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Owned by the Highlanders by Lily Harlem – Extended Preview

“We’re going to do a sweep of the area,” Reid said the next morning. “Check for tracks. We need to see who and what has been in the vicinity.”

“Aye, okay.” She nodded and ran her hand down her dress, a fresh one she’d put on that morning after her wash.

“You make the bread while we’re gone.” Kendal stepped close and placed his hand in the small of her back. “And stay here, indoors, safe.”

“I will.”

“Aye, you will.” He placed his mouth near her ear. “Or you’ll be tied to that there post by your wrists and I’ll take a birch to your soft, pretty ass until it’s so red we’ll be able to see it shining in the dead of the night.”

She clenched her buttocks, her pussy spasmed, and her breath caught. Her gaze strayed to the heavy oak post, then she glanced around for a birch.

There was none that she could see.

“I mean it,” Kendal said. “One step out of that door before we’ve returned and you’ll ken how serious we are about keeping you out of harm’s way.”

“I understand.” There was no way she’d step out of that door, not now.

“Good lass.” Reid pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “We’ll look forward to the bread.” He paused. “And seeing you again.” His voice quieted. “And being with you again.”

The lone unlit candle on the table—long, white, and tapered—fell over as the door slammed. Then the cottage was silent, the heavy walls seeming to close in as the door shut. Suddenly it felt strange and unfamiliar and a yearning for home filled her chest.

“Buck up, Moira,” she said, setting the candle straight and then rolling up her sleeves. “There’s work to be done.”

But instead of reaching for the bread, she went to the window. After giving it a wipe with a cloth, she stared out into the small yard.

Reid and Kendal were mounting their horses. The animals were feisty, full of energy, as though the night’s rest and the oats had given them a new enthusiasm for work.

For a moment there was a debate, it seemed, about which way to go, then Reid turned, dug in his heels, and galloped off.

Kendal was hot on his tail, his kilt flapping and a steely look on his face.

The clatter of hooves faded quickly and she turned and stared at the fire, which was going well—flames licking up the chimney and around the cast-iron pot hanging over it.

There was nothing for it but to get on with her work, and provide bread for her men while they were out furthering the cause.

She checked the dough then, after sprinkling flour onto the table, she knocked the dough back down. The pot was clean and she coated it in butter to stop the bread from sticking, then after it had begun to rise again set it over the fire.

As it cooked she added a few more logs to the flames. However within minutes a nasty burning smell emerged.

“Damn and blast,” she muttered, upending the pot. The base of the bread was black and inedible.

It took some time to get the burnt scrapings out of the pot. But eventually she did and tried again. This time she set the pot higher and didn’t stoke the flames.

Twice she knocked the top of the bread as it cooked, waiting for the hollow sound she knew would tell her it was done.

Eventually, after about an hour, she tipped it out.

“Oh, for the love of God,” she tutted. It had happened again. The base had burned and was totally blackened. Perhaps the top half would be edible but the rest wouldn’t even tempt a starving goose.

She strode to the window, feeling frustrated. More than anything she wanted to have nice bread for her men to eat when they came back from their ride.

“You can do this.” She wiped her hands, then set to work on the final batch.

With even more butter in the pot this time, she added the dough. “You can do this,” she said again as she sprinkled a few seeds on the top. “Cook properly.”

As the fire dwindled, she kept on checking. Once she thought she smelled burning but then decided it was the scrapings from earlier.

She ate an apple and a chunk of cheese Kendal had left out for her, then plaited her hair as she waited.

Eventually she decided it was done. A knife had gone in and out clean.

“Let this be it.” She tipped the pot onto the table and knocked the bottom with a wooden spoon.

The bread plopped out.

But her heart sank. Once again the base had gone not golden, but a dark tan. It would have a bitter crust.

“I’m such a damn bawheeb, this is good for nothing but the bloody lavvie.” She slammed down the spoon and the pot. “Bloody hell, this is a God-awful mess.”

“What is going on?”

She turned, her chest squeezing at the sound of Reid’s voice. He wasn’t happy; just those few words told her that.

“I’m sorry.” How much of her cursing had he heard? “The bread… it’s burned.”

“I can live without bread.” He stepped into the croft, shutting the door behind himself.

“Where… where is Kendal?”

“He’s tending the horses, but that is not of your concern.”

“I’m sorry.” She wound her dusty hands together.

“For what?”

“The bread.”

He raised his eyebrows and came up close.

“And for… the language I used.”

“Words that are not befitting for a lady.”

She swallowed and shook her head.

“Now you must be punished.”

“But, I…”

He captured her chin and forced her to look up at him. “There is no way out of it. I have told you what I expect of my bride, and that is for her to speak in a way that is befitting of the fine woman she is. Having a mouth akin to one of a vagrant is not what I want.”

