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His to Break: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview


Vinnie’s face paled when I told her I wanted to ravage her pussy. I guess it was a little crude and her reaction told me she’s never been spoken to so bluntly. That doesn’t surprise me. A woman like her is bound to have led a sheltered life. Whatever asshole she was with in the past probably treated her with kid gloves, afraid to offend a mafia princess. Too bad for her I’m considered royalty in our world and I’m used to talking to people however I please.

As we exchange our vows in front of Judge Stevens and my friend Nico, who’s come to witness this unexpected event, there’s still no color in Vinnie’s cheeks. Her discomfort with the situation is obvious. Her shoulders are hunched and there’s a quiver in her voice whenever she’s called upon to speak. It’s a shame. She was so brave until the moment she signed the contract, sealing her fate.

Hopefully, her courage hasn’t gone into permanent retreat. It was the first thing that drew me to her. Well, that’s not strictly accurate. I was attracted to her incredible body before I glimpsed her inner strength.

When Antonio asked Matteo and me if either of us would consider marrying Vinnie, I jumped at the chance. My enthusiasm took both of my brothers by surprise. Marriage is an institution I’ve been dodging since I came of age, but the moment I set eyes on Venezia ‘call me Vinnie’ Bianchi, I knew I had to bind this woman to me.

Our union is a major fuck you to her family. Carlo will probably have a stroke when he finds out his daughter is not only mine, but that she came to me willingly. That’s not why I decided to make the lovely Vinnie my bride, of course. It’s not because she’s a beautiful woman, either. I can find dozens of those in the clubs my family owns any night of the week. No, what sold me on marrying her was the sharp gleam in her eye. This woman’s got fire in her belly. Taming her is a challenge I can’t resist.

When Stevens, one of several judges on my family’s payroll, pronounces us husband and wife, I wrap a hand around the back of my principessa’s neck. She gazes up at me with wide, innocent eyes. Then she lowers her lashes as I swoop in for my first taste of her pretty pink lips. I expect her to be sweet and she doesn’t disappoint. My kiss is demanding and her warm, soft lips make me regret I can’t take time to savor the moment. Nico and Stevens are standing mere feet away, and I’m not about to give them a show. Public displays of affection are not my thing. I don’t do lovey-dovey stuff in private, either, but for this woman, I might just try it out.

Tonight, however, I won’t go easy on her. There are boundaries to be established, and she’s about to find out what it means to belong to a man like me. I pull back from Vinnie and turn to our now unwelcome guests. Short and thin with reddish-brown hair, Judge Stevens looks insignificant next to the tall, muscular Nico. In the grand scheme of things, he is little more than a speck of dust. Judges are easy enough to buy when you have pockets as deep as ours. If he gives us more trouble than he’s worth, I’ll deal with the sniveling weasel personally.

“See to it the judge gets paid.” I look at Nico, who grins wryly, confirming he understands I want him to get the fuck out of my apartment and take Stevens with him.

“Judge.” Nico tilts his head toward the private elevator that comes only to this apartment. “Shall we?”

Stevens doesn’t need to be asked twice. Though he does everything he can to ingratiate himself with my older brother, he doesn’t hide his disdain for me. Gathering up his things, he practically sprints to the elevator. Nico strolls along behind him, unhurried as usual.

The moment the doors slide closed behind them, I spin back around to face Vinnie. The frightened rabbit look is gone from her eyes. There’s still a wariness in her expression, but it seems she took the few seconds my focus was elsewhere to compose herself. Good. Fucking a quivering wreck is not my idea of fun.


At my command, Vinnie purses her lips. “You strip.”

“Oh, I will.” I have to stifle a laugh at the little minx’s insolence. It’s exactly how I expected her to respond. “But first I want to inspect my new acquisition.”

I chose the words purely to provoke, and it works. Vinnie’s delicate jaw clenches.

“I’m not some piece of property you took possession of. I’m your wife.”

Hearing her refer to herself that way fuels my urge to claim her. She isn’t shying away from the fact we’re now bound together.

