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Lassoing Lilly by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

Linc Sullivan had played with a lot of women over the years, but Joyce Adams’ granddaughter was a stunning surprise. The request to watch out for her had been originally taken as a simple extension of his Cloudcroft responsibilities, but her sharp eyes revealed a hidden strength while her delightful indecision established her appeal as a potential submissive. Molding her into his perfect playmate for the weekend would be a rewarding challenge, and he mentally made plans for their scene to incorporate her lack of experience and incredibly sexy demeanor.

Her slightly trembling chin, however, made it clear that she needed to be relaxed. The first experience at an event like Cloudcroft would be hard for anyone, and Lillian Adams was a nervous wreck.

Without warning, he lifted her off her feet to cuddle in his arms. She grabbed his neck for a little extra support, and he grinned at her squeal. “I’ve got a lot of surprises for you, but let’s start slow.”

Laying her gently on the couch, he stood back while she wiggled with an adorably small sign of vulnerability. He joked while he pulled off her tight designer boots and gently rubbed her feet. “Relax. I’m not going to beat you, Lilly. You aren’t a virgin, are you?”

For the first time since he’d met her, she offered a legitimate smile. “No, I took care of that little detail in high school. It was most uneventful and nowhere near my carefully planned expectations, but Tommy Stillman did his duty without fanfare.”

While she spoke, he slipped his hand under her shirt to rest on her smooth stomach, and he was pleased that she didn’t jump or tense. “And how long did you date Tommy Stillman?”

She continued her end of the conversation with nervous chatter about football players and AP courses. The tummy rub visibly relaxed her, and he pushed a few strands of loose hair out of her eyes with a gentle touch. “Have you ever played with anybody even close to a BDSM dominant?”

She smiled softly. “Bella told me I shouldn’t lie to you. She said you don’t like it.”

“Bella’s right,” he said with a touch of a frown. “I’ve paddled more than a few bottoms over a lot less.”

With all signs of innate self-confidence, she carefully formulated her answer. “No. I’ve never done anything that you would probably call kinky.”

Tickling toward the more sensitive erogenous zones between her thighs, he enjoyed watching her wiggle before he moved toward her breasts. Her responsiveness was so high that he could almost gauge when he reached her next sensitive spot simply through her tiny moans. When the sparkle in her gaze acknowledged his game, he slid his hands under her bra to cup her warm breasts. The softness lengthened his cock even further, and he had to fight a groan.

Taking her already taut nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he began to play, but instead of submitting to his touch, she arched her back with a sassy grin to bring herself a little closer to his side. He pinched her captured nipple firmly to force her whimper before she retreated.

He grumbled, “That’s better, little girl. I’m the only one giving the orders tonight.” She pushed her bottom into the couch and closed her eyes with her cheeks blushing.

Using the list she and Bella had worked on, he continued the scene by taking away even more barriers to her ultimate submissive state. Linc loved the female body, and the less clothes the better. With a smooth motion, he slipped her shirt over her head then removed the black lacy bra before outlining her breasts with his fingertips. When it became apparent that Lilly had adjusted to the change, he tasted her nipples to bring them to the hard peaks that defined her arousal.

When she ran her fingers through his hair in a second attempt to direct his movement, he pinned her wrists above her head with one hand and growled, “I’m the top, Lilly. I’ll control what’s going to happen. If you can’t behave, I have a nice set of ropes in the closet.” He understood the power behind his glare. “Now, be still. I’m not telling you again.”

Instead of the expected acquiescence, she smirked. “I don’t know, Linc. Your hair is pretty soft.”

He almost showed his surprise. As an experienced dom, he was proud that he could deliver each submissive a personal combination of control and sex. But the tiny smirk from her vulnerable position revealed a woman made from strength. The thought was far from disturbing as he realized she needed a little less hand holding than a typical newbie. He gently bit her taut nipple to deliver his message, and she retreated almost immediately as her bottom wiggled in contrast to her still pinned wrists.

Her jeans were easily discarded to join the growing pile on the floor, but no amount of squirming offered her relief from his persistent attacks to her sensitive breasts. With a simple touch to her inner thigh, she spread her legs and he slipped his spare hand to the swollen sex hidden in her panties.

He laughed while stroking her wet channel. “You’re a ready little thing, aren’t you?”

With a twisting pull against his physical restraint, she demanded, “Just let my hands go so we can get on with this. I’m about to die over here.”

The tone clearly lacked the necessary submission, and he enveloped his palm over her wetness and grasped firmly. Her neatly trimmed channel begged for his exploration, but she pulled her thighs together to gain control of his hand.

