers inside to pull them off, but there’s no room—when I breathe in to make some space, the devices change shape, keeping flush to my skin.

“Amasu, what the hell?” I cry.

“You will remain in chastity until I say so, pet,” he replies. He takes my ass in his palm and spreads my cheeks; though it feels good, my core screams to be filled, not caring that that’s currently impossible. “I will release you from this device when the time is right.”

I’m about to utter a string of curses when a compartment in the wall opens, revealing a small chamber.

“Get in,” says Amasu.


“Get inside. Now. Or I’ll put you inside.”

Wow. He’s actually serious.

I bend down slowly, as if there’s still some chance he’s only kidding. When I hit the floor, he keeps watching me expectantly, so I slide myself backward on my ass until I’m fully inside. As soon as I’m clear, a series of vertical bars slide down, forming a cage.

“You’re obedient, mostly,” says Amasu. “Now you’re going to learn a little patience.”

“Please, sir,” I beg, pressing my arms against the walls. There’s almost enough room for me to extend my arms fully, so it’s sufficiently wide, but it’s only a few feet tall—not enough to stand. “I’ll go crazy in here.”

He approaches the cage and crouches, waving for me to come forward. Reaching inside, he holds my chin in his hand. “Darcy, how you respond to confinement is largely up to you. If you spend this time dwelling on your circumstances and cursing your unmet needs, then it will be maddening. Instead, either free your mind or quiet it—treat this time not as a punishment, but as an opportunity.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” I grumble.

Amasu chuckles. “I know. But try. Discipline for the mind is just as important as it is for the body.”

Of course it is.

“Oh, is that so?” I taunt. “Do they teach you that in alien school?”

He laughs some more. “Darcy, I’ve been training women to serve for centuries.”

My chest tightens and my eyes burn with tears. “You do this… a lot? Use women to catch criminals?”

“I didn’t say that.” Amasu shakes his head. “I take pets because I enjoy it. Our… professional partnership is new to me. I haven’t done this before—mixing work with pleasure. When I meet a natural but unrefined submissive, I yearn to turn her into an impeccably trained pet. I’d have been very disappointed if you’d turned down my offer.”

“I see.” His explanation soothes my anger, and being called a submissive makes my pulse spike. The word electrifies me; I feel like I’ve found a piece I’ve been missing for years. I have a name for it, a meaning.

“Think about what you felt during our practice session, about what you’ve discovered about yourself since we met,” says Amasu. “Contemplate anything you like, for that matter, and the next few hours will fly by. You’ll see.”

“Yes, sir,” I mumble, sitting back inside the cage.

He smiles at me, then walks away. I sneak a glance at his ass as he leaves, though it’s a mistake. He’s gone for one second, and already I can’t get my mind off of how horny I am.

Is it ironic that I made a deal with Amasu to avoid going to prison, and now I’m stuck in a cage? In fact, I’ve been bound or restrained in some fashion more often than not since this all started. Maybe I’d be better off in jail?

No, that’s not true. Then I wouldn’t be helping Amasu catch men like Jeremy Pink. Regardless of how I feel about my training, I still believe in what we’re trying to accomplish. Considering I spent so much time catering to the needs of a man who hurt so many other people…

Mr. Charles. What’s he doing right now? How is prison suiting him? Good riddance.

I smile, glad to be thinking of him now without a trace of nostalgia or desire. Amasu has supplanted him, I suppose.

When I spoke to my family, I didn’t go into detail about why I’m not working for ‘Mr. Charles’ anymore. Will they see an article about a fugitive being arrested in Moorestown, realize it happened at about the same time I got a new job, and put the two together? If so, what will I tell them?

For that matter, what will I tell them about my new job? Probably very little.

That’s for the best, actually. I doubt they’d believe me if I said I’m now an undercover asset for a covert, Dominar crime-fighting operation—I may as well tell them I’ve been learning wizarding at Hogwarts.

Undercover operative…

I do like the sound of that.

Doing some good for society, solving a genuine mystery, facing a little danger… it’s intoxicating. This Jeremy Pink sounds worse than Mr. Charles—Les Wellers—and I’m going to help take him down! I know that this mission could take time, but I’m ready to go. I want to do this, maybe more than anything else in my life.

I’m pretty sure that’s not just the arousal speaking. The thought of being brought to climax in front of an audience—a real one—makes me groan in frustration. Tracing my fingers over the smooth device covering my pussy produces no sensation underneath. I’m at Amasu’s mercy right now. How long has it been since he left me here? How much time have I passed by more or less at ease? When is he coming back? Is it a set amount of time, or is he waiting for something to happen? I wish I knew.