“It won’t happen again.” Oh, God. Reid was going to spank her. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was because of the bread. But this was because of her silly, stupid, crazy need to use bad words. Not that she’d thought he’d hear. She’d presumed she was alone.

He pulled out a chair and sat, knees apart and with his kilt riding up. His boots were coated in dirt and his fists clenched. He was so big, so strong, and the expression on his face was one of grim determination to teach her a lesson.

“Over you go,” he said, nodding at his lap.

Her belly clenched, so did her pussy.

“If I tell you again I’ll double the punishment.”

“Aye, of course.”

Moira had upended herself over Angus’s lap once, but he’d found it uncomfortable, and from then on preferred her over the table should she step out of line. But she didn’t think Reid would find her heavy or uncomfortable at all.

“Now.” His voice had deepened and a muscle flexed in his cheek.

Quickly she did his bidding, tipping over his wide thighs so her ass was presented to him. Already her buttocks were tingling and when he hoisted up her dress to expose her ass cheeks, she couldn’t help a whimper of nervous anticipation.

“I hope you’ll learn each lesson we teach you,” he said, smoothing his work-worn palms over her soft skin. “For this pale flesh of yours is delicate and lots of spankings will become incredibly uncomfortable, Moira.”

“I’ll try.” Blood was rushing to her head. She spread her fingers on the cold floor to keep her balance. Her feet were in the air; he’d tipped her forward so her ass was the highest point.

“Angus, God rest his soul, may not have been as strict with you as he should have been.”

“I believe he was.”


“Ouch!” She lurched forward as searing heat spread over her right buttock.

“That is for us to judge,” he said. “Now try to keep still. Be as loud as you want because there’s no one for miles around, we have just determined that, to hear your woe.” He paused. “Because Kendal won’t save you, in fact he’d likely take a few swats at your ass too, just so you knew he was also unhappy with your cursing.”

“Aye. I understand.” She curled her toes and screwed up her eyes. Waiting for the next spank was almost as hard as taking it.

But she didn’t wait long. Soon it was there, blistering hot and making her clench and jerk.

Reid held her tight against his body, his arm over her back and curling around her waist.

It was clear he was a good shot with his free hand, and made quick work of spanking her hard and thoroughly. Each slap hit a slightly different section of flesh, making her gasp and cry out.

Her skin heated, sweat popped on her brow, and her body rubbed against his hard legs.

“The colour you’re turning shows me you’re going to remember this wee lesson.”

“Aye, I will,” she gasped. “I’m sorry for cursing, really I am.”

“I can tell you are.” He smoothed over her flesh, caressing it, as if tracing the marks he’d made.

When he slid his fingers down the crack of her buttocks and over her asshole, she held her breath.

“Do not fear me touching you here,” he said, stilling over the tight rosebud of her anus. “For I will, and so will Kendal.”

She didn’t reply. The sensation was so new, so thrilling, but also frightening.

“Angus never took this hole, did he?” Reid tugged her right buttock so he could examine her intimately.

“No,” she managed, her eyes still closed and an image of her hole exposed to him besieging her. Embarrassment swarmed over her body like a rash. “It wasn’t his persuasion to.”

“That’s a shame. You would have enjoyed it.”

“I’m not sure I would have.”

“It’s part of your sexuality, and, my love, something we need you to get used to.” As he’d spoken he’d pushed his finger into her back passage.

“Oh. Reid!” She wriggled away. “What are you…?”

“No, keep still.” He held her tighter and slipped in higher, so she could feel his knuckles on her ass. “I want you to get used to this sensation.”

“It’s so… strange.”

“Of course it is, but it won’t be. Soon you’ll crave it.” He fidgeted his finger inside of her, then withdrew.

She clamped her buttocks together. Her pussy was so wet and her clit pressed on the hard muscles of his thigh. Arousal was like another heartbeat within her. Becoming so needy, so desirous hadn’t been something she’d expected from Reid’s spanking, but oh, she wanted more, more of whatever he’d give her.

She groaned and shifted her weight on him, getting more contact on her clit.

“Keep still, this spanking isn’t over.”

“It isn’t?” She felt thoroughly punished and humiliated already.

“No.” Once again he parted her buttocks to expose her hole.

Pressure was applied at the centre, but it wasn’t his finger. It was cool and a little pointed, slippery too.

“Oh, what is it?”

“The candle, coated in butter to ease its way.”

“The candle?”

“Aye, it will stretch this tiny hole while I finish punishing you.”

“Oh, but I…”

“Shh, my love. Like I told you already, this is something you need to become accustomed to in order to satisfy both of your men.”