“Get your damned fingers or cock or something in there… I need something.”

He offered a patient sigh as he released her hands. “You clearly don’t understand how this game is played… yet.”

It only took him a second to regain control. Retrieving them from the center of the room, he rolled her clothes and the expensive boots into a little ball, released the screen on the open window, and threw them as far as he could. He turned back to the stunned woman and crossed his arms without speaking.

The move had its desired effect. Her blush returned, and she quickly sat up. “Wait… I… what am I supposed to wear?”

“Nothing. That’s the point. You’re here to entertain me, and I like you this way. Don’t worry. Everybody out there has seen naked women wandering the building.”

A deep blush offered an enticing window to her mortification, but she simultaneously slipped her hand between her legs to declare the bigger battle. He spoke with a grin. “I’m the only one who’s going to provide any release. Move that hand, and don’t make me spank you.”

When her new reality was firmly established, she returned her eyes to the floor with a shudder. He recognized his small victory and moved to the closet to find the brilliantly colored silk ropes that would provide the necessary reminders for his lesson.

Before he could turn around, however, she’d left the couch and slipped her arms around his back. Her hand tickled his arousal, and he had a second fight to stop his groan. “This won’t do at all, Lilly. Let’s start over.”

Facing her, he dangled the ropes to demonstrate the seriousness of his intent, and she took her panty-clad body a step backward. Her mouth hung open slightly, and he tapped her chin with a gentle touch. “First…” he said in a soft, dangerous voice. “Did I tell you that you could get off the couch?”

Lilly looked to the ropes and back to the couch, but he caught her around the waist before she could bolt. “Too late for that, little girl. Let’s try something new.”

Still holding on to her soft, toned body, he moved to the leather chair and bent her in the middle to direct her over his knee. Unable to submit like a good girl, she put up a small fight with her kicking and squirming. She shrieked with a touch of panic. “No, Linc. I… I’ll listen. I don’t need you to spa—”

“Now is not the time to be naughty, Lillian. You need to mind what I say.”

Neatly tucking her into his spare arm, a first correction was firmly applied to her black lacy panties. She squealed, “Ouch… that hurt.”

He stopped to rub the effect into her bottom. “It was supposed to hurt, Lilly. I’m here to remind you to be obedient.”

There was no wiggling away, and he applied his palm three more times with a steady beat that dramatically increased her squealing. “Ow… I’m… you… don’t… stop…”

Satisfied the first layer was acceptably received, he slid her panties to her thighs where they controlled some of her squirming attempts to escape. She struggled to pull them back to place when he recaptured both of her wrists in one large hand and proceeded to turn her formerly pristine white bottom a delicate touch of pink with another half dozen firm spanks. Delivered without a break, she had little time to adjust before the next correction was applied. His newest little sub needed to learn how much she could endure and still ignite the wet readiness that would guarantee her release.

He stopped again to provide the gentle massage that allowed her to internalize her sexual arousal before he delivered his hardest correction to her already sore bottom. Her attitude changed from a whimpering struggle to dramatic indignance. “Ow… it hurts… I…”

Slipping his hand between her legs, a quick stroking of her swollen, wet channel verified her need, but serious attempts to escape his lap made clear her struggle to balance the new emotions. Stinging pain, achy arousal, and abject mortification over her precarious position across his thighs would all fight against the inherent strength that she’d hinted at since they’d met. It wouldn’t be easy for her to put her own authority aside to give him power, but a good butt warming was traditionally a scene changer for any naughty submissive.

The previously defined pink turned a slight red as her bottom grew warmer to his touch, but she continued to kick and wiggle until she lost her panties altogether. Without the temporary restraint from her own clothing, he wrapped her between his thighs to settle her further and moved up on the intensity of his corrections. This was not a battle he intended to lose, and the next six were strong enough to create a synchronized squealing response.

He recognized the point at which the sting must have turned to true pain. Her wiggling slowed as her muscles relaxed under his hand, and she stopped fighting her restraint. She begged in an adorable tone, “Please… I’ll be good… I’ll listen better…”

When he was satisfied with her submission, he returned to the gentle tempo until he was rubbing her bottom slowly. He released her hands to allow some movement to help her process what likely remained very confused emotions. She squeezed her thighs together, but he nudged them open to slip his finger into her tight pussy. She gasped at the link between the residual pain and the taunting hints of pleasure. Small spasms clenched his intrusion, and she moaned softly.

“Just what I thought. I am going to enjoy this.” He spoke with a laugh while she buried her face in his lap.

Setting her in the corner of the library, he gave her bottom a last hard spank that brought her to her toes. “Stay and hush. If you turn around, you’ll be right back where we started.” He was confident that she would obey this time.