“Yes, you are, principessa and as such, I believe you agreed to obey me.” My cock twitches as she clenches her fists by her sides. Vinnie looks as if she wants to punch me and I wish she’d try, just so I can subdue her. Though I intend to secure her submission, I never want to dampen her spirit. It really turns me on the way she stands up for herself. “Now, do as I instructed, or there will be unpleasant consequences.”

Though the pissed-off pout on her face doesn’t change, a flare of desire in her eye betrays her interest. She wants me to punish her.

Resting her balled-up fists on her hips, she glares at me. “What consequences?”

A grin spreads across my lips. “I hoped you’d ask.”

As I step toward her, Vinnie doesn’t retreat, but the way she sinks her teeth into her plump bottom lip tells me my new bride isn’t as confident as she’s trying to appear. Her gaze shifts from one side to the other as if she’s looking for an escape route.

“If you want to run, go ahead.”

Vinnie shakes her head. “Why would I run? I’m not afraid of you.”

“You should be.”

A surge of pride goes through me as she lifts her chin defiantly. Good girl. She isn’t backing down. As long as she realizes this sort of rebellion can only happen when we’re alone, we’ll get on fine.

“Really? Because it seems to me you’re all talk, Leo.”

Right, that does it. Vinnie lets out a startled shriek as I grab her arm. I spin her around and push her face down over the nearest available surface, which belongs to a mahogany drinks cabinet my decorator insisted I had to have. It seemed an unnecessary purchase since I don’t entertain, but now I can see its uses.

I bend to whisper in Vinnie’s ear.

“You’re just asking to feel my belt on your ass, aren’t you, principessa?”

She doesn’t deny it. In fact, the little vixen’s lips quirk up at the sides. Fuck! How is she so perfect for me? I drag her skirt up around her waist. The breath catches at the back of my throat as her perfectly rounded and completely naked bottom is revealed.

“Where the fuck are your panties?” I release my hold on her.

Vinnie stands and whirls around to face me. She smooths her skirt down and I’m relieved to see it reaches almost to her knee. My fleeting concern that Nico or Judge Stevens might have glimpsed her bare pussy dissipates. She was completely covered the whole time they were here. That’s good. It means I don’t have to gouge anyone’s eyes out tonight.

“I don’t have panties,” Vinnie tells me. “John gave me some pajamas to wear, but nothing else.”

Shit. That’s my fault. I didn’t give much thought to her clothing situation. When I instructed John to buy her a few things to make her comfortable, I expected him to provide her with a basic wardrobe, underwear included. I guess I should have made him a list. Dressing women isn’t in his job description, after all.

“You can go shopping in the morning.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I reply in the same ridiculously civil tone. “Now, get back in position.”

Interested to see what she’ll do, I give her no further direction. To my surprise, she not only resumes her pose, bent over the furniture with her legs spread, she gives her butt a sassy wiggle. With any other woman I’d want to thrash the insolence right out of her, but coming from Vinnie, it amuses me.

“Hold the position or I’ll whip you twice as hard,” I warn her as I unbuckle my belt and remove the black leather strap. “Got it?”

“Yes, Leo.”

The way she lets my name slide over her tongue is incredibly seductive. This woman is a mystery to me. When we exchanged our vows, she seemed so scared. Now she’s exuding sex kitten confidence.

“This won’t be a harsh spanking,” I tell her as I fold the belt in two and snap the ends together, enjoying the way her shoulders lift as she’s startled by the sound. “But understand, I won’t hesitate to punish you severely if you step out of line in the future.”

Her brow furrows, a sign she’s taking me more seriously now. “Yes, Leo.”

I don’t give her any warning before I draw my arm back and bring the thick strip of leather down across the fleshiest part of her ass.

“Oh!” Vinnie’s gasp conveys surprise rather than pain.

Though I didn’t hit her particularly hard, I would have expected more of a reaction. “Have you been spanked before?”

“Not by a man.” She glances over her shoulder at me. “Not like this.”

I’m glad to hear it. This woman is bringing out my territorial side. I hate the thought of any other man touching her. I’m not thrilled by the prospect of some woman disciplining her either, but that’s a conversation for another time.