In fact, is he monitoring me right now? I don’t think he can hear my thoughts through the nanites, as he promised, but what if he’s watching my vital signs? Heart rate, brain waves, and so on? I assume he’s aware of my physical condition, if just for my safety. But what would he do if my body gave off signs of sexual stimulation, despite his chastity devices?

Dammit, I shouldn’t be thinking about this stuff. My pussy clenches hungrily, desperate for release. How can a wearable device be so completely impossible to remove? Biting my lip, I pull on the belt, trying to move it, but to no effect. I beat my fists against it, hoping to feel something through the metal surface, but can’t. Fondling my breasts doesn’t help either. Squirming and twisting around, I try to create some kind of sensation, but nothing works.

Refusing to accept defeat, I keep trying, despite my complete lack of success. Before long, I’ve worked up a sweat. Growling at my growing annoyance, I don’t even consider how I’m very persistently attempting to subvert Amasu’s wishes. I’m ignoring his guidance, and am acting out of my mind. It shouldn’t surprise me when my telerings suddenly activate, spreading my arms and legs and binding my wrists and ankles to the floor and walls.

“Hey!” I shout, unable to control my rage. “Let me out of here, you asshole!”

As if on cue, Amasu enters the cargo hold and leisurely walks up to my cage. He stares at me stony-faced, his lips turned down in disappointment.

“Darcy, would you say you’ve succeeded at demonstrating patience?”

“No, I don’t think I have,” I admit as the cage door opens. “But I’m in no mood for your bull—”

I don’t get to finish the sentence; Amasu retrieves another ball-shaped gag and lets it loose. Before I can react, it zooms up into my open mouth and buckles itself behind my neck.

“No, you were not being very patient,” he says. “In the future, I expect you to try harder.”

Enraged, I buck against my restraints and bite down hard on the gag, baring my teeth.

“Don’t give me that, pet. Believe it or not, I can still make this even more difficult for you. Now compose yourself. I have something for you to see.”

Unable to do much else, I take a deep breath, hold it in, and exhale. Listening to my heart beat slow down to normal, I nod at Amasu.

“Good. Now pay attention. I think you’ll like this.”

He summons a hologram—a satellite map of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Several buildings begin to glow, and a list of dollar values appears next to each one. The map shifts northwest and zooms in on the Hollywood Hills. A red circle glows not too far away—the Dark Star Club. Amasu selects a property listing less than a mile from the club, bringing up photos of a beautiful, modern mansion.

“At only twenty-five million dollars, it’s a steal,” he says, grinning. Flipping through the images, we see the house’s many luxurious rooms, the extensive gardens surrounding the property, a small guest house, an Olympic-sized swimming pool… the kind of place I could only dream about living in.

When Amasu turns the images into a three-dimensional hologram, allowing us to see exactly how the mansion would look in person, I stare at it so long drool starts to drip from my lip.

“You like it?” he asks.

“Mmm hmm!” I intone, nodding.

“Good. I’ve already put in the acquisition order. We’re going to pretend to live there for a while. It’ll be the base of our investigation into Jeremy Pink and the Dark Star Club.”

My lips curl into a smile around the gag as I imagine living there. Knowing Amasu, I have no doubt that I’ll be put to work. Cleaning all those rooms, maybe sometimes with my hands bound… I bet I’ll be made to wear a tight, skimpy maid’s outfit… Amasu will watch as I bend over to dust off those low coffee tables… They’re so dusty… every day… how do they get so dusty?

Amasu laughs. “Are you pleased, pet?”

I nod again, slowly this time, wishing I could lick my lips seductively.

“I am too,” he replies, a bulge growing in his pants. “I’m feeling generous. Would you like your reward now?”

“Mmm, mmm!”

My telerings deactivate, and the chastity devices click, separating into pieces that fall right off. At the same time, the gag in my mouth detaches and floats away. I sigh, glad to be rid of all the restraints. My pussy aches, and I’m so close to getting what I want, I shake with need. However, there’s still one barrier left: the door to my cage, which remains closed.

“Okay, Darcy. I want you to turn around and get on all fours. Assume the position.”

“Wait, you want to… with me in here?” I ask, my hands wrapped around the bars of the door.

“Unless you’d rather wait a few more hours,” Amasu replies.

The chastity devices rise off the floor, floating around me menacingly.