With well-practiced ease, he located the simple eyebolts they’d installed under the furniture and fastened his ropes to the hardware. His grandmother would turn over in her grave if she’d seen what they’d done to her antique hardwood floors, but somehow, he thought his grandfather would have given his howling approval.

A thick, clean blanket was laid on the floor, and he glanced back at Lilly who hadn’t moved a muscle. He gave his approval with a nod. “Good girl, Lilly. Now let’s find a reward.” Her eyes were as wide as saucers when he lifted her in his arms and laid her on the blanket. She wiggled slightly when her still red bottom rubbed against the fabric, but he scolded, “Don’t move, little girl.”

He retrieved a set of leather cuffs and knelt next to her. “Now, let’s try this again, shall we? I’m going to restrain you with my ropes. Do you understand what that means?”

She nodded and held her wrists out to him with her chin lowered in deference. He buckled each in before gently kissing the insides of her forearms to slow her slight trembling. The free end of the silky soft rope was fastened to her cuffs, and he pulled the excess in to bring her arms over her head and expose her breasts to the room.

He understood the trust that she’d given to him, and he gently pushed the hair out of her eyes with a smile. “Good girl, Lilly. Just relax.”

In another attempt to keep her grounded, he slid his hand up and down her sides in long fluid motions until she adjusted to the loss of control. When satisfied that she was ready to continue, he added cuffs to her ankles and spread her legs wide with a second set of ropes. Her pink swollen channel glistened with erotic readiness, and he almost shuddered with his own arousal.

Speaking softly, he continued to run his hands down her outer thighs with a patient touch. “Relax, little girl. You’ve got your safe word if you can’t continue. Do you remember what it is?”

She nodded, but her speech had been limited since she’d seen his ropes. “I need to hear you say it,” he insisted. “What’s your safe word if this is too much? Remember, you control the game.”

Her voice was barely above a whisper. “Too much? You’re underestimating me, Sullivan. My safe word is red, but I can do better than this.”

He couldn’t stop his grin. “Sassy little thing, aren’t you? Probably not the best idea when you are tied to a guy’s floor with your legs spread open. Let’s see if we can’t change that attitude.”

Before he started to play, he looked carefully at the beautiful woman in his control. Instead of focusing on her erotic position, his gaze went inexplicably to the once perfect chignon that was showing serious signs of defeat. Her lips were slightly swollen where she’d nibbled with nervous anticipation, but her dark, round eyes showed clear signs of trust and just the perfect amount of trepidation.

He spoke without fully thinking. “You’re beautiful, Lilly.”

He freed the rest of her hair from its own restraint and framed her face with the results. Surprising waves of shiny curls fell out of the stark, professional style. She stared back for a moment before delivering a saucy grin.

“Yeah,” he said dryly. “Let’s take care of that sass.”

He ran his hand between her thighs to take the long, luxurious trip through her wet channel, and the scent of her sex reached a primal part of his brain. When he rested on her swollen clit, she moaned with a guttural sound formed from someplace deep in her throat. Adding a soft, twirling tease, he played and pinched her bundle of nerves until the moans turned to whimpers.

Despite her desperate attempts, the restraints prevented her from twisting away from his control and he continued to torment her at will. She whimpered softly, “Please…”

One simple word and his power was clearly returned. He gathered more of her wetness, but instead of entering her, he laid his finger on her lips. Without instructions, she opened her mouth to suck her own sweet taste, and his cock hardened even further.

“I’m in charge, Lilly, but you can trust me. I won’t hurt you. Your job is to lie on the floor and be my plaything. If you can’t mind what I say, I’ll unfasten your legs to redden your bottom again. Would you like that…?”

He started to trail off when the door to the library opened, and his business partner entered the room. Marcus Greene had been raised at the ranch since his mother had taken the job as housekeeper for her late husband’s old friend, Elijah Sullivan. Well over six feet, Marcus’ exotic combination of Filipino and African American heritage made him popular at Cloudcroft events, but he’d been organizing his play around Sophia since she’d moved in a year earlier.

The sight of a strange woman bound to the floor of their library only brought his sideways glance. “Linc, where’s the nondisclosure agreement? We managed to fill the security position at the last minute.”

Lilly was clearly mortified, and the slight gleam to her skin framed her adorable blush. She whimpered, “Let me go, Linc. I… I’m naked.”

Marcus and Linc chuckled softly. Linc added, “Yeah… that’s pretty much the easiest way to play. Don’t be embarrassed by Marcus. He’s been around the block a few times.”