“Tell me if it gets too much for you and I’ll stop.”

Vinnie raises an eyebrow. If I’m honest, my words surprised me as much as they did her. I’m not normally so considerate. But, of course, the women I’ve thrashed before haven’t been my wife.

Irritated that I’m already viewing her as a woman I should protect and nurture rather than fuck and forget, I snap, “Eyes front.”

Once again, Vinnie obeys without hesitation. She turns to the front, and I lay another stripe across her buttocks. My beautiful bride gasps but doesn’t react otherwise. The pale, creamy flesh of her bottom is already turning a pretty shade of pink, but I want it to be crimson when I shove my cock into her.

As I picture myself grabbing her by the hips and fucking her from behind, I’m tempted to abandon this spanking. My desire threatens to overwhelm my self-control, but I get a grip on myself. I need to ensure Vinnie understands that pushing me will have consequences. Gritting my teeth, I pull my arm back once more and continue to spank her ass.


How long does Leo intend to go on for? He must have delivered twenty blows by now. My ass is on fire, and each new lash of the belt brings a more intense sting than the last. Yet my tormentor shows no signs of tiring. I suspect he could do this all night.

I can’t believe I’ve got myself into this position. Of course, I’ve never been able to resist winding certain people up. I pushed Leo because I wanted to see how far I could go. It turns out, not very far. He’s either got very narrow limits on what he’ll allow, or he was looking for the slightest excuse to punish me. I suspect it’s the latter. Dominance oozes from his every pore. He needs to assert his control, just like I have to show him I won’t be a doormat for him to wipe his Italian leather shoes on.

Being disciplined like this is not what I imagined it would be. What I’ve read in books about being dragged across a man’s knee is not the same as standing here accepting a spanking from the stranger I just married. This is painful, humiliating, and somehow arousing.

Leo told me this wouldn’t be harsh, but it’s getting to where it’s too much for me. My rational brain tells me all I have to do is ask him to stop. He gave me an out, but some demon’s got a hold of my common sense and ripped it to shreds. This has become a battle of wills. How our marriage moves forward depends on me holding my nerve, showing Leo what I’m made of. He needs to back down before I do.

As the belt delivers another vicious blow, I yelp loudly. My bottom must be one giant purple bruise by now. I wiggle my hips to alleviate the pain, but that just reminds me of the increasing wetness between my thighs. I can’t believe how much this is turning me on. My clit pulses wildly and my pussy clamps down on air. If this goes on much longer, I’m afraid I’ll embarrass myself by climaxing before Leo even touches me.

As if sensing that I’m grappling with disturbing emotions, Leo pauses. He runs his hand over my ass in tender strokes. The way he caresses me feels intimate, loving almost. His gentleness contradicts everything I learned when I researched him and his brothers. He’s got a reputation for brutality. Can a man who kills without regret have an affectionate side?

“Does it hurt?” His question drags me away from my thoughts.


“Do you want me to stop?”

I should call a halt to this, but I shake my head. “No.”

There’s a mere whisper of movement in the air behind me before the belt strikes again, sending a flare of lightning through my flesh. I shriek louder this time, my mouth twisting tightly as I try to absorb the ache. Then the belt makes its impact felt again. The crack was louder and I know Leo swung it harder. He’s trying to make a point. I scrabble at the surface of the cabinet, trying to find something to cling onto.

Leo mutters something that might be ‘silly woman’ and I realize I’m not proving myself to him. This has gone past the point where he might have admired my stoicism. Now I’m just being foolish. A tear slides down my cheek.

“Stop!” I cry out before Leo can whip me with his belt again. “Please, Leo.”

There’s a clatter on the floor as Leo tosses the belt to the side. He grabs my arm and pulls me to my feet, turning me to face him. He wipes away my tears. As he studies my face, the corner of his mouth lifts.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asks. I’m not sure if he’s referring to the spanking or the fact I threw in the towel. “In fact, I think you enjoyed being punished.”