“I want to satisfy you, really I do.” Her taut ring of muscle was opening up around the candle as he edged it in higher.

“And you will.” Still he eased it into her. The dense filling sensation had her gasping and panting. “I ken it, you’re perfect for us.”


“Shh… nearly there.”

The penetration lasted another five seconds, then he stilled. She blew out a breath through pursed lips, imagining how she’d look at this moment with a candle protruding from her ass.

“So pretty,” he said, gripping her waist again and holding her close.

She rubbed against his leg, stimulating her clit.

He released a soft laugh. “See, I told you you’d enjoy it.”

“Oh, God.” She clamped her mouth shut. A slew of unholy praises to the Lord sat on her tongue and she didn’t want to increase her punishment.

“Now for the final spanks,” he said. “You can count to ten.”

Ten spanks! With the candle in place?

“And keep it in; if it falls to the floor I will reinsert it and begin the entire spanking all over again.”

“Aye, oh… but…”

“Hold it in place.” His voice was firm.

She wanted desperately to do as he’d asked her. Pleasing him was important to her. She would soon be his wife, belong to him and Kendal; their happiness would be her priority.

“Good lass.” He soothed her smarting flesh. “Relax into it.”

He delivered two fast thwacks.

She bucked forward, clenching her ass and rubbing her clit on his thigh; his kilt had ridden up and it was flesh on flesh now. “One. Two.”

“You little minx,” he said, as if guessing the sensual pressure growing in her.

“Please,” she gasped, eager for the spanking to continue, be over, so she could be victorious in keeping the candle in place.

“Please more?” he asked.


“Coming up, but don’t get too excited and drop the candle.”

“I won’t.”

She’d never known anything like it. Not with Angus, not in her wildest dreams.

Reid set up a steady flow of smacks. She counted out each one, and with each strike her clitoris rubbed against him. She became dizzy with it, as if her body was owned by his hands and the candle in her ass.

When she reached eight he paused. “Are you ready to release your pleasure?”

Damn, he really did know.

“Not if it will displease you.”

He laughed and twisted the candle.

She groaned as her insides shimmied with delight at the stimulation.

“It will always please me to see you orgasm, in this life and the next.”

“I need to… oh, I do.”

“Then come, my love, like this, you’ll be quite glorious.”

She moaned and jerked her hips, gyrating against him.

He slapped her again, twice, and she managed her final two counts as extreme bliss shot through her body. It started in her clit, travelled to her pussy, her anus, and her buttocks.

“Argh, more, please…” She arched her back, shoving her butt upwards.

“Here. It’s here.”

Again he thwacked her. She adored the heat mixing with the pleasure.

Then he took the candle and slid it almost out and then back in.

She shivered, a full body tremble of ecstasy. Her head was dizzy with it and her breaths hard to catch. She was so high, higher than the eagles up with the clouds.

He continued to work her with the candle as her orgasm extended. She forgot her dignity and thrust against his thigh, clenching her heated, no-doubt scarlet buttocks. She’d never had such an intense climax, and he hadn’t even touched her pussy.

“There, calm now.” He gently withdrew the candle.

It clattered to the floor.

“Take some deep breaths.” He ran his hand up her back. “You need to breathe, my love.”

“I… am…” Her chest was tight and tears were running from her eyes, but because she was upside down they were sliding out at odd angles.

“Sit up now.” As he’d spoken he’d tugged her onto his lap. Her dress remained bunched up as he held her close, slotting her head beneath his chin. “Shh, little one. That was a lot for you to take, but you did it well.”

“Thank you,” she whispered against his flesh with her eyes closed.

“Rest now.”

His big arms tightened around her. His outdoor, musky scent filled her nostrils, and her buttocks smarted against his legs.

“You did so well.” He smoothed her hair. “To climax the first time I took your ass.”

She didn’t answer. Her thoughts were still spinning.

“I think you’re a natural at it,” he whispered against her hair. “And now, taking my cock there will not be a problem. Kendal’s too.”

Take a cock in her ass?

He kissed her again, on her head, as though sensing her tense at his words. “We’ll make it so good for you. You won’t regret being ours and you are ours. We own you, we own your asshole, your pussy, your pretty breasts, and your pert buttocks. And in return we are yours, your protectors, your lovers, and your best friends.”

She managed a small nod. She wanted that. Being owned made her feel safe in its own right, it meant there was always someone, or rather two people who would keep her on the right track, and in this case, safe and satisfied.

She sighed and sagged against him.

“That’s it,” he said, rubbing small circles over her back. “Sleep now. Do not worry your pretty head about anything. I’m here and my heart beats only for you. My love belongs to you.”

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