He gave Marcus a quiet nod in Lilly’s direction, and his giant friend knelt next to the two of them. His smile was gentle and comforting, but Lilly tensed with the presence of a stranger so very close to her vulnerable nudity. Linc understood what she needed much better than she understood herself, and gave Marcus a second nod of approval.

“Relax, honey,” Marcus said softly. “You’re in good hands here. Linc knows what he’s doing.”

Lilly closed her eyes to defend her privacy, but her tense muscles betrayed her failure. Marcus said, “Linc… can I give her a quick rubdown?”

For a brief second, he thought Lilly would balk and at least slow the scene down. Her panicked eyes opened, but the wet trickle down the inside of her thighs spoke bigger volumes. She was loving the attention that remained far from societal norms and didn’t know how to process the conflicting emotions.

Marcus was quick. With his telltale smirk, he ran his giant hands up and down Lilly’s sides and tummy. He tickled her inner thighs, but never came close to any erogenous zones. She wiggled and pulled against her restraints, but there was no breaking away.

Linc spoke firmly. “Behave, Lilly.”

She tried to obey, but the trembling of her muscles made it clear that she was struggling to be still. After a more few minutes of fondling, Marcus kissed her gently on the forehead. “Good luck, little girl. We’ll see you later. Sophia will be sorry she missed watching this, so come find me if you need another massage.”

He left the room while Lilly panted softly and a fine layer of dew covered her entire body. Linc rubbed her tummy, but she continued to twist and writhe against his touch. He said, “You’re going to explode, aren’t you?”

“Yes… sir… please, fuck me. I… I need this.”

“Oh Lilly, I’m not going to make it that easy for you. By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to beg for this, but you’re going to have to earn your release.”

On the edge of a powerful explosion, Lilly had never felt so hot. The summer breeze blew gently through the open window to tickle her skin, but her body wanted to burn with a strange combination of mortification and primal need. Despite his consistent touch, her muscles refused to relax and anxiety fought against any peaceful resolution, but the ache that burned from deep inside her vagina demanded an end. She bit her lower lip and continued to battle against the silk ropes with a frustrated whimper.

He stood with a heavy sigh. “Let’s try something different.” He retrieved a small blindfold from a side drawer and spoke in surprisingly soft tones. “BDSM isn’t about sex. It’s about trust, so let’s start there. You’re still tense, and the lack of focus is interfering with your whole mindset. I’m going to blindfold you, and I want you to put yourself in my control. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Already restrained, the blindfold added a new level of trepidation. She tried to pull away, but he slipped it on without her cooperation. “Relax. Now… everything is my choice. I pick what you see, what you feel, hear, and even what you taste. You’re mine.”

Behind the strange, dark world, a hidden sense awakened and she felt him approach even before he touched her. The emotions were almost overwhelming, and she spoke in a hoarse whisper, “Don’t…”

He cut her off without reservation while his firm hands never left her body. “Hush, little girl. Your role isn’t to instruct me… you’re here to please me. Follow my touch. Can you envision what you look like right now? Can you imagine how beautiful you are?”

Under the sound of his soothing voice, her heartrate slowed. “Submission, Lilly,” he whispered softly. “Your job is to be cared for while I play. Breathe deeply. Tell me that you understand the rules.”

Speech was still difficult so she nodded slightly and took a deep breath. On her exhale, she opened herself to his touch. His warm hands found tense muscles and soothed them to a puddle before moving onto her breasts and inner thighs as he explored her body at his leisure.

Soon she was focused solely on his movement as he alternated between fingertip touches, full hand massages… soft… gentle… warm… A feathery quiver fell across her inner thighs before it tickled its way across her pussy. The tactile experience was strangely empowering as his voice and his caress filled the sensual gaps created by his blindfolds and ropes.

The transition happened without her fully discerning the time. Trust relaxed her muscles even further, and her breath grew steady. She struggled to think of anything except his next movement and the wetness that still existed between her legs. There were no thoughts of the future, and the past was no longer important.

With a kiss between her breasts, he released her ropes from the floor, but the leather cuffs and blindfold were left in place. He returned her steadily to her feet. “You have a beautiful body, Lilly. I think we need to show the rest of the resort what you look like.

“We’re going to walk through the house. You’ll stay tied by my side without speaking, and I’m not going to remove your blindfold. You’ll let somebody touch you if I say so. If you behave yourself, I’m going to take you upstairs and let you release that sexual tension with a nice orgasm. If you’re naughty, you’re going to wait.”

The threat of parading through Cloudcroft without clothing should have been enough to produce her safe word with a scream, but his calming actions had accessed her natural self-confidence. Hidden behind the dark world of her blindfold, she was in tune with her own needs and not societal expectations and his command became a simple, reasonable extension to her very surreal day.