“No, no,” I say, scrambling to get on my knees. “This is fine.”

It’s super degrading, but whatever. Better than nothing. I press my ass against the bars, spreading my legs to offer as much access as possible. My face burns, embarrassed at my exposure, but I’m too aroused to care.

“You’re soaking, pet,” he says, slipping a finger through my folds. “Absolutely drenched.”

“Yes, sir,” I mumble, my humiliation intensifying.

“Keeping you waiting was very, very effective. I’m going to remember that.”

I groan, clenching down on his finger. Thanks to the alien’s great height and build, it feels plenty big. Still, I know there’s something much bigger still to come. Hopefully. There better be.

Hearing the rustling of pants sliding down thick, powerful thighs, I close my eyes and wait. My nipples harden to points as my breasts hang in the air. The floor is rough beneath my knees, but my nanites numb them so I don’t mind.

Reaching through the bars, Amasu sets his hands on my ass and gives each cheek a light slap. I whimper, not wanting to wait, but refusing to complain. I can’t risk being denied once more, not when I’m so close.

“Oh, look at you now,” he says. “Your body quakes, but you’ve bitten your tongue. You can be patient when you’re… properly motivated.” He presses his cock to my sopping folds and plunges it inside.

Gasping, I press my hands hard against the floor to keep myself flush against the cage. I want to feel every millimeter of Amasu’s manhood throbbing within me, and I know he’s still got much deeper to go.

“You like that, pet?” he murmurs, sliding in further.

“Yes… sir,” I groan. “I love it, sir.”

He chuckles. “You like a big blue alien dick splitting you apart?”

“Yeah,” I croak. I want to sway my hips, to feel his steely rod, but he holds me firmly in place, then he guides my hips back and forth, creating a euphoric rhythm.

“There you go, Darcy. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Oh, shit.

Though I’m stunned to hear such an order, my body knows what it wants. I start grinding on him hard, driving his cock until I squeal with pleasure. Though I’m not sure I could do this in front of a crowd of perverted strangers, with no one to see me but Amasu, I’m happy to debase myself so thoroughly.

This is absolutely filthy—could I have brought myself to this point before I met Amasu? I can’t imagine it, but now I’m drinking it in like I’ve been wandering the desert for weeks.

Amasu grunts in time with my bouncing body; sweat drips down my forehead, stinging my eyes. For once, I’m not in danger of coming without permission. My mind has caught up to my need, and I’m keeping my orgasm at bay. I could keep doing this for hours; his cock feels like hot heaven.

He withdraws without warning, and I cry out in confusion and fear. The door to my chamber opens, and before I can finish my wail, Amasu’s pulled me against his body, jamming his shaft all the way in. He wraps his arms around me, holding my breasts firm. His muscled abdomen feels like a sheet of granite against my back, and my legs are so weak I could fall if not for his grip.

“Ask to come, pet,” he whispers into my ear. “You’re not gonna get another chance.”

He plows into me like a machine, scrambling my brain.

“Please… sir,” I say, more by instinct than anything else.

“Please, what?”

His pounding feels too good—inundated by ecstasy, I’m on the brink of hitting my peak.

“May I… come… sir?” I ask, somehow holding back the flood. No matter what he says, I’m about to climax. There’s no stopping it. He must know that—how could he not?

“Okay, Darcy, you can come,” he replies, though I’m already screaming loud enough to fill the entire ship with high-pitched echoes.

Amasu grunts as I howl, pumping me without any sign of slowing down. My orgasm barely has time to finish before I feel another start to build. My toes are freezing on the icy floor, but the rest of me burns, pressed against the alien’s tremendous frame.

The loud slaps of his thrusts ring out once my screams die down, but only for a minute—then I’m right back to emptying my lungs. He growls, nibbling at my neck and pinching my nipples. The pain gives me the distraction I need to hold out a little longer before coming again.

My core drips with both our pleasure, and I look down to see his cock’s a blur, it’s moving so fast. When the second orgasm hits, Amasu reaches his crescendo as well, practically roaring his bliss. My hair hangs down my forehead, tickling my nose and lips. I want to blow it out of the way but I can barely suck in air fast enough to keep from passing out. I’ve never felt so pathetic but also so satisfied; how is that even possible? It shouldn’t be, should it?

I can’t think about that now though; the orgasm rips through me, setting my nerves aglow with pleasure. Amasu’s hot essence fills me, slips out and trails down my legs. Then he grabs my hair and pulls it back, forcing me back to the floor and into the cage.

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