Ah, he’s talking about the spanking. Thankfully, he doesn’t press me for an answer. Well, not a verbal one anyway. Stepping closer, he runs his hand slowly up my inner thigh. He drags his fingers along my slit and smiles as I whimper with need. I am so sensitive down there. His touch immediately ignites a fire inside of me.

“So wet, principessa. Is this for me?”

There’s no point in playing coy. I narrow my eyes. “You know it is.”

Leo snorts in wry amusement. He seems to like my sass, but I know not to push my luck with him.

“Take the dress off.”

This time, I obey his command. I reach behind me to lower the zipper, just enough to allow me to whip the dress off over my head. Naked but for my rather plain black pumps, I fight the urge to cover myself. There’s no point in trying to hide from a man like Leo Volante. He won’t allow it.

Leo gives nothing away as he slowly looks over each inch of me. His eyes linger on my breasts for a moment before he drags them up to meet my gaze. We stare at each other just long enough for it to become awkward. Then Leo whirls me around and pushes me back down over the waist height cabinet.

Stepping behind me, he unzips his pants. He kicks my feet apart, spreading my legs wider. The head of his cock presses tantalizingly against my entrance, but he doesn’t push in. He leans over so his lips are next to my ear. Being covered by his strong, muscular body is intimidating. I’m suddenly aware of how easily he could crush me if he wanted to.

“This is your one and only chance to stop me.” His tone is harsh, urgent. “Say no and I walk away. Say yes and you’re mine whenever and wherever I want you.”

My mouth drops open. Is he saying that giving him the green light now means I can never say no to him? That would require a hell of a lot of trust. Lust is obviously clouding my brain because I nod in agreement.

“I need you to say it, principessa.”

There’s something reassuring about him seeking consent from me. I must be mad, but I decide to trust him. “Yes, Leo.”

Grunting his approval, he impales me on his thick cock in a brutal thrust that forces the breath from my lungs. He’s big. Of course he is. There isn’t a single thing about this man that’s unimpressive. I feel like I’m being split apart.

Leo doesn’t wait for me to get used to his size. He pulls back and slams into me again. I whimper as my taut nipples rub against the hard wooden surface beneath me. Leo’s fingers dig into my hips as he picks up the pace, fucking me hard and fast. Each time his flesh slaps against mine, pain reverberates through my poor, punished derriere. Strangely, it heightens the pleasure that’s building inside me. As Leo’s animalistic grunts grow more intense, I push my hips back to meet his thrusts.

“Fuck me harder, Leo,” I urge him. “Claim what’s yours.”

His movements falter. “Fuck, principessa. You were made for me.”

He swivels his hips, and I groan as he hits just the right spot inside me. A wave of sensation goes straight to my core.

“Leo,” I groan. I’m close, but not there yet.

“What do you need, principessa?” His voice is strained. It’s empowering to realize he’s as affected by this as I am. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to come, dumbass.”

Leo chuckles. For an awful second, I think he’s going to deny me. I need to learn to control my mouth around this guy. It rarely runs away with me like this.

“Whatever you want, principessa.”

His hand slides to my front. He pulls me up so I’m flush against his solid chest. As he continues to thrust deep inside me, he curves a hand around my breast. It’s not where I need his fingers to be. My nipples are sensitive, but playing with them won’t be enough to get me off. I need clitoral stimulation.

A second later, Leo proves me wrong. Twisting my nipple hard, he sends a sharp jolt of pain coursing through my body. It meets the waves of pleasure at my core to set off the most powerful orgasm of my life.

A scream rips from me as my body clenches around Leo’s cock. My heart races and my legs tremble, but Leo holds me in place as he thrusts savagely into my quivering body, chasing his own release.

“Fuck, Vinnie!” he yells as his cock swells and follows me to completion. My head drops forward and I pant breathlessly as I claw my way back to reality. Before I’ve fully recovered, Leo sweeps me up into his arms and carries me, bridal style, from the living room. We head along the narrow corridor to a bedroom. It’s not the one I’ve been shut away in for the last couple of days.

“This is my room,” Leo tells me, confirming what I’d already guessed. “You’ll sleep in here with me from now on.”

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