He snaked the soft rope between her legs to rest on either side of her swollen labia and with a gentle tug, he led her from the room. His voice remained soothing and his presence was comfortably close. “Good girl… come on.”

Mortification must have been buried someplace deep, but her blind state made it feel as though she were watching the scene on television rather than experiencing it firsthand. When the crowd noise came closer, her resolve faltered slightly, but Linc remained gentle while running his hands along the arch of her back. She’d placed her safety and security in his control and was simply too far lost to his power to change direction.

“They are looking at you, Lilly. Everybody sees how beautifully submissive you are. Keep focused on my voice. I’m giving the instructions, and your behavior is perfection.”

Unknown voices greeted him, and he stopped to talk to all of them. A few asked politely, “May I pet your sub, Linc?” He always answered verbally so that Lilly remained privy to the conversation, but she was surprised when some were given permission while others denied.

Strange hands slid down her back to rest firmly on her bottom, but Linc pulled slightly on the rope between her legs to keep her focused on his presence. Her nerves continued to abandon her, and her trust in his power grew deeper until her own decision-making capacity began to gray.

“We’re in the dining room.” He spoke quietly while his hands left her body and the rope went slack. “Stand here while I grab some desserts to take upstairs with us. I’ll be just a few steps away.”

The loss of his physical presence snapped their emotional tie with a force she didn’t expect, and she wavered dangerously. “No, Linc… Please don’t leave me.”

She had no idea where the dependency had come from, but she needed him to be close. Panicked tears took control, and she tried to take a step into the darkness. Not used to his toys, she stumbled slightly.

Within a second, his strong, safe arms pulled her close, and his voice remained calm. “Hush, baby. I’ve got you.”

Tears dampened her blindfold as the bondage and submission worked together to create an unwelcome opening to her stoic armor. Her knees buckled slightly, but Linc lifted her in his arms and moved them to a chair. She had no idea who was watching and didn’t care.

The longer he comforted her, the more she needed to cry. Her blindfold was removed, and he gently unbuckled her restraints. Instead of bringing comfort, the freedom brought more choking sobs, and she closed her eyes tightly to return to the safety of her darkened state. Strange hands placed a warm blanket around her shoulders, and exhaustion numbed her body.

He let her cry until the emotion began to recede on its own. His voice remained gentle. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“I… I can walk, Linc. I’m fine, really.” As she spoke, her heartrate continued to slow, but an overwhelming fatigue had begun to defeat her reasoning. “I… I think it was just hormones.”

“Not a word, Lilly.” With a quiet shudder, she laid her head on his shoulder and allowed him to carry her upstairs.

In the bath adjoining the beautiful room, Linc left her for a moment of privacy. A glance in the mirror revealed no hint of the stoic professional from Poughkeepsie. Her long hair had settled onto her shoulders in full-bodied waves and her breasts remained exposed with pert nipples reacting slightly to the chill in the air. She was almost relieved to see that her physical self had remained in the game even if her emotional reaction had failed miserably.

She returned to Linc who held his arms out with a smile. “I… I don’t need to be coddled,” she insisted. “I’m fine, I just… well… I think my hormones were putting me on edge. I… feel better. I’ll be fine after we… we…”

“I know how to release hormones.” He spoke with a smirk. “But I think you need to take it a little slower tonight. Really, a few tears aren’t unusual, kiddo. This is a pretty intense emotional experience. You just need a little sleep, and you’ll feel better tomorrow. Come on. Bedtime.”

Her naked body was placed gently into bed before she could complain. She tried to sit up, but the cool, crisp sheets embracing her skin was another comfort she couldn’t fight. Her eyes desperately wanted to close and take her to a dreamy sleep, but she didn’t give up easily. “I… just give me a minute, Linc. I can finish this off…”

After kicking off his shoes, he stripped his shirt and pants to join her. “Lilly,” he said with a sigh. “You’re a trouper, but you’ve got to know when to give up. You’re exhausted, and I’m not going have sex with somebody who’s half asleep. Don’t worry. We have the whole weekend and everything will look brighter in the morning.”

Wrapped against his warm skin, the need for sleep continued to overwhelm her. His familiar persona had long since lost its frightening effect, and she almost smiled when he growled, “Mind what I tell you. Go to sleep, Lilly.”

Although the red effects had long since disappeared, her previously spanked bottom finally combined with her overtired body to admit defeat. She closed her eyes and snuggled against his chest to embrace a deep and relaxing slumber without a single middle of the night thought beyond her peaceful dreams.

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